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Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art is the final mission from Operation Deus Vult set in Rome.


Michael Thorton must infiltrate the Museum of Art and confront Conrad Marburg, who has planted explosives in one of the exhibits.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Bomb Timer Delays SIE $2,600 SIE is willing to put you in touch with one of Marburg's less loyal henchmen. This turncoat is in the position to sabotage the effort to destroy the museum.
Security Information Anonymous $1,500 Mission map for this mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map for the museum where you must confront Marburg.
  • Bomb Timer Delay gives an extra minute to disarm the bombs. It's only available if your have already met SIE, have a positive reputation with her, and have previously chosen her as a handler in Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. Choosing SIE as your handler in Investigate Marburg's Villa will not unlock this intel.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Find Museum Wings[]

You are coming in from the underground level and will meet minor resistance. Go straight until you meet a patrolling guard, turn left, avoiding the camera and continue down the hallway. Enter the door on the left side and pick up the bag ($7,000), then hack the computer in this room to shut off the cameras.

  • Money: $7,000 - Duffle bag in the security room.

Return to the point you started and take the other path. There will be 2 enemies in the next room, with extra 2 if you triggered an alarm. Hack the keypad in the next hallway. Inside the room there are 4 enemies, with 3 more coming in an elevator once you deal with the first group.

Dossier: Alpha Protocol - On one of the shelves in the middle of the storage room.

  • Money: $5,000 - On a table next to the computer in the storage room.

Hack the computer in front of the elevator and read the e-mail to confirm that Madison Saint James is being held here. Head to the door under the stairs and go down. Pick the locked door on the right and grab the bag.

  • Money: $6,000 - Duffle bag in a locked room at the bottom of the flight of stairs.

Continue through this area until you reach the stairs. As you walk up, there will be another agent in your path. Past the stairs. at the far end of the room is hidden Halbech Data behind the last shelf.

Head into the main lobby and assist the guards fighting the Deus Vult agent here. Take out the 3 agent on the ground floor and fight your way up the stairs until you defeat all the agents. Then head back to collect the loot on the ground floor (ammo, first aid kit, loot drops). Hack the laptop in cafeteria to complete optional objective Find Evidence.

  • XP: +200
  • Money: $8,000 - In a safe in cafeteria.

Go up the stairs until you reach the indicated point where Marburg contacts you and offers you a choice on whom to save.

  • XP: +150

Before you decide which way to go, pick the door lock on the right to find a dossier on Marburg and a briefcase with $7,000.

  • Dossier: Conrad Marburg.
  • Money: $7,000 - Lcokbox in the closet near the dossier.

Note: If you load the checkpoint before making your choice of which wing to go to, the enemies on the ground floor will respawn and you will have to collect Marburg's dossier again. Don't forget it, as it will affect the Finale.

Neither choice is strictly wrong or right here. Both have their own consequences, as shown during the ending slides, although more people die if you do not disarm the bombs.

Disarm Bomb[]

Head right to the East Wing if you want to disarm the bombs and don't care if Madison dies.

There are no enemies in the first room. In the following room there are 3 agents (more with an alarm) and a lot of proximity mines covering the walls. Mines can be carefully avoided or destroyed with ranged weapons. At the other end of the room are 2 turrets guarding the door. Before going through the door, go to the small side room on the right, hack the laptop and read the email. Go through the double doors and reach the room where bombs are held. You are on a very generous clock here, so you will have time to clear the room, even in stealth. Or you may rush the bombs and quickly disable them both with EMPs, if you have them equipped. After disarming the bombs Marburg will bring Madison before you and shoot her.

  • XP: +250
  1. Conrad Marburg - 1st dialogue
    • Anger
    • Contempt - Marburg -1
    • Help her
    • Attack
  2. Conrad Marburg - 2nd dialogue
    Choosing the bombs over Madison impresses him, giving you Marburg +1.
    • Vengeful
    • Mocking
    • Negotiate
    • Attack
  3. Conrad Marburg - 3rd dialogue
    • Vengeful
    • Mocking - Marburg -1
    • Negotiate - Marburg +1
    • Attack
  4. Conrad Marburg - 4th dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Suave
    • Professional

After the fourth dialogue, the boss fight will begin.

Save Madison[]

Go left to the West Wing, and get ready for a fight against 4 enemies and 2 auto turrets in the next room. There is a computer in the middle of the room which deactivates the proximity mines when hacked. With the two turrets either hacked or destroyed move on to the next room and recover before the final fight. There are 4 enemies in this room: 2 up top with you and 2 downstairs.

  • Money: $5,000 - On the left side of the upper level.

Once you go down the stairs the elevator will open with 2 extra enemies coming out to fight you and another agent holding Madison hostage with a gun to her head. Your next task is to try and save her.

  • If you accidently shoot her or hit her with a gadget, like flashbang, she dies and you get a "Mission Failed" screen.
  • If you get too close to the elevator you will be issued a warning, and if you get even closer, she will be shot.
  • The only way to save her is to carefully try and land a headshot on the hostage taker. Use your assault rifle or Chain Shot with your pistol.

Once Madison is freed, Marburg will appear and initiate the conversation.

  • XP: +250
  1. Conrad Marburg - 1st dialogue
    • Anger
    • Contempt
    • Professional
    • Attack

No matter the choice, the boss fight begins.

Defeat Marburg[]

  • Focused headshots with assault rifle or pistol with Chain Shot work best against him.
  • Marburg is strong against SMGs and shotguns, as he tries to keep a distance.
  • After you kill the first two soldiers and then their replacements, he will get enraged and charge you, but quickly switch back to pistol after a few attacks.
  • Marburg is susceptible to flashbangs and traps.
  • He dies to Overclock + 4-5 incendiary grenades, if you throw them all at once while he's staying on the elevated ground and is stunned by a flashbang.
  • He can also be beaten with martial arts, but only with Fury + Epinephrine Spike to stop him from blocking the punches.
  • It's not possible to stealth kill/knock out him, even if you hide with Shadow Operative.
  • Using non-lethal attacks would still kill Marburg.

Once his health reaches 25%, he interrupts the fight.

  1. Conrad Marburg - Post-fight dialogue
    • Threaten - Marburg escapes.
    • Taunt - Will lead to Taunt dialogue, but only if the right conditions are met:
      1. Negative reputation with Marburg (-4 or lower)
      2. Suave is currently your most often chosen dialogue stance throughout the whole playthrough
    • Negotiate - Will lead to Negotiate dialogue, under these conditions:
      1. Positive reputation with Marburg (6 or higher)
      2. You disarmed the bombs
    Unless these specific conditions are met, the fight ends here as Marburg escapes no matter what you say.
  2. Conrad Marburg - Negotiate dialogue
    • Angry
    • Questioning
    • Let you go?
    Marburg escapes with all 3 options.
  3. Conrad Marburg - Taunt dialogue
    • Angry - Marburg escapes.
    • Taunt - Marburg stays to fight you to the death.
      • Perk: You Talking To Me? (Reduced Cooldown: Fury).
      • The amount of dossier you have unlocked on Marburg will slightly change the dialogue here. With the dossier at 83% or 100% Thorton will bring up Deus Vult and Marburg's failed op in Pakistan, instead of using more generic insults.
    • Debate - Marburg escapes.

After the fight there is another conversation with Henry Leland.

  1. Henry Leland - 1st dialogue / If the bombs were disarmed, otherwise skip to 2nd dialogue
    • Revenge
    • Dismissive
    • Calm
    • If Marburg stayed to fight to the death, Mike will reveal one of the previous names of Alpha Protocol as Deus Vult to Leland, impressing him greatly.
      • Perk: Knowledge is Power (5% Intel Discount from all vendors).
      • Dossier Secret Fact: Henry Leland
      • Leland +1
  2. Henry Leland - 2nd dialogue
    • Contempt
    • Uncaring
    • Professional
    • Veteran (Only with Veteran agent history)
  3. Henry Leland - 3rd dialogue
    • Contempt
    • Me?
    • View?

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • If you wish to kill Marburg in Rome, then certain criteria must be met before this mission:
    1. You must have negative reputation with Marburg (at least -4, or lower), which is only possible to achieve during Contact Jibril Al-Bara/Halbech Informant.
    2. Suave must be your most often chosen dialogue stance throughout the whole playthrough at the moment you talk to Marburg post-fight.
  • The amount of dossier you have unlocked on Marburg will slightly alter some dialogues, with a change at 83%, but it's doesn't unlock any special choices or interactions in this mission.
  • The way Marburg and Leland talk about relationship between Thorton and Madison will depend on Madison's reputation before this mission.
    1. Hostile (-5 or less): Madison attacked Thorton and escaped the safehouse. Both Marburg and Leland will ridicule the choice of saving her life, if that's what you choose.
    2. Neutral (From -4 to +2): Madison was cordial with Thorton, but didn't establish trust.
    3. Friendly (+3 or more): Madison and Mike became friends, or more than that. Marburg will be clearly aware of the fact if that happens.
  • If Madison survives, her video message to Mike will also change based on established reputation.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you chose to let Madison die and discovered that she is Alan Parker's daughter, you can use this fact during the last mission. Choose to contact Parker instead of downloading the PDA (only if Omen Deng lives, otherwise it's Parker by default) and use the "Madison" response. Thorton will reveal that Marburg killed his daughter. Later on in the mission, Parker will try to take revenge on Marburg, but will be killed instead. However, Parker manages to shoot Marburg in the stomach, which will make your final showdown with Marburg easier, as he will start with reduced health. Alternatively, if you rescued Madison, it is also possible to get Parker to turn on Marburg by pointing out the flaws in Halbech's plan.
  • To obtain the Agent of Change perk at the end of the game, you must collect Conrad Marburg's dossier in this mission, along with all of his other dossiers in Rome.