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Hong Shi (Chinese: 洪石, Hóng Shí) is a high-ranking member of the White Oak Mountain Triad in Taipei, essentially the leader in charge of the gang with few higher-ups. He holds considerable control over the Triad gang in the Taiwanese capital, allowing him to oversee and undertake various criminal operations of his choosing. He also holds a considerable amount of influence and information as a result of his position.

Michael Thorton possibly first encounters Hong Shi early in his mission in Taipei. The (rogue) Alpha Protocol Agent seeks out the Triad boss in an attempt to gain information regarding the assassination plot against Taiwanese President Ronald Sung, as well as any information he could obtain regarding the Halbech Corporation's involvement and activity in Taipei.

Notable Quotes[]

"A man in my position does not get to be a man in my position without knowing the value of a... good trade."
Hong Shi


Hong Shi was born in Hong Kong and spent much of his early life as a soldier in the Sun Yee On Triad. By the time of Shen Bai's rebellion, he had reached the level of "Vanguard," a senior operations lieutenant in the organization. Shi sided with Bai's forces, and when Shen Bai offered him a position as Deputy Mountain Master (essentially his second-in-command), Hong Shi pulled up his roots and left Hong Kong for Taipei. Hong Shi remained Deputy Mountain Master for thirty years, essentially running the day-to-day operations of the White Oak Mountain as it grew into a massive criminal empire. When Shen Bai died 15 years ago, Hong Shi assumed the title of Mountain Master himself. His harsh, autocratic leadership style, while effective, has nonetheless led to growing discontent among his subordinates, and over the past decade and a half, he has had to deal with several uprisings and attempted breakaways. In every case, the leaders of the rebellion were dealt with brutally and publicly.

At present, three of Hong Shi's "Red Poles" (lieutenants) have attempted to set up a breakaway faction. This schism comes at a bad time for Hong Shi, as the three lieutenants are popular with the rank and file, and their success could fracture the White Oak Mountain Triad and destroy its hegemony over the Taipei underworld. The defection followed shortly after Hong Shi made a business arrangement to supply arms and material to Al-Samad.

Secret Fact: Hong Shi's lieutenants did not defect over a dispute regarding profits, as the Mountain Master claims. They left the organization after Hong Shi murdered one of their number for suggesting that a business relationship with Sheik Ali Shaheed was a bad idea. The membership of the White Oak Mountain does not know about this, and if it came out the information would likely assure Hong Shi's downfall.

Interactions with Michael Thorton[]

  • Hong Shi is contacted by Michael Thorton some time after his arrival in Taipei and asked if he had any information concerning the possible assassination of Taiwanese President Ronald Sung. He will insist that Thorton aid him with a rebellion in his gang before he offers his information and/or assistance.
  • If the player completes the mission Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums and uncovers the truth behind why Hong Shi's men rebelled, the player can then choose to either blackmail Hong Shi for money, intel, or support, or agree to hand over the information in exchange for assistance in Taipei.

Dossier Locations[]


  • Hong Shi is one of the few encountered characters who cannot die during the course of the game.
  • It has been said that the character model of Hong Shi resembles the voice actor who gave the character his voice, James Hong, who is known for his many roles in movies and in television.
  • Hong Shi is the oldest character encountered in-game.
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