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The News is Agent Michael Thorton's way of knowing the results of his missions throughout the world, as well as a way to find out what else is going on in the world. Each safehouse is equipped with a big screen television, allowing Michael to watch the news with some enjoyment.

The news is delivered to Thorton via INN, the widely viewed news station in Alpha Protocol. INN News is delivered by two named news anchors, Roger and Melissa. Each story is either a direct reference to missions carried out in mission hubs by Michael Thorton or non-related stories occurring in the world/in-game universe of Alpha Protocol.

Miscellaneous Stories[]

NOTE: All lines, including sentence, grammar, writing structure, and spelling are quoted from the game's subtitles exactly.

This is all the stories that you are watching without doing the missions.

Bill Before Congress[]

Roger: Should American businesses be compensated if conflict arises in Asia? Legislation being discussed on Capitol Hill would assist with relocation costs for operations based in countries considered hostile to the United States. Detractors in both parties have attacked the bill as a massive bailout for companies that have outsourced American jobs. China and India are the largest destinations for offshore operations, with everything from manufacturing to software development.

Taiwan/China Tensions Escalate[]

Roger: Tensions continue to rise in the Far East as Taiwanese President Ronald Sung's independence rally approaches. The controversial politician has the Chinese government worried that he will formally declare independence - an action that would almost certainly lead to war.

Melissa: High-level White House sources have told INN News that, should China attempt to forcibly block a Taiwanese move for independence, the US Navy will take "any and all measures" to prevent Chinese aggression.

Roger: Meanwhile, the President, on a goodwill tour of Africa, issued a statement urging all parties to remain calm and rational, and to let diplomacy prevail.

New Legislation[]

Roger: In Washington today, Senator Patrick Darcy unveiled new legislation aimed at cleaning up the federal government by greatly restricting lobbyists' access to legislators.

Melissa: The bill, called the "People Over Rich Corporations" Act, or "PORC Act," would prohibit lobbyists from contributing to election campaigns and require anyone affiliated with a corporation to stay 500 feet or more away from any member of the legislative branch.

Roger: Opponents of the bill have labeled it "a draconian offense against free speech" and "so laughably unenforceable as to render it a farce." Senator Darcy had no comment for INN News.

Sugar Breeding Demon Children?[]

Melissa: We've always known that kids enjoy candy - but what are some of the downsides to this link? A recent study by scientists at the American Medical Association has linked the consumption of sugar to hyperactivity and inattentiveness in kids, especially when combined with an empty stomach.

Roger: Apparently, after normal, healthy children are given a great deal of sugar, their bodies release vast quantities of the hormone adrenaline, which turns even the calmest child into an uncontrollable hellion. According to one researcher, "we gave them a bag of candy bars, and then in like a half-hour they were running around being crazy" - end quote.

Melissa: Researchers managing the study recommended parents attempt to reduce their child's sugar intake, or at least balance it with other snacks containing fat and carbohydrates. Like chips and pretzels, right?

Roger: Yes, Melissa, that would probably work. But parents should remain aware of the dangers that sugar poses to their children - and their families.

Melissa: Well - that's certainly "food for thought"!

Tenth Crusade Reaches Rome?[]

Roger: A new museum exhibit has caused chaos in the streets of Rome. The Roman Museum of Natural History opened up its Crusades exhibit earlier last week, prompting claims of religious intolerance by protestors who have crowded the downtown area and even threatened visitors. Officials for the museum defended the exhibit, claiming it was a critical examination of the time period based on historical evidence. Roman police have kept the scene under control, but fear a full-scale riot could break out if the numbers gathered outside the museum continue to increase.

China/US Tensions on the Rise.[]

Melissa: Chinese government officials announced today that the People's Republic would issue sanctions against any nation recognizing Taiwan as an independent state.

Roger: The Chinese have always held the official position that Taiwan is merely a breakaway province, but with Taiwanese President Ronald Sung's calls for official separation from the mainland, Chinese officials were growing nervous.

Melissa: When asked what form economic sanctions might take, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States said "we will take all actions deemed necessary and appropriate to safeguard Chinese sovereignty."

Fashion Disaster![]

Melissa: In fashion news, designer Robin Goulet's latest show in New York was greeted with surprisingly mixed reviews.

Roger: The focal point of the show was the controversial theme of "ruined beauty." Models dressed in Goulet's latest designs would stroll to the end of the runway,where they were actually drenched in real pig blood.

Melissa: Well, many did find it outrageous, some less so - fans of the designer called it a "new and breathtaking twist in fashion," while critics called it "gaudy," "overblown," and "completely gross." And various animal rights groups picketed the show, claiming it was "disrespectful to the suffering of fellow creatures."

Roger: In response to these protests, Goulet labeled the protestors as "stupid dumb-faces" who needed to "get the F over themselves" - end quote.

Halbech Profits Down[]

Melissa: In financial news - Halbech Industries is facing intense scrutiny from shareholders, just the latest bump in a troubled road for the once-mighty defense contractor.

Roger: Halbech has showed increasing signs of moving into a business slump - with profits shrinking and a reported fifty percent of their projects canceled, pressure from shareholders is suspected to force the industry giant into massive layoffs.

Melissa: CEO Henry Leland has given numerous reassurances to the press that the company is merely entering a "re-engineering period," and has no plans to institute a layoff program but claims instead that the company is preparing for "a new and exciting period of growth."

Roger: This most recent statement saw Halbech stock rise 2 points yesterday, but this was soon followed by a plunge of 10 more points.

Melissa: Certainly a tricky situation for the contractor - hard to bring back confidence from a slump like that, wouldn't you say, Roger?

Roger: Definitely, Melissa. The CEO could try appearing with an attractive young co-worker, although that doesn't always help ratings. Er - consumer confidence. More on this story as it develops.

Mid-East Terror[]

Roger: Terrorism - still a threat? Authors from bestselling books on terrorism say "yes" and point to a recent rise in incidents in the Middle East as proof of their claims.could another incident like 9/11 be in our future? Tune in for our special feature, "Terror Threat: Global Terror in Our Backyards."

Cuddly Chicanery?[]

Roger: Tragic news for dog lovers: the latest target of scammers are online puppy-buyers, those seeking the comfort of canine companionship via the Internet.

Melissa: Many organizations have received complaints from buyers who have been taken in by multiple false claims - including the dreaded Nigerian pet scam - and lost hundred of dollars.

Roger: Consumers have been asked not to trust any pictures of puppies they are sent. According to the Humane Society, quote, "Just because you receive a picture off of someone on the web, does not necessarily mean that thing is real." Sobering news.

Chinese Hacking Terror![]

Roger: In technology news, a string of hacker attacks have recently struck the US Department of Defense. The attacks have been described as "internet terrorism" - repeated attempts to break into the department's systems in order to steal or corrupt valuable data. Government investigators have alleged that most of these hacking attempts have originated in mainland China, although the Chinese government has denied any connection to the attacks. I'll investigate this topic further in the upcoming five-part series, "Terror on the Internet: Is Your Data Safe?"

Missions Stories[]

These are news where they report on your story on the missions you just done.

Violence on the Rise[]

Roger: Coalition forces report sporadic outbreaks of violence across the Middle-East believed to be part of a power struggle between rival terrorist organizations.

Melissa: Army spokesman Colonel J. Robert. Powers tells INN that a suspected Al-Samad terrorist training camp on the outskirts of Jizan was destroyed yesterday, allegedly in a daring daytime raid by members of the Al-Tair sect.

Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer[]

The Saudi Arabia mission, part of Operation Desert Spear, to assault, interrogate, and deal with Omar Mohammed bin Nasri can end in his capture, extortion, or execution at the hands of Alpha Protocol Agent Michael Thorton can be described/mentioned in news. His capture or execution results in the following respective headlines and stories. His extortion and subsequent release will also result in a separate (third) incident reported:

Noted Arms Dealer Captured[]

Roger: A leading arms trafficker suspected of supplying terrorist organization Al-Samad was captured by coalition forces earlier this week. Mohammed Omar bin Nasri, based in a remote part of Saudi Arabia, was in possession of over one hundred million dollars worth of small arms, ammunition, missiles, and vehicles. His extradition to the United States is currently being worked out with the Saudi government.

Noted Arms Dealer Killed[]

Roger: A leading arms trafficker suspected of supplying terrorist organization Al-Samad is reported to have been found executed. Mohammed Omar bin Nasri, based in a remote part of Saudi Arabia, was in possession of over one hundred million dollars worth of small arms, ammunition, missiles, and vehicles. Pentagon sources attribute the killing to a buyer, possibly even Al-Samad agents.

Attack on US Military Base[]

Roger: A devastating attack on a US base in Dhahran has left several marines dead. An early morning raid by members of as of yet unidentified group killed 20 soldiers and left over 30 injured. US military sources say that the weapons used in the attack were more advanced than they are used to seeing, and that they suspect the munitions were supplied by a major arms dealer.

Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data[]

The Moscow mission, part of Operation Blood Feud, to infiltrate and/or assault Russian Mafia member Lazo's yacht and retrieve data on a connection to the Halbech Corporation carried out by Alpha Protocol Agent Michael Thorton can be mentioned in news. The mission's outcome is either peaceful, or the execution of elite G22 operative Sis. These outcomes will result in the following respective headlines and stories:

Mystery Yacht Found in Moscow[]

Roger: Pleasure cruisers on the Moscow River received a shock this morning when they discovered an empty yacht floating unattended on the river. Muscovite police were summoned to the scene after bloodstains and signs of a violent struggle were detected on the boat's deck.

Melissa: Talk about your ghost ship!

Roger: Ghost ship indeed - police are dragging the river where the yacht was found, but no bodies have been located yet.

Melissa: Brr. Spooky.

Murder on the River![]

Roger: Pleasure cruisers on the Moscow River received a shock this morning when they discovered an empty yacht floating unattended on the river. Muscovite police were summoned to the scene after bloodstains and signs of a violent struggle were detected on the boat's deck.

Melissa: Upon investigation, police found the body of a teenage girl on the yacht. No other bodies were found, and the authorities have been unable to identify the girl.

Roger: According to police spokesman Nikolai Ramius, investigators believe the girl may have been a child prostitute lured onto the river by the yacht's owner for the purposes of making a "snuff film." Police are attempting to locate the yacht's owner now.

Melissa: What a tragic story.

Trainyard Shootout[]

Melissa: In Moscow today, authorities are baffled by the aftermath of a shootout at the Leningradski Trainyard, which left several dead and an estimated $500,000 in property damage. The identities of the victims have not yet been released, but according to an unnamed source within the investigation, several of the deceased were armed with military-grade weaponry and body armor.

Roger: No word yet as to whether these men were associated with any foreign government, or were acting independently. In related news, Russia's Prime Minister has announced that new legislation will be enacted early next year to tighten security at Russia's borders. Looks like the Iron Curtain may be coming down again, huh?

Melissa: It certainly does

Embassy Under Seige![]

Melissa: Russian FSB spokesmen have not released many details of the incident, but have assured the press that they are cooperating closely with American agents on the scene.The death toll is believed to be somewhere near fifty, although a final tally will not be possible until a full report is released later this month.

Roger: Reports that Sergei Surkov, a Muscovite entrepreneur and reputed former leader of the Russian Mob, was the actual target of the assault remain unconfirmed at this time. However, sources have claimed Surkov was present at the Embassy on the night of the attack. Mr. Surkov could not be reached for comment.

Melissa: Breaking news from Moscow this morning. Last night, the United States Embassy was the victim of a terrorist attack. According to eyewitnesses speaking exclusively to INN, the attackers were well-armed and struck with military precision. Thus far, no group has stepped forward to take credit for the attack.

Assault Brayko's Mansion[]

The Moscow mission, part of Operation Blood Feud, to assault Russian Mafia gang leader Konstantin Brayko's mansion and retrieve data on a connection to the Halbech Corporation carried out by Alpha Protocol Agent Michael Thorton can be mentioned in news. The mission's outcome is either the execution of Brayko, the arrest of Brayko, or a deal being made between Brayko and Thorton. These outcomes can be reported respectively as follows:

Gangland Massacre in Moscow![]

Roger: More mob violence in Moscow earlier this week, as the home of Konstantine Brayko, reported to be the head of one of the most powerful organized crime families in Moscow, was attacked by rival gang members.

Melissa: Among the dead was Brayko himself, who was found by authorities in the ballroom of his mansion, which he converted in 2007 to resemble a 1980s-era disco.

Roger: Police spokesmen assure us they are following all leads, but a source within the hospital stated, on the condition of anonymity, that, quote, "The man had enough cocaine in him to make a baleen whale see Jesus.

Melissa: I guess he never heard of "Just say no."

Prevent Surkov's Escape[]

Following the mission to assault Russian Mafia gang leader Konstantin Brayko's mansion and retrieve data on a connection to the Halbech Corporation carried out by Alpha Protocol Agent Michael Thorton in Moscow, a subsequent mission to prevent the escape of the one truly collaborating with the Halbech Corporation can be quickly launched were the discovery to have been made. If the choice is made to execute the Russian ally Sergei Surkov, the following news story results:

Sergei Surkov Found Dead[]

Roger: Sergei Surkov, noted Russian businessman and reputed major figure in the Moscow underworld, was found dead this morning at the offices of Molotek Industries, the company he helped to found.

Melissa: Mr. Surkov, our viewers may recall, was allegedly the target of the assault on the US Embassy in Moscow not long ago. Police were alerted to the disturbance this morning, when office workers arrived to find signs of a shootout.

Roger: Mr. Surkov's body was found on the helipad, where he was apparently unsuccessful in escaping his assailant. Cause of death was not immediately available, and INN's source within the coroner's office described the body's condition as, quote, "like nothing I've ever seen. Like a bear and a tiger fought over the remains."

Melissa: Gruesome.

Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau[]

Following the mission to approach a Roman chateau and scan the premises with a computerized scope mounted to a high-powered sniper rifle for Al-Samad sympathizer/university professor Jibril al-Bara in Rome, suspected of having deeper ties to the aforementioned terrorist organization beyond public support. The following story results if the decision was made to assassinate al-Bara upon identification:

Jibril al-Bara Assassinated[]

Roger: Professor Jibril al-Bara, of Vittorio University, was shot and killed by an unknown assassin outside a home on the outskirts of Rome.

Melissa: Police have no motive for the killing as yet, but our political analysts have suggested that al-Bara may be linked to radical Islamic terrorism.

Roger: Coming in the wake of sectarian conflict in the Middle East, some political analysts are suggesting that al-Bara's death might be a reprisal for the bombing of the Jizan airfield earlier this week.

Melissa: The international Islamic community has been quick to decry the killing, with the International League of Muslims issuing a statement saying that al-Bara had no ties to terrorist activities and the murder was little more than a hate crime.

Warehouse Raid[]

Roger: Roman police raided a warehouse in the Aprilla district earlier today on reports that it was being used as the hub of an international arms-smuggling operation. No shots were fired during the raid, as police discovered several dead bodies in what appeared to be a deal gone bad.

Terror Attack at Carsulae[]

Roger: A terrorist attack on the ruins of Carsulae was thwarted today by an undisclosed branch of Italian law enforcement. The Italian government has not released the name of the organization involved, citing security concerns.

Subway Massacre in Taipei[]

Melissa: More organized crime violence on the Taipei subway system tonight. Police say that a drug courier was attacked by members of rival gang in an effort to destabilize the Triad underground in Taipei. No civilians were hurt in the battle, but several men identified as Chinese nationals were among the slain.

Intercept Assassination Plans[]

Following the mission to intercept assassination plans from conspirators at the Chingmei Subway Line, the data is corrupted by self-deleting defense measures. Two different stories can result depending on whether the choice was made to save the data pertaining to the riots planned which would cause numerous deaths or the assassination planned which would leave the President dead. If Agent Michael Thorton is in good standing with Steven Heck before and following the mission to Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally, a secondary story can also be heard only partially, in-progress just before leaving Taipei:

Ronald Sung Assassinated[]

Roger: Tragedy struck Taipei when President Ronald Sung was gunned down by an unknown assassin at a political rally earlier today. The president was rushed to Taipei City Hospital, where doctors declared him dead on arrival. No word yet how this might impact the upcoming elections or relations between the People's Republic and Taiwan. After initial panic among the audience, police report that order has been restored with no loss of life. Several men who attempted to incite a riot were arrested without incident.

Taipei Independence Riots[]

Melissa: Tragedy was averted today when an assassination attempt on Taiwanese president Ronald Sung proved unsuccessful.Government spokesmen say the President was warned about the attempt earlier this week by an anonymous source, which convinced him to wear a bulletproof vest during his speech. The President was taken to Taipei City Hospital, where is is reported to be in stable condition. News of the President's survival was not enough to quell riots that broke out shortly after the attack. Police say instigators within the crowd convinced spectators that the attack was part of a Chinese plot, which sparked the riot that has so far killed twenty-three people.

Hunt For Wen Shu[]

Melissa: --searching for a man called Wen Shu in connection with the attack. Government sources have told INN that Wen Shu is a Taiwanese national with no previous criminal record; the nature of his involvement remains to be seen.

Global Tensions Rise[]

Melissa: World War III - is it on the horizon? A recent European Union study published by the Scarpacci Group, a Rome-based political think-tank, lists thirty seven "points of concern," including a sharp upswing in terrorist activity in the past months. The assault on the United States Embassy in Moscow, and China's Increasing mobilization in the wake of Taiwanese independence rallies as evidence that a global conflict of unprecedented proportions may be closer than we think.


  • INN, in its constant and wide viewership worldwide, is possibly a reference to the real life news network CNN - one of the most popular news networks in existence. It could also be a reference to other American news networks of the same name.
  • The stories heard on INN News are commentary and in-universe reactions to Michael's missions as well as a reflection of how his work is perceived or explained to the public when the stories pertain to missions. The stories that do not pertain to missions are either random, or humorous satire or commentary on real life occurrences.
  • The story "Sugar Breeding Demon Children?" pokes fun at the unhealthy eating habits thought to be typical of Americans, as well as the extreme reactions often exhibited by the public when scientific studies produce results quite less severe than interpreted. The fact that sugar can make children hyperactive in large quantities (differing by child, obviously) has been known by observation for quite some time. It is much less serious than the in-game story would present it.
  • The story "Violence on the Rise" mentions a terrorist organization called the "Al-Tair Sect." This is a reference to the game Assassin's Creed, whose titular assassin protagonist is named Altair Ibn-La'Ahad.
  • The story related to the mission Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data relaying the yacht being found unoccupied yet damaged by signs of violence (with the exception of Sis's dead body if she was executed) is a reference to the novel Dracula, where a Russian cargo ship named the Demeter mysteriously makes its way to England with the entire crew mysteriously missing and the captain brutally murdered. This ship is referred to as a "ghost ship" just as the yacht is in-game, both for the vanished crew and the mysterious and unbelievable conditions under which the ship arrived under Dracula's supernatural control and navigation.