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Gelato Man is the supposed NSA Agent that runs the gelato shop/NSA post Michael Thorton visits in Rome. Thorton comes guided by former NSA Agent Mina Tang ready to infiltrate the NSA's computer systems established inside, only to find this man clueless to his NSA passphrase.

The Proprietor's shop is already unsanitary, and to make matters worse in the eyes of Michael Thorton, the man himself is equally unsanitary. Upon seeing him, Michael witnesses him scratching his head with the ice cream scooper, licking it openly to add to the agent's disbelief.

He is never named. There is no dossier information available on him, and although his actions with you do vary in the one mission he appears in, he does not have an individual profile or a reputation count. There are a few ways the mission goes:

  • You execute him, either on-sight and unprovoked or out of panic when he reaches under the counter to offer a gelato cone.
  • You, by making him uneasy, cause him to pull out a shotgun causing you to kill him in self-defense.
  • You depart without incidence.

This mission, along with the events of the CIA Listening Post infiltration and the mission to identify Jibril al-Bara, will determine how Conrad Marburg and Henry Leland see the player's actions during the Rome hub, determining their commentary on whether one managed to stay under the radar or simply started killing.

It is never confirmed if the man is actually an NSA affiliate or an unwilling pawn. The fact that he lets Michael access the computers without much hesitation and that he will not reply to the code phrase given implies that he isn't one, but the fact that he will pull out a shotgun if Mike makes him uneasy implies he is one. Bizarrely, if a player starts the game (again) using the Veteran Agent History, he will briefly appear on Michael's PDA call in a hazy flash during his hallucinations. This may imply that Mike (at least in his Veteran backstory) has met him before. Another possible purpose behind this may simply be a call-back to the already mysterious moment in the game already encountered in the player's first playthrough (as one must complete the game at least once using the Recruit Agent History to unlock the Veteran Agent History).


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