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Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau is a mission from Operation Deus Vult set in Rome.


Sneak in, ID the people at each location, find Jibril Al-Bara.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Jibril Al-Bara Anonymous $7,500 Dossier information on Jibril Al-Bara. Purchasing this intel will add you your dossier on Jibril Al-Bara, an alleged associate of the Al-Samad terrorist network.
Target Database Anonymous $700 Spending some money on the street to gather information on Al-Samad operatives in the area should help you identify the right target.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

The normal way to approach the mission is to ID the targets at all 3 locations and then decide what to do with Jibril Al-Baraa, by either killing him or letting him live.

But if you are feeling bloodthirsty, you can shoot and kill all the civilians that you encounter. Despite Mina's warning about avoiding cameras and lines of sight when killing someone, it seems that shooting the rifle at all, even when it doesn't hit anything, alerts every person in the vicinity and forces you to kill everyone at the location you are in. If you fail to clear the area before someone escapes you get the Mission Failed screen. Otherwise, you move on to the next location.

You can kill every person at the first two location without compromising the mission, but at the third location you have to commit to killing everyone once you start shooting, including Al-Baraa. Meaning that you can't spare Al-Bara and only kill the civilians. As the mission completes the instant you kill Al-Bara, you have to start shooting civilians first and then catch Al-Bare last, as he escapes down the stairs.

There are no real benefits in doing this, since you lose a lot of XP — though in return you can unlock two unique, but fairly useless perks Trigger Happy (for killing a guest) and Snap Shot (for killing a guest or Al-Bara himself without IDing) by doing this. The only difference story-wise seems to be a change in news broadcasts.

  1. Killing Al-Baraa produces the first news broadcast ("Professor Jibril Al-Baraa..."), which is only focuses on his death.
  2. Killing any civilians produces the second broadcast ("A bloodbath at a charity auction..."). The news will mistakenly mention the deaths of the guests at the second or third location, even you didn't kill anyone there and only killed someone at the first. Note that while Marburg typically comments on you killing people in Rome, he will act as if you didn't kill anyone at all if you go this route.
  3. Both broadcasts will play one after the other if both Al-Baraa and civilians are killed.

Main Gate IDs[]

Identify all guests and security personnel at the main gate.

There are three targets here: one on the left, one in the middle behind the gate, and one on the right.

  • XP: +500 (for identifying the guests)
  • -OR-
  • XP: +50 (if you attack the guests)

Grounds IDs[]

Identify all guests and security personnel on the grounds.

ID the two guards at the 2nd location: the three guests on the streets, the female guest on the first floor, and one on the second floor. You can also ID the INN broadcast on the TV on the second floor. Mina will also make a comment if you shoot the TV.

  • XP: +500

Identify Al-Bara[]

Pick out Al-Bara from the other guests.

The are four guests and guards at the 3rd location: you can normally find them all in the middle where their patrols stop. Al-Bara is the person on the balcony by the tower, in the top left. Fully identifying Al-Bara will provide the secret fact on him.

  • Dossier: Jibril Al-Bara (only if the dossier is not yet fully unlocked)
  • Dossier (Secret Fact): Jibril Al-Bara
  • XP: +500

Assassinate Al-Bara[]

Take the shot and eliminate the target.

You have the option to shoot and kill Al-Bara or abort the mission as the intelligence isn't reliable. XP reward is the same.

Killing Al-Bara will unlock the Contact Halbech Informant mission, while aborting will unlock the Contact Jibril Al-Bara mission. Both missions are identical, however killing Al-Bara will lose you some respect with Conrad Marburg when you meet him.

  • XP: +650


There are several unique perks that can be unlocked during this mission:

  • Snap Shot (20% Ammunition discount from all sources): During the Al-Bara mission, you seized the initiative and fired before wasting time identifying all the possible suspects.
  • Trigger Happy (Reduced Cooldown: Room Sweep): While gunning for Al-Bara, you "accidentally" killed some other people at the party... these things happen.
  • On the Guestlist (5% Intel Discount from all sources): You exercised a thorough investigation of your target by identifying all operatives in the vicinity of Jibril Al-Bara.
  • Faith Killer (Reduced Cooldown: Focused Aim): When given the opportunity, you pulled the trigger on Jibril Al-Bara — the academician with financial and spiritual ties to Al-Samad terrorist network.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Killing Al-Bara unlocks Contact Halbech Informant, where you get an email from an "Unknown Sender", who identifies as a Halbech employee, asking for a meeting.
  • Aborting the mission unlocks Contact Jibril Al-Bara, where you supposedly get an email from Al-Bara himself, although it's most likely a fake sent by Marburg.
  • If you avoid killing anyone while in Rome in the first three missions, including Jibril Al-Bara, it will positively impact the opinion of Conrad Marburg (+2 reputation) during the first meeting with him during Contact Jibril Al-Bara/Halbech Informant. If you kill Al-Bara, or anyone else, it will enable some additional comments from Marburg (for no reputation loss or gain), and later Leland (with a possibility of decreasing his reputation by 1), as he recaps your actions in Rome.