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Insider Tip is an intel you can buy in the Clearinghouse.


These are the missions that have this intel.

Selling Message[]

Intel purchase Confirmation

Insider Tip

Price :

  • $500 - Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data

Wanted: Information on 'Lazo' - alias of a high level operator in the Russian mob. All exchanges confidential.


E-mail Message[]

I ran guard duty for Lazo until one of the strippers gave me a case of the clap that's so bad I can't walk right. If you're going to ice him, you'll need to get him on his yacht - the pig rarely sets foot on dry land as he's paranoid someone will kill me. He keeps the yacht staffed with whores and goons - so good luck. Probably the best advice I'd give you is to mess with the entertainment center down below - when Lzo's stereo goes down, or when the TV is on the fritz, the goons climb over each other to fix the problem.