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Intercept Assassination Plans is a mission in the Taipei hub.


Find the package with the assassination plans and obtain it at all costs.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
CSP Dossier Grigori $5,000 Dossier information on the Chinese Secret Police. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the CSP - a militant bureau of the People's Republic of China intent on enforcing and protecting China's interests.
Fire Support Heck Enterprises $3,100 Heck is available as a gun-for-hire should you need backup during your mission into the subway tunnels.
Added Handler Support Albatross $2,400 Given your good standing with Albatross, you could hire G22 to monitor your mission and provide support.

NOTE: Added Handler Support is only available if you either bluffed Albatross or agreed to delete the bugs during Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail. Fire Support seems to be available regardless of standing with Heck. Do not take Fire Support if you are doing a no casualty playthrough.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Please note, this guide is intended for stealth-based characters, as run-n'-gunners have virtually no need for strategies.

Heck will contact you at the start of the mission.

  • Eager - Heck +1
  • Friendly - Nothing
  • Professional - Heck -1

If Heck joins you on the mission you will receive a +1 reputation with him. However, if you are doing a non-casualty playthrough, do not take him.

Mandatory Objectives[]

Access Subway Tracks[]

As you wait for the transaction to take place, Mina will get cut off and a mysterious man will step from the shadows. this is of course the legendary Omen Deng, and after an exchange of words (the second professional response will net +1 reputation) he will lock you in a maintenance closet.

  • Professional (second Professional node) Deng +1

Once inside you will regain communications with Mina and two guards will rush into the room. You can either drop down the gaping hole in the floor or hide behind the generator-type machine. One will guard the doorway, while the other will investigate the opening in the floor. After a few seconds the one in the door will turn away, giving you the opportunity to break cover and silently take them both down. Move along the hallway and hide behind the pillars until the third guard stops watching the exit to the hallway beneath and turns away. Eliminate him and continue to the Save Point.

In the next room there are four guards, one is on the bottom floor, two on the middle floor and one on the top. Mike himself mentions that the sound of the trains will hide those of gunshots, meaning you can wait for a train to take a shot (or shots) or do the following: Wait where you came in until the first guard moves behind the pillar, where you can get behind him and take him down. Wait for the second guard to turn away from the ladder before moving up and taking him out. The third guard is almost always hidden behind some pipes and very easy to sneak behind him. The fourth is usually down the ladder at this point and easy the get behind. once up the second ladder immediately move onto some horizontal pipes and behind some vertical pipes. Two guards will enter through the door and very slowly make their way along the catwalk once the second is far enough along, sneak behind them and take them out.

Money: $1,000 (on second level of catwalk)

The hallway leads to more catwalks overlooking the tracks and a checkpoint. It is at this point that a G22 operative will tap into your comms and begin to speak with you. The first agent walks right by the exit and is easy to take down. The second requires observation, careful timing, and for the impatient a use of the Shadow Operative Skill as he often turns around even though he stays in one spot. Go down the ladder, through the door, collect the money ($1500) and follow the hallway.

Money: $1,500 (after ladder, just past the door and around the corner)

Reach Station[]

There are four CSP in this room, two on the catwalk you enter on, one on the floor below it in the first part of the room, and the final further in. Next to the last guy there is a duffel bag of money ($2000). Opposite the exit is a locked door with some money, ammo, and a weapons mod. Exit the area, cross the tracks and reach your next objective and checkpoint.

Money: $2,000 (on lowest level near some pipes)

Money: $2,000 (in locked room to top level)

Open Gates[]

Once in the actual station, you will be facing several cameras and four civilian security guards. Take down (Non-lethally of course) the first who is on your left, then hug the tracks to sneak behind the second. Bypass the keypad to gain entrance to the security office. Crack the safe, then move up the stairs and subdue the remaining two guards as they exit through the door. Pick up the Ammo and weapon mod, hack the computer, then head out the street level entrance. While here, bypass the keypad, then head down to the second level.

Weapon Mod (in locked safe on first floor of security room)

Money: $2,000 (on second floor of security room)

Armor Mod (on second floor of security room)

Acquire Assassination Date[]

Once down stairs you get a checkpoint and a nice cut scene of Mike stupidly announcing his presence and your target fleeing behind a locked door (at this point the CSP are unavoidably alerted to you for the rest of the level). If you purchased the "Fire Support" intel, simply duck behind cover and wait as Steven Heck Mows down your opposition in the game's most potent display of Bad-Assery. If not, just use the Shadow Operative Skill to stealthily take out the CSP or just shoot/CQC them.

Money: $3,000 (on platform)

Armor Mod (on platform)

Dossier: CSP (on platform)

After getting past the door and going down the stairs you are now on the tracks. You can take out most of the CSP from this starting point (especially using grenades), which will make things easier. A train should whiz by as you step onto the platform taking two CSP with it. There is a bag of money ($4000) on the left side of the platform, though it may be hard to spot at first. At the end of the platform your target will run out and jump onto the tracks. Follow him and allow the cutscene to play out.

Money: $4,000 (on raised platform next to tracks)

Evade the Train[]

There's a train coming at you now. Dodge the incendiary bomb, eliminate the target, hit the switch, and watch the cut scene.

Alternatively you can run back and pick the locked door on the same wall as your target. Two CSP agents will run at you and might try to harass you. This provides you an alternative cutscene.

After the mission you will debrief and go over the intelligence. You will have the chance to influence your relationship with Mina and are forced to make a choice about your next and final Taipei mission.

  • Insulted (first Aggressive node) Mina -1
  • Flirtatious (first Suave node) Mina +1
  • Professional (first Professional node)
  • Sarcastic (second Aggressive node)
  • Joking (second Suave node)
  • Logical (second Professional node)
  • Angry (third Aggressive node)
  • Frustrated (third Suave node)
  • Cool (third Professional node)
  • Riots (fourth Suave node, lets you prevent the riots)
  • Assassination (fourth Professional node, lets you prevent the assassination)

Following this you will again flashforward to a conversation with Leland.

  • Threatening (first Aggressive node)
  • Sarcastic (first Suave node)
  • Curious (first Professional node)

Next, depending on if civilians were killed during the Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel mission:

If there were civilian casualties:

  • Aggressive (second Aggressive node) Leland +1
  • Dismissive(second Suave node) Leland +1
  • Regret(second Professional node) Leland +1

If Thorton managed to prevent loss of life:

  • Callous (second Aggressive node)
  • Joking (second Suave node) Leland -1
  • Protective (second Professional node)
  • Cocky (third Aggressive node)
  • Joking (third Suave node)
  • Funding (third Professional node)
  • Cocky (fourth Aggressive node)
  • Dismissive (fourth Suave node) Leland -1
  • Respect (fourth Professional node)

Depending on which data you chose to save:

If Riots data was chosen:

  • Threat (fifth Aggressive node) Leland +1
  • Sarcastic (fifth Suave node) Leland -1
  • Innocents (fifth Professional node)

If Assassination data was chosen:

  • Sacrifice (fifth Aggressive node) Leland +1
  • Sarcastic (fifth Suave node) Leland -1
  • Cost (fifth Professional node) Leland +1

Optional Objectives[]

Disable Surveillance[]

Turn off the cameras in this area by hacking the keypad outside of the security office (on the right side of the building when coming from the starting point of this area).

Get Past Secret Police[]

If you bought the "Fire Support" intel this is very easy: just crouch behind the cover you spawn in front of for a few seconds, and Heck will simply mow down all of the CSP; you may then resume chasing after your target.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

You have to choose between saving the information on the assassination or on the riots after this mission is over:

  • Select the assassination info and Sung will not die but the riots will kill people.
  • Select the riot information and Sung will die but the riots aren't going to happen.
  • This will effect the ending credits news coverage.


Killing Taiwanese security personnel will get you a -1 Reputation with Mina Tang. Chinese Secret Police, on the other hand, are fair game: killing them will not reduce your Reputation.

In the ending cutscene (in which you choose which data to save), if you have a great enough Technical Aptitude Skill (Rank 5, to be precise. At this rank you will also unlock Weapon Balancing as reference) you will de-encrypt the disc instead of Mina.

After the cutscene with Mina another one follows with Henry Leland in which you can get -1 Reputation with him if you choose sarcasm (Fourth Suave node). The Second Suave node and the Fourth Aggressive node or fourth Professional node will give you +1 Henry Leland Reputation. The Fifth Suave node will give you -1 Reputation with Leland.