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Infiltrate Alpha Protocol is the final mission of the game. Its contents are about the same, with the final scene varying greatly by your deeds and reputation with the characters in the game.


Available Intel[]


  • A good bit of advice is to make sure you have some EMP Grenades in your kit. Many of the safes are locked with 5 pin locks and low timers, plus one is invaluable when you fight Darcy.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Choose a Side[]

After a short cutscene with Darcy, you will experience your final flash forward with Leland. There are no reputation repercussions of this encounter, but you will have the chance to join Leland and Halbech if you have a high enough reputation with Leland (and betray them later if you want) or stand firm against them.

Henry Leland - First dialogue option

  • Action - Nothing
  • Thrills - Nothing
  • Duty - Nothing
  • Silence - Nothing

Henry Leland - Second dialogue option

  • Aggressive - Nothing
  • Suave - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing
  • Silence - Nothing

Henry Leland - Third dialogue option

  • Adversarial - Nothing
  • Sarcastic - Nothing
  • Matter-of-Fact - Nothing

Henry Leland - Fourth dialogue option

  • Adversarial - Nothing
  • Sarcastic - Nothing
  • Matter-of-Fact - Nothing

Henry Leland - Fifth dialogue option

  • Death to Bureaucracy - Nothing
  • Hypocrisy - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing
  • Punch Leland - Ends conversation

Henry Leland - Sixth dialogue option

  • Fuck off - Nothing
  • Join Halbech - Ends conversation

Henry Leland - Seventh dialogue option

  • Threaten - Nothing
  • Bullshit - Nothing
  • Negotiate - Nothing

Henry Leland - Eighth dialogue option

  • Angry - Nothing
  • Confident - Nothing
  • Calm - Nothing

Henry Leland - Ninth dialogue option

  • Threaten - Nothing
  • Taunting - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing

Meet Marburg[]

If Marburg survived Rome, you will meet him here. You can try to turn him against Parker for +5 AP and assistance in a coming boss battle. You will need to have completed both his dossier and Parker's to be able to select the correct option to achieve this -- somewhat ambiguously named "Dossier". It will be offered twice, in case you want to use your first line to sass him up. Choosing it will reveal that Parker was Marburg's handler on the mission in Pakistan where Marburg was disavowed by a previous version of Alpha Protocol, and will drive Marburg to seek revenge on Parker.

Note that if you inform Parker about Marburg's actions against Madison in Rome it will trigger a scene of Parker seeking revenge on Marburg, preventing you from witnessing Marburg confront Parker about the mission in Pakistan.

It is possible to choose the "Dossier" option if you have Marburg's dossier completed but not Parker's. In this instance you will convince Marburg not to oppose you and you will receive the "Agent of Change" perk.

  • Ready to die? (first Aggressive node)
  • Modest (first Suave node)
  • Mission (first Professional node) Conrad +1
  • Dossier (first Miscellaneous node), Perk: Agent of Change, ends conversation
  • Fuck off (second Aggressive node)
  • Kiss my ass (second Suave node) Conrad -1
  • Refuse (second Professional node)
  • Dossier (second Miscellaneous node), Perk: Agent of Change

Escape Medical Bay[]

You are taken back to the medical bay and restrained. How you get free depends on your choice of handler.

  • If you chose Albatross and Sis is still alive, she will walk in and free you.
  • If you chose Albatross and Sis is dead, Albatross will free you by remote.
  • If you chose Heck, he will free you by remote control.
  • If you chose SIE, she will free you. If you have a +6 relationship, she will also have sex with you in such an awesome way, that only true men can dream of. SIE's conversation is diagrammed below.

SIE - First dialogue option

  • Angry (first Aggressive node)
  • Flirtatious (first Suave node)
  • Acknowledge (first Professional node)

SIE - Second dialogue option

  • Challenging (second Aggressive node)
  • Sarcastic (second Suave node)
  • Professional (second Professional node)

SIE - Third dialogue option

  • Agenda? (third Aggressive node)
  • Tempted? (third Suave node)
  • Negotiate (third Professional node)

SIE - Forth dialogue option

  • No Way In Hell (fourth Aggressive node) Perk: Thanks but No Thanks
  • Might As Well (fourth Professional node) SIE +1, Perk: Savage Love, ends conversation

SIE - Fifth dialogue option

  • Irritated (fifth Aggressive node)
  • Disbelieving (fifth Suave node)
  • Get to the Point (fifth Professional node)

Escape Medical Bay[]

Find your equipment and escape the medical bay.

XP: 750

Note: If your actual endurance doesn't match the max. endurance you should open and close your inventory. Now it will use the correct value.

Access PDA/Contact Parker[]

Find an unsecured computer and contact Alan Parker

This optional objective can be completed by using the interrogation room computer where you are given a choice:

  • Access a message from your PDA (only available when you have spared Omen Deng). Deng will give you some important information about Scarlet.
  • Have a conversation with Alan Parker in which you can try to turn him to your side to make a coming boss battle easier.
  • Download PDA Files (first Suave node) Dossier Secret Fact: Scarlet Lake, ends conversation
  • Contact Parker (first Professional node)
  • Threaten (second Aggressive node) Parker -1
  • Challenging (second Suave node) Parker -1
  • Reasoning (second Professional node)
  • Madison (second Miscellaneous node), ends conversation
  • Accusing (third Aggressive node) Parker -1
  • Motives (third Suave node) Parker -1
  • Betrayal (third Professional node)
  • Madison (third Miscellaneous node), ends conversation
  • Accusatory (fourth Aggressive node)
  • Insulting (fourth Suave node)
  • Questioning (fourth Professional node)
  • Madison (fourth Miscellaneous node), ends conversation
  • Murder (fifth Aggressive node) Parker -1
  • Crazy (fifth Suave node)
  • Criminal (fifth Professional node)
  • Madison (fifth Miscellaneous node), ends conversation
  • Revenge (sixth Aggressive node) Parker -1
  • Taunting (sixth Suave node) Parker -1
  • Appeal (sixth Professional node)
  • Analysis Flawed (sixth Miscellaneous node) Parker +1 (for not killing Shaheed), Parker +1 (for allying with Brayko or Surkov), Parker +1 (for not killing Omen Deng), Sum Parker +3, Perk: Logical Deduction

Parker's dossier and $2,000 can be found near the computer and a dossier on Alpha Protocol is in the safe as well.

Dossier: Alan Parker Dossier: Alpha Protocol

Money: $2,000

Meet Scarlet[]

Depending on various factors, you may or may not find Scarlet in the interrogation room which is through the locked double doors on your right. Before speaking with her You will also find a dossier on the U.S. Military and $1,500 on the counter, a dossier on the United States Military and a weapon mod in the safe, and a secret fact on Conrad Marburg and $3,750 by hacking the computer.

Dossier: United States Military Dossier: United States Military Dossier: Conrad Marburg Secret Fact

Weapon Mod

Money: $1,500 Money: $3,750

When speaking with Scarlet the conversation can go several ways depending on your reputation with her and if you got the PDA. The conversation below represents high reputation and not collecting the PDA.

  • Dismissive (first Aggressive node)
  • Comforting (first Suave node)
  • Practical (first Professional node)
  • Leave Her (second Suave node), maintain your current handler
  • Join Forces (second Professional node), make Scarlet your handler

Rescue Mina[]

Rescue Mina from her holding cell.

Once you enter the next room Leland or Westridge will contact you. Depending on your choices so far the conversation is a little different but to continue with main objectives head forward, to collect $5,000 and information on Westridge head through the unlocked right door, to save (or kill) Mina head through the locked left door.

Dossier: Westridge

Money: $5,000

Depending on your relationship with Mina and whether or not you agreed to work with Leland, you may or may not get the chance to say anything during your encounter with Mina.

Rendezvous With Handler[]

Rendezvous with your handler and provide backup. You will have to fight through a sub-level. There is an auto-turret below, and two regular turrets. The far side is accessible from both ends by ladders, so be mindful of enemies trying to flank you. In the rooms to each side are files containing a secret fact on VCI and $1,500 each.

Dossier Secret Fact: VCI

Money: $1,500

Money: $1,500

Retrieve Evidence[]

Download evidence from the Graybox facility's servers that proves the existence of Alpha Protocol.

On the way to this objective there are two computers with dossier information and a secret fact on Leland, and dossier information and a secret fact on Alpha Protocol as well as $5,000.

Dossier: Henry Leland

Dossier Secret Fact: Henry Leland

Dossier: Alpha Protocol

Dossier Secret Fact: Alpha Protocol

Money: $5,000

Money: $5,000

Defeat Parker/Defend Parker/Defeat Marburg[]

Once in the server room one of three things can happen:

  • By default Parker will attempt to wipe out the data and you'll have to fight your way through turrets and waves of soldiers and get into the control room and defeat him before the timer runs out. As you approach the door he'll seal it, forcing you to unlock it by hacking a laptop on the other side of the server room. Once inside the control room Parker is an easy kill.
  • If Parker was convinced to help you by pointing out the flaws in his logic he will save the data and you'll have to defend him from waves of soldiers instead. Fortunately the turrets will help you.
  • If Parker was told about Madison and/or Marburg was told about Deus Vult (Dossier option doesn't bring this confrontation) they will both be present in the control room. Their confrontation will end with Parker killed and Marburg injured. You will then have to fight Marburg and is one of the only two ways of killing him in the game.

Choice of Handler:

  • G22: Albatross will take control of the turrets. Sis will aid you in the room if she is still alive.
  • Scarlet Lake: Scarlet will snipe from the balcony.
  • Steven Heck: Steven will shoot and crack jokes from the balcony.
  • SIE: SIE will stay on the balcony and pin down the soldiers with her little friend, but won't attack the turrets.

Escape Graybox[]

Reach the surface above the facility by going through the maintenance bunkers.

Rendezvous With Support[]

Locate the wreckage and meet up with the support team. A brief cutscene shows your evac chopper getting shot down.

Defeat Darcy[]

Get past Darcy and his agents. Watch out for grenades, he throws lots of them very accurately. He will also throw back any thrown gadgets (incendiary/explosive grenades, flashbangs, or shock traps, possibly others).

There is a sniper rifle in the tower on the left. The door to the tower is on the side facing Darcy and locked with a very difficult lock. Attempting to open it may leave you open to fire / grenades if not using Shadow Operative. Using an EMP grenade is advised. After killing Darcy, use the sniper rifle on any remaining soldiers below, then gather whatever gadgets/ammo you can off the battlefield. (You can enter Darcy's tower after he's defeated and pick up some ammo/gadgets there.)

If you are unable to access the tower, you can engage soldiers from behind the tower as Darcy is unable to throw grenades there. You will be required to run out to engage Darcy however. Alternatively run to the far end of the area and then hide behind the large crate which is to the left of the tower Darcy is in, you'll be able to see the top of Darcy's head whilst being safe from his grenades, watch out for the soldiers though, this makes the area very easy to complete .

If you're really obsessed with having zero kills you can use tranqualizer Chain Shot on Darcy, it works nice too


As you cross into the next area, a helicopter will be launching incendiary rockets at you; depending on the difficulty and your health/endurance a single hit can kill you, so keep on the move. Run forward, take out the first guard, then back up and down the slope to the right to take on another. Turn left, there's two more. Double back and jump onto the cargo container to get your first missile launcher. Use it against the helicopter.

As soon as you fire your missile, MOVE. Cover won't necessarily save you, especially since most of it consists of trucks and gasoline tanks. There are a total of six additional missile launchers (aside from the one on the cargo box), the one on top of the cargo container, one at the base of the stairs, one each in the forts to the left and right, one in the middle of the battlefield, and two in the far tower.

The safe spot to engage the helicopter is behind the concrete on the slope leading up to area with concrete barricades with three forts on all sides. 99% of missiles fired at you there will not damage you. Just remember to take out all the soldiers before concentrating on the helicopter.

Another obvious safe spot is the fort tower directly below of the helicopter. He cannot hurt you there too. Don't forget to use sprint and/or fury to get some more time between its shots.

There are two first-aid stations, one to the right of the forward right-hand tower, and one to the right of the rearmost tower. There's also a recurring ammo spawn in the forward left-hand tower (30 seconds, random output).

HINTS: Destroying tanks and cars before going past them saves you from worrying about the helicopter shooting a missile into them as you past, leaving you in range of the blast. There are a total of seven missile launchers and using all of them may not bring the helicopter down requiring you to shoot it a few times. Try not to fire the missile immediately as the helicopter may maneuver slightly before stopping as you take aim. Using Shadow Operative when fighting the helicopter doesn't help, it will still know where you are and still fire a missile/rocket at you. Fury on the other hand gives you a lot of time while moving and makes running between the safe spots and the rocket launchers much safer.

Stop Westridge / Leland[]

Drop down to a new area. There's a single guard near a cave, and a path around the other side of the bunker with another drop-down to where your support helicopter crashed. There are several soldiers in the area as well as three turrets: one in the tower to your right, one just beyond it (and unseen until you round the corner into the open), and a third atop a low wall near a tunnel back inside.

Take the elevator into the facility and confront Westridge / Leland.

Westridge is manning a minigun (Leland uses a series of rocket launchers) that will make sushi out of you, so stick to cover, but be mindful of the soldiers that will approach. Stay as close to cover as you can and let them come to you, rather than expose yourself to Westridge's (Leland's) fire. (Leland's rockets will destroy cover in certain spots. His rockets are laser targeted and the laser will move about randomly slowly closing in on the player. The less wild the laser is the closer he is to firing the rocket. Use this knowledge to time your movements to and from cover.)

Westridge will dismount the minigun if you take out some of his men with stealth attacks, calling out to them worriedly. With high enough weapons skill it's possible to use these openings to take him out at a distance, if you feel like playing mind games with him, but it's generally still a better tactic to make your way across the ramp to the control room. Westridge is surprisingly weak against unarmed combat and is easily disposed of at close range.

If you disable Westridge / Leland, you'll move to a cutscene where Thorton decides Westridge's fate (only if you face Westridge). You can execute him or talk, but after you've had your chat, you're back to the choice of killing Westridge or sparing him (Thorton handcuffs him to a railing).

Leland is next, and you're still in an interactive cutscene. If you opposed him, you get the option to either spare him or give him a copper-jacketed retirement plan in lieu of a gold watch and some stock options. (Sparing him leads to an additional scene where you may be able to bribe or convince Scarlet - now revealed as a contract assassin - into killing Leland. If you had Heck or Mina as your handler, you can order Heck or Mina to shoot her. If Scarlet joined you previously, nothing occurs. If Conrad Marburg had been turned during the earlier interactive cutscene, he would be present in the room when you spare Leland. Leland will order Marburg to terminate you, at which Marburg says "Hmm" and simply walks away. Leland shouts at Marburg, at which point Thorton observes "I think he's done taking orders Leland." You then proceed to knock him out with a punch and walk away.).

Should you ally yourself with Leland, the last cutscene changes and you can choose between becoming his henchman and betraying him. If you betray him, Thorton says that he doesn't need Leland anymore, citing all of the allies he acquired through the game (may not work if you made no allies, but confirmation is needed). If you betray him, you have the option to execute him (the data disk you gave him was actually a mine that explodes) or you can choose to punch him, knocking him out cold; leaving him for the authorities.


  • If the player chose to spare Omen Deng in Taipei he will contact Mike after he downloads files to PDA and reveal that Scarlet was one who tried to assassinate president Sung and asks him to eliminate her.
  • Alan Parker can be contacted and convinced to help you, by showing his predictions are faulty ("Analysis Flawed" miscellaneous dialog node). There are several events that can unlock this which Mike will mention during the conversation. They include, but are not limited to: Sparing Shaheed, discovering Surkov was the real Moscow supplier, and sparing Omen Deng.
  • If Thorton discovered that Madison is Parker's daughter, you can tell him about what happened to his daughter in Rome. Later on the mission, Parker tries to kill Marburg, but is killed instead. However, he still manages to shoot Marburg, which makes your fight against him easier.
  • Completing Marburg's dossier up to that point (his last intel is found inside the compound), lets you change his allegiance. This gives you the Agent of Change perk. This is possible even if he hates you.
  • If Henry Leland likes you, he will offer to hire Thorton. If you refuse, the mission plays out as normal. If you accept, you will get the mission to kill Mina, instead of saving her. At the end of the mission you can either go with Leland or betray him and take control of Halbech's actions from behind the scenes.

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