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Intercept Assassination Plans is a mission from the Operation True Heirs set in Taipei.


Find the package with the assassination plans and obtain it at all costs.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
CSP Dossier Grigori $5,000 Dossier information on the Chinese Secret Police. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the CSP - a militant bureau of the People's Republic of China intent on enforcing and protecting China's interests.
Fire Support Heck Enterprises $3,100 Heck is available as a gun-for-hire should you need backup during your mission into the subway tunnels.
Added Handler Support Albatross $2,400 Given your good standing with Albatross, you could hire G22 to monitor your mission and provide support.
  • Added Handler Support is only available if you either bluffed Albatross or agreed to delete the bugs during Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail.
  • Fire Support is available regardless of reputation with Heck. Do not take it if you are doing a no-casualties playthrough, as he will kill several police officers.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Steven Heck will contact you at the start of the mission.

  1. Steven Heck
    • Eager - Heck +1
    • Friendly
    • Professional - Heck -1

If you purchased his intel, Heck will join you on this mission and you will receive a +1 reputation with him here. He will appear near the end to help you deal with CSP officers at the station, in a rather violent way.

Note that you can neutralize the CSP officers (heavily armored, with helmets on) by any means without upsetting Mina. Only security officers in simple clothing are considered civilians in this mission.

Access Subway Tracks[]

As Thorton waits for the transaction to take place, Mina gets cut off and a mysterious man steps from the shadows. Thorton recognizes him as Omen Deng and two have a brief exchange.

Deng will comment on Mike's choice of attire, just like Sergei Surkov does.

  • Combat: "You dress like you're expecting a war, Agent Thorton."
  • Utility: "Looks like you came prepared for anything, Agent Thorton. Not sure what to expect from me?"
  • Stealth: "Points for considering camouflage Agent Thorton. But try something that blends in with civilians rather than your surroundings."
  • Civilian: "Trying to blend in with the locals Agent Thorton? Good fieldcraft."
  1. Omen Deng - 1st dialogue
    • Threatening
    • Mocking
    • Professional
  2. Omen Deng - 1st dialogue
    • Threatening
    • Mocking
    • Professional - Deng +1

After threatening Thorton, Deng locks him in a maintenance closet. Once inside you will regain communication with Mina and two CSP officers will rush into the room. You can either drop down the hole in the floor or hide behind the generator. The first one will investigate the hole, while the other will guard the doorway. After a few seconds they will separate, giving you an opportunity to take them out quietly. Move through the hallway and deal with third officer further ahead.

There are four officers in the next room, with very little space to hide. Either use Shadow Operative to pass them or take them out slowly. Mike himself will mention that the sound of the trains will hide those of gunshots, meaning you can wait for a train to take a shot from a non-silenced weapon, but it's unlikely to work, as it needs to be a one-hit kill or the victim will alert others.

  • Money: $1,000 - On the second level of the catwalks, behind the pipes.

Climb to the top, and continue down the hallway until you reach a walkway overlooking the tracks. If you purchased the intel from Albatross, a G22 operative will contact you here to offer advice. The two officers patrol the walkway, deal with them as you see fit. Go down the ladder, through the door, and collect the money behind the left corner, then follow the hallway.

  • Money: $1,500 - Duffel bag after descending the ladder, around the left corner.

Reach Station[]

There are four CSP officers in this room, two on the catwalk you enter on, one on the floor below, and the last one further inside. If you drop down to the pipes on the right and follow them, you will eventually reach a ladder with duffel bag hidden near it. Climb the ladder and pick the locked door for some money and ammo. Exit the area through the opposite door, cross the tracks and enter the train station.

  • Money: $2,000 - Duffel bag at the base of the ladder.
  • Money: $2,000 - Lockbox in a locked room on the 2nd level.
  • XP: +150

Open Gate[]

At the station you will encounter lots of cameras and 4 civilian security guards. Use non-lethal force to take them out without angering Mina. On the other side of the station, bypass the keypad to gain entrance to the security office. Crack the safe, then move up the stairs and subdue the remaining two guards. Pick up ammo and weapon mod, hack the computer to open the gates, then head outside and bypass the keypad to your left to disable the cameras, then head back down to the ground level.

Mike will contact Heck at some point here, and ask for assistance.

  • Weapon Mod - Safe on the first floor of the security office.
  • Armor Mod - On the second floor of the security office.
  • Money: $2,000 - On the second floor of the security office.
  • Money: $12,000 - For hacking the computer that opens the gates.
  • XP: +150

Acquire Assassination Data[]

if you remained undetected in the train station you will complete an optional objective Evade Detection here:

  • XP: +100

Once down the stairs a cutscene will play where Mike identifies his target and starts the chase. Either prepare for a fight (topping off health is recommended) and prepare for the reinforcements coming from behind, or, if you purchased the Fire Support intel, go into cover and wait for Heck to do his thing. As always, Shadow Operative should help to solve the encounter stealthily, if that's your preference. There is no time limit on catching the target, so you don't need to rush.

Neutralizing all CSP officers here will complete the objective Get Past Secret Police:

  • XP: +100
  • Weapon Mod- In the middle of the platform.
  • Dossier: CSP - In the middle of the platform.
  • Money: $3,000 - Along with the dossier.

After unlocking the door and going down the stairs you will reach the train tracks. You can take out most of the officers from this location, with grenades being very effective here. A train should pass by as soon as you step onto the platform. There is a bag with money ($4,000) on the left side of the platform, though it may be hard to spot at first. As the end of the platform your target will run out and jump onto the tracks. Follow him and allow the cutscene to play out.

  • Money: $4,000 - Duffel bag in the middle of the raised platform next to tracks.

Evade the Train[]

There's a train coming at you — dodge it or find a place to hide.

You can continue to run forward, eliminate the target, avoid the incendiary bomb, then hit the switch and watch the cut scene.

Alternatively, you can run back and EMP the locked door near the tracks behind you. Two CSP officers will run towards you, so lockpicking is out of the question. This leads to an alternative cutscene, with the same outcome.

  • XP: +150

At the Safehouse[]

After the mission you will attempt to access the data on the disk, with Mina as tech support. You will have to decide at the end, which piece of data is worth saving, and this in turn will determine how the events in Taipei will unfold. It will also determine which perk you'll get at the end of the operation.

  1. Mina Tang - 1st dialogue
    • Insulted - Mina -1
    • Flirtatious - Mina +1
    • Professional
  2. Mina Tang - 2nd dialogue
    • Sarcastic
    • Joking
    • Logical
  3. Mina Tang - 3rd dialogue
    • Angry
    • Frustrated
    • Cool
  4. Mina Tang - 4th dialogue
    • Riots - Prevents the riots.
    • Assassination - Prevents the assassination of Ronald Sung.

Following this you will flash-forward to a conversation with Leland.

  1. Henry Leland - 1st dialogue
    • Threatening
    • Sarcastic
    • Curious
    2nd dialogue will change if civilians were killed during the Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel mission:
  2. Henry Leland - 2nd dialogue / If there were no civilian deaths
    • Callous
    • Joking - Leland -1
    • Protective
  3. Henry Leland - 2nd dialogue / If civilians were killed
    • Aggressive - Leland +1
    • Dismissive - Leland +1
    • Regret - Leland +1
  4. Henry Leland - 3rd dialogue
    • Cocky
    • Joking
    • Funding
  5. Henry Leland - 4th dialogue
    • Cocky
    • Dismissive - Leland -1
    • Respect
    5th dialogue will change depending on which data was saved:
  6. Henry Leland - 5th dialogue / If Riots data was chosen
    • Threat - Leland +1
    • Sarcastic - Leland -1
    • Innocents
  7. Henry Leland - 5th dialogue / If Assassination data was chosen
    • Sacrifice - Leland +1
    • Sarcastic - Leland -1
    • Cost - Leland +1

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Choosing between saving the data on the assassination or the riots will affect how the next two missions will unfold. It will also change the ending news coverage.
    • Saving the assassination data leads to Sung taking the threat to his life seriously and wearing a bulletproof vest, which prevents his death. However, ensuing riots result in multiple civilian deaths.
    • Saving the riot data makes so that riots are prevented by the security, but Sung dies during the assassination attempt.


In the cutscene where you choose which data to save, if you have Technical Aptitude of rank 5 or higher, it will be Thorton who decrypts the disk, instead of Mina, who does that in the default version of the scene.