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Infiltrate Alpha Protocol is the game's final mission.

With the help of your allies, fight through the Alpha Protocol facility while facing the U.S. military forces, and confront the people responsible for the main events of the game. The choices you've made throughout your journey will have a huge impact on the cutscenes and conversations you will experience in this mission.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]


The choice of the handler will affect several things:

  • How you will be rescued from the medical bay
  • The background chatter throughout the mission
  • Who will be fighting with you when you go after the Alpha Protocol files
  • The conversations and cutscenes after the final boss fight (only Heck will appear there)

As you will not get an opportunity to change your loadout after you commit to this mission, it is recommended to sell the equipment you would not be using, and spend every last dollar you have at the Clearinghouse.

It would be a good idea to have at least one slot with EMP Charges, as well as a single rank in Sabotage, which would enable you to instantly unlock the locked doors with EMPs. There is one locked door later in the mission that is in direct view of enemies and thus hard to lockpick, but it gets you access to a sniper rifle that trivializes the fight against the boss.

Choose a Side[]

After a short cutscene with Sean Darcy, you will go through the final interrogation room conversation with Henry Leland. Normally, Leland asks Thorton a few more questions and then he gets taken away to the medical bay. However, if Leland's reputation is at least +6, you will receive an offer to join Halbech from him: you can agree or decline, or even agree but then later change your mind and betray Leland. If you get the choice, then it will determine who you will be facing as the final boss fight: Leland (decline) or Westridge (agree). You will confront both of them in case you declined or never got an offer from Leland and you said "Yes" to Shaheed's proposal of betraying Alpha Protocol.

  1. Henry Leland - 1st dialogue
    • Action
    • Thrills
    • Duty
    • Silence
  2. Henry Leland - 2nd dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Suave
    • Professional
    • Silence
    If you have a reputation of +6 or more with Leland, go to 3rd dialogue
    If you have a reputation of +5 or less with Leland, go to 7th dialogue
  3. Henry Leland - 3rd dialogue
    • Adversarial
    • Sarcastic
    • Matter-of-Fact
  4. Henry Leland - 4th dialogue
    • Adversarial
    • Sarcastic
    • Matter-of-Fact
  5. Henry Leland - 5th dialogue
    • Death to Bureaucracy
    • Hypocrisy
    • Professional
    • Punch Leland - Ends conversation.
  6. Henry Leland - 6th dialogue
    • Fuck off
    • Join Halbech - Alliance with Leland. Fight against Westridge. Ends conversation.
  7. Henry Leland - 7th dialogue
    • Threaten
    • Bullshit
    • Negotiate
  8. Henry Leland - 8th dialogue
    • Angry
    • Confident
    • Calm
  9. Henry Leland - 9th dialogue
    • Threaten
    • Taunting
    • Professional
    All choices except Join Halbech lead to a fight against Leland (or Westridge plus Leland, in case you agreed to Shaheed's proposal)

Meet Marburg[]

If Conrad Marburg had escaped during Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art, you will meet him here. During this conversation, depending on the amount of the dossiers you have unlocked, you will either have the default 3 dialogue options, or also a special 4th option: either Dossier or Deus Vult (which replaces the "Dossier" option).

  1. Dossier dialogue option allows you to turn Marburg against his employer. When you decline Leland's offer, it can enable Marburg to show up in the final cutscene: Leland will order Marburg to kill Thorton, but Marburg will refuse to listen and leave. This option is compatible with Parker's "Analysis Flawed" option.
    • Unlock at least 83% of Marburg's dossier.
    • Unlock 60% or less of Parker's dossier.
  2. Deus Vult dialogue option reveals to Marburg the role that Parker played in his failed operation in Pakistan. Marburg will seek out revenge against Parker and kill him, then fight Thorton to the death. This happens even when you side with Leland and convince Parker.
    • Unlock at least 83% of Marburg's dossier.
    • Unlock 80% of Parker's dossier.
    (There were reports that it also requires correctly answering an e-mail from Mina called "DV Server?", but it's not true).

Both Dossier and Deus Vult dialogue options unlock the Agent of Change perk (+5 AP).

See the Dossier page for help with the dossiers.

  1. Conrad Marburg - 1st dialogue
    • Ready to die?
    • Modest
    • Mission - Marburg +1
    • Dossier/Deus Vult - Ends conversation. Perk: Agent of Change.
  2. Conrad Marburg - 2nd dialogue
    • Fuck off
    • Kiss my ass - Marburg -1
    • Refuse
    • Dossier/Deus Vult - Perk: Agent of Change.

Note that if you contact Parker later, while knowing that Madison is his daughter (via her Secret Fact), and inform him about Marburg's actions against Madison in Rome, it would result in a scene of Parker seeking revenge on Marburg. This happens when you select either normal options or the "Dossier" option with Marburg. You would still fight Marburg in this case, just with reduced health. But the "Deus Vult" option will always override "Madison" option and will lead to a fight against Marburg in the Server Room.

Escape Medical Bay[]

Thorton is taken back to the medical bay and restrained. How he gets freed depends on who's the handler.

  • If you chose Albatross and Sis is alive, she will walk in and free Thorton.
  • If you chose Albatross and Sis is dead, Albatross will free Thorton by remote control.
  • If you chose Heck, he will free Thorton by remote control.
  • If you chose SIE, she will not free Thorton, at first. She will share her thoughts on the situation and Thorton himself and, with a reputation of +6 or higher, proposition him for sex. SIE's conversation is shown below.
  1. SIE - 1st dialogue
    • Angry
    • Flirtatious
    • Acknowledge
  2. SIE - 2nd dialogue
    • Challenging
    • Sarcastic
    • Professional
  3. SIE - 3rd dialogue / SIE's reputation is at +5 or less
    • Irritated
    • Disbelieving
    • Get to the Point
    Conversation ends here, as SIE frees Michael from restraints.
  4. SIE - 3rd dialogue / SIE's reputation is at +6 or more
    • Agenda?
    • Tempted?
    • Negotiate
  5. SIE - 4th dialogue
    • No Way In Hell - Perk: Thanks but No Thanks (Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Iron Will).
    • Might As Well - Perk: Savage Love (Reduced Cooldown: Fury, Room Sweep, Iron Will, Hard to Kill). SIE +1.

Depending on how you handled the three other potential romantic interests (Mina, Scarlet, and Madison), in addition to SIE, you can unlock one of the two perks here:

  • Ladies Man (AP +5) — You successfully romanced all four ladies.
  • No Time for Love (Endurance +20, Endurance Recharge Rate +20%) — You did not engage in any romance. It is not necessary to explicitly decline the romance scenes: simply never getting the option by having negative/neutral reputation is enough. Although you still have to choose SIE as the mission handler for this to trigger here.

Now take your equipment and escape the medical bay. Note that, after grabbing the equipment, your Endurance will not match your actual max Endurance. Open and close your inventory to reset it to the correct value.

Contact Alan Parker[]

Find an unsecured computer and contact Alan Parker or download the PDA.

This optional objective can be completed by using the computer in the Monitoring Center, where you will be given two choices:

  • Download PDA Files: Contact Omen Deng, who will offer you a secret fact on Scarlet and will ask Mike to kill her. Only available if you spared Deng in Taipei.
    • Dossier Secret Fact: Scarlet Lake
  • Contact Parker: Contact and have a conversation with Alan Parker, where you can try to turn him to your side or, depending on how things went with Marburg, to make Parker go after him.

If Thorton is aware that Madison Saint James is Parker's daughter through having her Secret Fact unlocked, then a special option Madison will become available. Choosing it at any point in the dialogue will reveal to Parker that Marburg took her hostage and possibly killed her in Rome. If Marburg is dead, then it does not change anything. If Marburg is alive, Parker will confront and attack him, but will only hurt Marburg and get himself killed. You will then fight Marburg with reduced health. If Deus Vult option was chosen with Marburg, it will override the "Madison" scene and Marburg will be at full health.

  1. Alan Parker - 1st dialogue
    • Threaten - Parker -1
    • Challenging - Parker -1
    • Reasoning
    • Madison - Parker will attack Marburg. Ends conversation.
  2. Alan Parker - 2nd dialogue
    • Accusing - Parker -1
    • Motives - Parker -1
    • Betrayal
    • Madison - Parker will attack Marburg. Ends conversation.
  3. Alan Parker - 3rd dialogue
    • Accusatory
    • Insulting
    • Questioning
    • Madison - Parker will attack Marburg. Ends conversation.
  4. Alan Parker - 4th dialogue
    • Murder - Parker -1
    • Crazy
    • Criminal
    • Madison - Parker will attack Marburg. Ends conversation.
  5. Alan Parker - 5th dialogue
  • Dossier: Alpha Protocol - Safe in the room where you contact Parker.
  • Dossier: Alan Parker - Near the computer where you contact Parker. +$2,000.

Meet Scarlet[]

Scarlet would only be present if you met with her in Contact Scarlet Lake prior to this mission. She would be in the interrogation room, where you talked with Leland.

If you meet with her, then the conversation can go several ways depending on your reputation with her and whether you downloaded the PDA from Omen Deng or not.

No PDA + Reputation 5 or lower: Mike rescues Scarlet, and she quickly leaves without saying much.

No PDA + Reputation 6 or higher: Scarlet reveals her role in Sung's (attempted) assassination and asks Mike if he can still trust her after this.

  1. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Dismissive
    • Comforting
    • Practical
  2. Scarlet Lake - 2nd dialogue
    • Leave Her - Maintains your current handler.
    • Join Forces - Makes Scarlet your handler.

With PDA (small differences based on reputation): You either execute her or ask her to join forces.

  1. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Suave
    • Professional
  2. Scarlet Lake - 2nd dialogue
    • Execute - Kill Scarlet.
    • Spare - Makes Scarlet your handler.
  3. Scarlet Lake - 3rd dialogue
    • No Choice
    • Instinct
    • Contract
    • Hotel / If met at her Hotel room during her mission

She will appear in the ending cutscene, but only when Leland is the final boss and if you did not contact her prior to the final mission, by skipping Contact Scarlet Lake, or if you contacted her, but did not meet her in the interrogation room.

If you wish to see Marburg appear in the ending cutscene after fighting Leland, you must meet with Scarlet to ensure her scene is not triggered in the end, as it will override Marburg's scene.

  • Dossier: United States Military - On the counter, near the interrogation room. +$1,500
  • Dossier: United States Military - Safe in near the interrogation room. +Weapon Mod
  • Dossier Secret Fact: Conrad Marburg - Computer near the interrogation room. +$3,750

Rescue Mina[]

Rescue Mina from her holding cell.

Once you enter the next room either Leland or Westridge will contact you. Depending on your choices so far the dialogue will be different, but to continue with the main objective head forward, to collect the dossier on Westridge head right, and for Mina head left. If you're allied with Leland, then he will demand you kill her, but you can still choose to free her, and she will appear in the boat scene if you betray Leland.

  • Dossier: Yancy Westridge - In the room on the right, where Leland/Westridge contact you. +$5,000
  • Dossier Secret Fact: Yancy Westridge - Together with the dossier above.

Depending on your relationship with Mina and whether or not you agreed to work with Leland, you may or may not get the chance to say anything during the encounter. Questioning her further before making your choice will reveal more of her role in the main events. If you have negative reputation with her, and if you killed American agents or let civilians die, she will cite these as reasons not to trust you.

In the end, you have to decide if you want to free, leave, or kill her. If you free her she can participate in some of the ending cutscenes and, if you reputation with her is positive, will appear on the boat with Mike at the end, overriding all other potential characters (Scarlet and Heck).

Rendezvous With Handler[]

Rendezvous with your handler and provide backup.

Return to the intersection, and go through the main doors. You will have to fight through the atrium as you handler supports you from above. There is an auto-turret below and 4 soldiers. In the rooms to each side are two dossier pickup.

  • Dossier: VCI + $1,500
  • Dossier Secret Fact: VCI - Together with the dossier above.
  • Dossier: United States Military + $1,500 (Empty if already at 100%).

Retrieve Evidence[]

Download evidence from the Graybox facility's servers that proves the existence of Alpha Protocol.

On the way to this objective there are several dossiers on two computers.

  • Dossier: Henry Leland +$4,000
  • Dossier Secret Fact: Henry Leland
  • Dossier: Alpha Protocol +$3,000
  • Dossier Secret Fact: Alpha Protocol

Defeat Parker/Defend Parker/Defeat Marburg[]

The Server Room fight has 3 versions, based on what you've told Parker and Marburg earlier.

  1. Defeat Parker: by default, Parker will attempt to wipe the data and you'll have to fight your way through turrets and waves of soldiers until you defeat enough of them, before the timer runs out. You then hack into the control room and deal with Parker. This happens when either Dossier or normal options were chosen with Marburg, and Parker wasn't told about Madison.
  2. Defend Parker: if Parker was convinced to help you with Analysis Flawed option, he will try to save the data and you'll have to defend him from soldiers instead, while the turrets will be disabled. This happens when either Dossier or normal options were chosen with Marburg.
  3. Defeat Marburg: you'll get different scenes of a confrontation between Parker and Marburg in the control room, depending on who was told what, with you ending up having to fight Marburg.
    • Parker was told about Madison: he shoots Marburg, hurting him, but gets killed. Marburg starts the fight with reduced health.
    • Deus Vult option was chosen with Marburg: Marburg confronts Parker about his involvement in Deus Vult program and then kills him. This takes priority over all other versions, even when you are allied with Leland or told Parker about Madison.

Choice of the Handler:

  • G22: Albatross will take control of the turrets. Sis will aid you in the room if she is still alive.
  • Scarlet Lake: Scarlet will snipe from the balcony.
  • Steven Heck: Steven will shoot and crack jokes from the balcony.
  • SIE: SIE will stay on the balcony and lay down suppressing fire with her machinegun.

Escape Graybox[]

After you finish the previous fight and retrieve Alpha Protocol data, take the elevator to the surface.

Rendezvous With Support[]

A brief cutscene shows your evac chopper getting shot down. You then have to get to the crash site.

Defeat Darcy[]

As you go further you meet Darcy, who locks you in a "live exercise" arena. Watch out for his grenades, as he throws lots of them very accurately. He can also send back your thrown gadgets (incendiary/explosive grenades, flashbangs, or shock traps).

There is a sniper rifle in the tower on the left, which offers the easiest way to kill Darcy. The door to the tower is locked with a very difficult lock; attempting to open it may leave you open to fire / grenades if not using Shadow Operative. Using an EMP grenade with Interference skill from Sabotage rank 1 is advised. After killing Darcy, use the sniper rifle on any remaining soldiers below, then gather whatever gadgets and ammo you can off the battlefield. You can also enter Darcy's tower after he's defeated and pick up some loot there.

If you are unable to access the tower with the sniper rifle, you can engage soldiers from behind the sniper tower as Darcy can't reach with his grenades there. You would still be required to run out to engage Darcy. Alternatively, run to the closed gates near Darcy's tower and hide behind the large container to the left of the gate. You'll be able to see the top of Darcy's head whilst being safe from his grenades and soldier's fire.

If you are going for a no-casualty playthrough, snipe Darcy from the tower 3 or 4 times until he is close to death, then lob a few shock traps into the tower from below him to end the fight. However, Darcy would still be declared dead on the mission result screen; and even if you do finish him with a sniper shot, the game would not register that as a kill on the stat page anyway.

Defeat the Helicopter[]

As you cross into the next area, you will encounter a helicopter that's going to start launching rockets at you once it sees you. Depending on the difficulty and your health/endurance it can hurt badly or just be a nuisance. Still, one rocket shouldn't kill you unless you're standing next to a gas tank or a car. Before engaging the helicopter, it would be a good idea to take out the guards in the area, as they don't respawn, then focus on shooting down helicopter with the missile launchers scattered around the place. You can find one on top of the cargo container, one at the base of the stairs, two in the forts to the left and right each, one in the middle of the battlefield, and two in the far tower.

On Hard difficulty, you will need the direct hits with at least 6 missiles to destroy the target; if you miss, you'll have to finish it off with your weapons. Try not to fire the missiles immediately, as the helicopter tend to maneuver slightly to the sides as you take aim. Wait for it to make its "dodge" move, then fire.

The safe spot to engage the helicopter is behind the concrete blocks on the slope going up the hill. Another obvious safe spot is the tower directly below the helicopter, since its missiles will hit the top of the tower and do no damage to you.

There are two first aid stations in this area, both on the towers on the higher level. There's also a respawning ammo in the tower on the left.

If you are doing a no-casualty run, then the general strategy remains the same. Destroying the helicopter can't be avoided and stealth is not possible here, as helicopter will ignore the invisibilty effect of Shadow Operative, but the soldiers can still be fooled by it. Deal with the soldiers on the lower level normally, by crouching and subduing them while their backs are turned. Then turn Shadow Operative on, run up the hill, and either take down the soldiers in melee with Fury, or use Chain Shot on them. If you are having trouble with the helicopter blowing the gas tanks or vehicles and killing enemies, then destroy them yourself with weapons/grenades before you enter the high ground area.

After the helicopter is destroyed, drop down to a new area. There's a single guard in your way, and a path around the other side of the bunker with another drop-down to where your support helicopter crashed. There are several soldiers in the area as well as three turrets. Deal with them, then take the elevator into the facility and confront either Leland or Westridge, depending on the side you've chosen in the final conversation with Leland.

Stop Westridge / Leland[]

Westridge is manning a minigun, while Leland uses missile launchers. Stick to cover, but be mindful of the soldiers that will approach. Stay as close to cover as you can and let them come to you, rather than expose yourself to Westridge's/Leland's fire. Leland's missiles will destroy cover in certain spots. His missiles are laser targeted and the laser will move about randomly when he aims. The less wild the laser is the closer he is to firing the missile.

Westridge will dismount the minigun if you take out some of his men with stealth attacks, calling out to them worriedly. With high enough weapons skill it's possible to use these openings to take him out at a distance, but it's generally still a better tactic to make your way across the ramp to the control room. Westridge is surprisingly weak against CQC strikes, while Leland goes down after one melee hit.

If you are doing a stealth run, a single use of Shadow Operative Master should give you enough time to make it all the way to the door without an issue. If you don't have it at Master level, then use Brilliance to extend the duration. Use an EMP on the last door to unlock it instantly.

Final Conversation[]

See Endings for more information on these scenes.

The next cutscene has two main versions for Westridge and Leland; with some extra variations depending on choices with Leland, Scarlet, Marburg, Mina, the handler, and Shaheed. If you said to "Yes" to Shaheed and did not accept to work for Halbech, then you will get the spare/execute scenes for both Westridge and Leland, otherwise it's one of the two.


You get a scene where Thorton decides Westridge's fate. You can execute him right away or talk, but after you've had your chat, you're back to the choice of killing Westridge or sparing him (which makes Thorton handcuff him to a railing).

If you are allied with Leland, you can choose between becoming his henchman or betraying him. If you betray him, Thorton says that he doesn't need Leland anymore, citing the allies he acquired throughout the course of the game. You will then have the option to execute him (revealing the data disk you gave him was actually a mine, which explodes shortly after) or punch him, knocking him out cold and leaving him for the authorities.


You get the option to either spare or execute Leland. Executing him leads to the boat cutscene, while sparing opens up some additional possibilities.

If you have not met Scarlet before or during the mission, sparing him leads to a scene where Thorton gets shot by Scarlet — who now revealed as a contract assassin — and you may bribe or convince her to kill Leland. If you have Heck or Mina as your handler (but not SIE or Albatross), you can order Heck or Mina to shoot her. Otherwise Scarlet shoots Leland point-blank, then returns the evidence footage to Mike, if she has it.

If Scarlet was visited in the interrogation room, then she would not appear here. Conrad Marburg would be present instead of her, if he has been turned earlier. Thorton will either exchange a few words with Marburg after killing Leland and then they part ways amicably or, if he was spared, Leland will order Marburg to terminate Thorton, who will refuse and simply walk away. Thorton will then punch Leland and leave.

If neither Scarlet nor Marburg are present then you leave Leland to the authorities, board the boat (possibly with your ally or love interest) and ride into the sunset.

Choices and Consequences[]

  • There are several consequences for completing the missions in Operation Full Circle:
    • Contact Albatross can unlock Albatross as a handler.
    • Contact Scarlet Lake will change the first cutscene with Leland when he asks Mike about the evidence footage, and can alter the ending scenes, where Scarlet can make an appearance when fighting against Leland. If you wish to see these scenes with Scarlet, you can also contact her, but then not meet with her once inside the facility, which will produce the same effect as skipping this misison.
    • Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed can unlock the No Compromise, No Mercy ending, where you go after Halbech and betray the U.S. by revealing Alpha Protocol's role in the events. It can also possibly alter the boss fight against Alan Parker, as keeping Shaheed alive is one of the "unforeseen" events that can be referenced to convince Parker that his analysis of the situation is flawed, and to turn him to Thorton's side.
  • If Henry Leland likes Thorton (reputation of +6 or higher), he will offer to hire him. If you refuse, the mission plays out as normal. If you accept, you will get the task to kill Mina, instead of saving her (but can still let her go). At the end of the mission you can either go with Leland or betray him and take control of Halbech Corporation behind the scenes.
  • If Thorton discovered that Madison is Alan Parker's daughter, you can tell him about that Marburg took her hostage and possibly killed her in Rome. Later in the mission, Parker will try to exact revenge on Marburg, but will only hurt him and be killed instead, which does make the ensuing boss fight against Marburg easier.
  • Completing 83% of Conrad Marburg's dossier will let you change his allegiance with a special "Dossier" dialogue option, which is possible even if he has a negative reputation with Mike. If you also unlock 80% of Parker's dossier, the "Dossier" with be replaced with the "Deus Vult" option, that will reveal to Marburg the role Parker played in his failed operation in Pakistan. Marburg will then seek out revenge against Parker and kill him, then fight Thorton to the death. This happens even when you agree to an alliance with Leland.
  • If Omen Deng was spared in Taipei, he will contact Mike after he downloads files to PDA and reveal that Scarlet was one who tried to assassinate president Sung and ask him to eliminate her.


  • Getting Conrad Marburg to appear in the ending cutscene requires a very specific set of choices:
    • Get the special "Dossier" option to appear in the final conversation with Marburg by unlocking at least 83% of Marburg's dossier, but no more than 60% of Parker's dossier (as it will then be replaced by another option).
    • Go through the conversation with Leland normally or decline his offer.
    • Choose the "Dossier" option in conversation with Marburg.
    • Do not tell Parker about Madison.
    • Meet with Scarlet Lake before the mission and visit her in the interrogation room (the choices don't matter). Otherwise her scene will replace Marburg's.
    • Defeat Leland in the boss fight.
    After you execute or spare Leland, Marburg will appear, with different dialogue for each of the two choices. He will either part ways with Thorton amicably or refuse to listen to Leland's orders to kill Thorton and simply walk away.

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