Alpha Protocol Wiki

Gadgets is another important part in the gameplay of Alpha Protocol. As an agent, you must these gadget to defeat your enemies. There are many type of gadgets, which total about 10 gadgets. They also have upgrade kits you can buy in the Clearinghouse as well and you can upgrade your favorite gadget till level 3. You can improve your skill into gadgets with the Sabotage and Technical Aptitude skill.


Name Price Description
Explosive Grenade $250 High-yield explosive, excellent against targets in close formation.
Incendiary Bombs $250 Blankets an area with fire.
Shock Traps $250 Delivers a non-lethal shock, excellent against lone targets.
Flashbang $200 Stuns and disorients enemies.
EMP Charge $950 Temporarily disables electronic devices.
Remote Mine $325 Adhesive explosive detonated by remote control.
First Aid Kits $250 Heals injuries.
Epinephrine Spike $200 Temporarily increases recoil control, strike damage, and damage resistance.
Radio Mimic $225 Used to fool enemies into turning off alarms.
Sound Generator $10,000 Projects innocuous sounds that distract enemies.