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Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art is the final mission in the Rome hub.


Thorton must infiltrate the Museum of Art and find Conrad Marburg, who has planted explosives in one of the exhibits.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Bomb Timer Delays SIE $2,600 SIE is willing to put you in touch with one of Marburg's less loyal henchmen. This turncoat is in the position to sabotage the effort to destroy the museum.
Security Information Anonymous $1,500 Mission map for this mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map for the museum where you must confront Marburg.

NOTE: The Bomb Timer Delay intel is only available if your have already met SIE in Moscow, have a positive reputation with her, and have previously chosen her as a handler.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory Objectives[]

Find Museum Wings[]

Enter the Museum of Art and find the exhibit floor. You are coming in from the subterranean levels and will meet minor resistance. Go down the hallway in front of you and take down the guard here, avoid the camera and continue down this hallway. Enter the door on the left side and pick up the bag ($7000); then hack the computer in this room to shut off the cameras.

Money: $7,000 (in room with computer controlling the cameras)

Return to the point you started and take the path on the left. There will be 2 enemies in this room both of them can be killed without being alerted. There is nothing else in this room, so go out one of the doors opposite of where you came in and head right down the hallway to hack the keypad here. Inside the room there are 4 enemies and a dossier on Alpha Protocol near the closest patrolling guard.

Dossier: Alpha Protocol

After killing most of the enemies in this room more will show up from the elevator opposite of where you came in from. All of them can be stealth killed. Hack the computer here and read the e-mail to confirm Madison is being held here. After getting the $5000 at the end of the table (to the right of the computer), head behind the stairs to move on.

Money: $5,000 (on table next to computer in large room)

Pick or EMP the lock and grab the bag ($6000), then go back out and through the other door.

Money: $6,000 (in locked room at the bottom of the next flight of stairs)

There is only one enemy between you and the main floor of the museum, continue through this area until you reach the stairs and kill the guard here. Head up the stairs and at the far end of this room is some Halbech Data. Head into the main lobby of the Museum and assist the guards fighting the Deus Vult units here. Take out the 3 on the bottom floor and fight your way up the stairs until you reach the top (another 3 on the stairs). Don't forget the $8000 in the cafeteria! At the top move to the indicated point and Marburg will start talking to you. Before you decide which way to go, open the locked door to get a dossier on Marburg.

Money: $8,000 (in safe in Cafeteria)

Dossier: Marburg


(Note: If you load the checkpoint before making your choice of which wing to go to, the enemies on the bottom floor will respawn and you will have to collect Marburg's dossier again. Don't forget it if you're trying to go for the kill on Marburg!)

Disarm Bomb[]

You decide to disarm the bomb and leave Madison to die by heading right. There are no enemies in the first room here. In the following room there are 3 enemies and mines along the outside of the room. At the other end of the room are 2 turrets guarding the door here. Before heading through this door, move to the right and enter this side room, hack the computer here and read the E-mail. Go through the double doors and move through this room, it's empty so use it to recover before entering the next room if needed. You are on the clock here so you should clear out the guards quick and might want to hurry and EMP both bombs to disarm them. Right after disarming bombs Marburg will enter and kill Madison:

  • Anger (first Aggressive node)
  • Contempt (first Suave node) Marburg -1(for suave node) +1(for disarming bombs) (total +0)
  • Help her (first Professional node)
  • Attack (first Miscellaneous node)
  • Mocking (second Suave node)
  • Negotiate (second Professional node)
  • Attack (second Miscellaneous node)
  • Vengeful (third Aggressive node)
  • Mocking (third Suave node) Marburg -1
  • Negotiate (third Professional node) Marburg +1
  • Attack (third Miscellaneous node)

This will trigger the boss fight and Madison will die.


Save Madison[]

You decide to save Madison despite the risk of several innocents dying. Go through the first room and get ready for a fight, 4 enemies and auto turrets are in the next room. As the enemies at the right side of the room take cover on the right side of the door aim at them (this allows you to fire "through" the wall and hit them. As they come from the left sit on the left side with a shotgun and wait till they round the corner to one hit them. If you don't have a shotgun an assault rifle works just as well here. Move into the room and try not to be gunned down by the auto turrets (one on each side, it's possible to remote hack them, easy hack). There is a computer in the middle of the room which will deactivate the proximity mines around the room. With the two turrets either hacked or destroyed move on to the next room and recover before the final fight. There are 4 enemies in this room (2 up top with you and 2 down stairs)

Money: $5,000 (on upper level opposite the stairs)

The elevator opens once you go down the stairs whether you have dealt with downstairs enemies or not, and Madison is inside. Using your assault rifle aim (Chain Shot does not always appear to work here, sometimes the guard will survive and shoot Madison even with repeated head shots. But it'll work if you using tranquilize ammo, single shot is enough.) at the Deus Vult guard's head and fire, killing this one sets off the cut scene and starts the boss fight. If you get too close to the elevator the guard will also shoot Madison, there doesn't seem to be a time restriction on this but any damage to the guard will trigger him executing Madison. After you free Madison Marburg appears. There is no chance for a reputation change here:

  • Anger (Aggressive node)
  • Contempt (Suave node)
  • Professional (Professional node)
  • Attack (Miscellaneous node)

Boss Battle: Defeat Marburg[]

During this fight Marburg will run around shooting you with his pistol. After you kill his soldiers a second time, he charges you and starts using melee attacks. These hits will hurt so try to outrun him and keep from getting shot too badly. During this fight try to hold the left side of the room so they don't get to fire on you from a position where it's hard for you to return fire.

Note: It is not possible to stealth kill Marburg, even with Shadow Operative (the option simply doesn't show up when you get near him).

At the end of this fight will be on more cutscene:

  • Threaten (Aggressive node)
  • Taunt (Suave node)
  • Negotiate (Professional node)

If you choose bomb disarming you will be able to choose at least one Negotiate option (second and/or third professional node) in first dialogue with Marburg (right after he kills Madison). If you do so and choose Negotiate in this cutscene, then your dialogue will continue:

  • Angry (Aggressive node)
  • Questioning (Suave node)
  • Let you go? (Professional node)

Nevertheless no reputation changes found. 250 XP

After this cutscene is over, you will talk to Leland, however, there are no opportunities to alter your reputation with him.

Henry Leland - First dialogue option

  • Revenge (first Aggressive node, available only if bombs are disarmed)
  • Dismissive (first Suave node, available only if bombs are disarmed)
  • Calm (first Professional node, available only if bombs are disarmed)

Henry Leland - Second dialogue option

  • Contempt (second Aggressive node)
  • Uncaring (second Suave node)
  • Professional (second Professional node)
  • Veteran (second Miscellaneous node, available only if you play on the Veteran difficulty)

Henry Leland - Third dialogue option

  • Contempt (third Aggressive node)
  • Me? (third Suave node)
  • View? (third Professional node)

Optional Objectives[]

Find Evidence[]

Go right when you have to choose and enter a side room in the first room with enemies and hack the computer here. Additionally at the bottom of the stairs in the hall where the guards are fighting enter the little cafeteria and hack the computer there, along with the safe for some cash.

(You can hack one or both, it doesn't matter. The intel (E-Mails) on both computers are different, though. One will give you intel on Madison and Marburg's orders NOT to kill her, the other gives away the evacuation plan. Neither seems to have much impact on mission progress though).

+200 XP

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

I've spent some time hex-editing the savegame to confirm some of the the required triggers. Here's the list of everything I found online with my personal experience added:

  • A reputation of -4 or lower - seems to be confirmed. Marburg ran when my rep was -3, but stayed to fight when I set it to -10. Many sources claim that needed level is -4, and while I did not check it, I think this information is correct. It is recommended though to get as much hate from Marburg as possible.
  • Suave perk from the beginning of the game - while many sources claim it to be necessary, this is not confirmed. I have Professional instead, yet Marburg stays to fight.
  • 100% of Marburg's dossier - not confirmed. I reset this to 50% and Marburg still stayed to fight. But getting 100% changes the ways you taunt him.
  • Saving Madison/Disarming bombs - not confirmed. While I personally did not test it, quite a number of sources claim that they did either, and still fought Marburg. I personally disarmed the bombs.
  • Suave needs to be chosen more times than aggressive or professional - unfortunately, confirmed. This one seems to make you stay away from roleplaying, or doing Rome first... or making hex-editing your savegame a mandatory. I'm quite sure that it doesn't matter how you handle yourself with Marburg overall through the game (as I've already mentioned, I only had -3 with him at the start of the fight in museum, though if you want legitimately get the needed hate level, you will have to stick with suave). But at the time you wound him at the museum you absolutely have to have more suave than aggressive or professional, otherwise he will not stay to fight. Weirdly placed trigger indeed. (Other user: I hexedited my "TotalTimesSuaveChosen" value in my savegame (swapped values for Suave and Professional) at the checkpoint right before the fight and I was able to kill him. I tried without the hexedit and he fled. Otherwise I had a similar set of circumstances - Disarmed bombs, Suave perk, 100% dossier, -6 rep before the conversation, -7 after.)
  • Veteran/Recruit/etc. - not confirmed. I am Veteran and I still was able to fight Marburg. Another user confirmed he was able to fight him on Recruit.

Please, note, that this is still only theory. As you can see on the talk page, there was at least one response where player had everything set seemingly correctly, yet Marburg still refused to fight. There might be more triggers, which were not found yet.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

If you chose to let Madison die and you discover that she is Alan Parker's daughter, you can use this data on the last mission. Choose to contact Parker instead of Downloading the PDA (If Omen Deng lives, otherwise it's Parker automatically) and use the Madison response. Thorton will reveal that Marburg killed his daughter. Later on in the mission, Parker will try to kill Marburg, but will be killed instead. However, Parker manages to shoot Marburg in the stomach, which will make your final showdown with Marburg easier. It is also possible to get Parker to turn on Marburg if you rescue Madison by pointing out the flaws in Halbech's plan.


There is an incredibly frustrating glitch, where when you enter the room containing a laptop on info about Madison's whereabouts, the elevator does not open. To fix this go back a few rooms and come back. However, sometimes this may not work as the elevator action key does not show on screen.

There is also an incredibly awesome glitch were Marburg is left hovering mid air above the staircase. This is great because he's an easy target and you can quickly fill him with bullet holes.