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How are you holding up ? is an e-mail you received when you go to any hubs regardless any.


From: Mina Tang

To: Mike Thorton


The agency's burning plenty of taxpayer money looking for you. I'm pretty close to just filing a sexual harassment claim against Darcy. An alias of mine I was using on assignment just got slated for a severe audit and now I have to hack into the Treasury servers to correct the problem.

The last paragraph was an ill-conceived attempt at small talk. I just realize my problems are pretty trivial to what's going on with you. Trust me when I say I'm doing everything I can to keep the agency off your tail.

Anyway, if you have a moment - let me know how you're doing.



Terse - Nothing[]

  1. Mace Darcy. Either the spray kind or the medieval kind.
  2. Just claim your alias made a ton of money. The president pulled funding from the IRS so they don't have the manpower to actually investigate rich people who cheat on their taxes.
  3. How am I doing? Too busy for small talk. I appreciate all your help getting situated, but I need to stay focused on my work and not waste time with banter.

Joking - (+1) reputation with Mina[]

Will you have to show them on the doll where Darcy mentioned he'd touch you? That sounds pretty traumatic. Why don't you tell him there's been a verified sighting of me in Siberia. While I can't promise you he'll be the victim of polar bear rape, it should keep him out of the office for a while.

Things are going well enough. You know... there's this little problem with my former coworkers wanting me dead... but it's nothing that guns and a drinking problem can't solve.


Casual - (+1) reputation with Mina[]


Well, being shot at is always loads of fun but at least I have a well appointed safehouse wherein I can performed unlicensed surgery on myself. Even pried a bullet from your gut with a pair of tweezers? Good times.

I appreciate your help so far. I've got a laundry list of leads to follow up on - if you have any more info for me, I'm all ears.