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Grigori Pazinhov is an information broker and a trader in the underground market. He operates locally in Moscow, and also through the Clearinghouse. He is a contact of Michael Thorton's as well as a vendor on the Clearinghouse.


Grigori Pazinhov has existed in the background of the seedier side of the city for decades, feeding choice bits of information to the interested parties for the right price. An educated man (he received his degree in Physics and Philosophy from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and graduated near the top of his class), Grigori has a reputation for accuracy... but not for discretion, as he is reportedly willing to give up contacts and the names and locations of anyone requesting information if the price is high enough. Whatever his intent, he has a talent for what information to divulge to whom and for how much, and reportedly has gained and lost a small fortune as an information broker and a contact for black marketers in the weapons trade in Moscow.

Though factions within Moscow have not always been happy with the intel Grigori's provided, his insider knowledge has kept him in good standing with whatever groups have held power. More recently - since the faction of the Russian Mafia he was closest to has changed hands - he has withdrawn from mob dealings, but has far from retired.

After being captured and held by the Russian mob in 2003, Grigori lost heart in the information trade... he was tortured while in the hands of the mobsters, and it has weakened his resolve to hold onto secrets under pressure. While still an information broker, he claims he has retired from the criminal underworld scene, citing his health as a concern. He has confessed on numerous occasions he'd risk going to the authorities if hurt again and tell them all he knows about the underworld.

Grigori has made few friends in Moscow, but the ones he has made have been steadfastly loyal to the old man. They have remarked while Grigori is hard to bring out of his defensive shell, once pressed with enough friendliness and good-natured genuine interest, the old man is loyal to a fault. Repeated gestures of good will have the ability to warm the man's heart... and introduce his new friend to others in businesses in Moscow.

Secret Fact: Grigori makes his living through "introductions." While an information broker, he also makes a commission on introducing clients to each other to buy and sell weapons in Moscow.

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