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The G22 faction is a group of information seekers in the game Alpha Protocol. Their leader, Albatross, is a handler choice in the Moscow hub. The group prefers a stealthy approach to situations, such as using an unguarded backdoor as a means to enter an area. They stand as a direct rival of the VCI faction, and will shoot them on sight. Soldiers in the faction wear the trademark "Four-eyes" goggles that glow a blueish color. This and their red body armor give the G22 a unique uniform that stands out from the rest. Because of their quest for information, it is possible that the faction will not sell you intel if you start helping their enemies.


It is not known if the name "G22" refers to the organization itself or simply a cell or set of cells within it. G22 is believed to be composed primarily of former soldiers and intelligence operatives, which suggests the organization as a whole is familiar with the operating protocols of multiple intelligence groups worldwide (the skill with which G22 is able to cover their tracks provides ample support for this theory). Due to their ability to lure experienced members despite being recognized as a criminal organization by most UN nations, it is assumed G22 has extensive funding to cover the cost of their operations. Even G22's division of command is not fully understood - but considering their network, it is assumed their goals involve political and economic operations on a global scale.

G22 Field Agents are trained for infiltration and sabotage - open warfare is not their way. The average G22 operative is not a trained soldier, most G22 agents come from espionage backgrounds. Strong resolve and keen senses are the selection criteria for combat agents in G22 - physical strength and stamina are often of secondary concern. Expect an enemy that is hard to evade but unlikely to withstand sustained aggression. Survivors of G22 assaults reported that electrical stun grenades are part of the organization's arsenal.

G22 use sophisticated multi-spectrum goggles. The multiple lenses of the goggles are tuned to different wavelengths and illumination settings - creating one composite image of exceptional clarity. The goggle flare reduction is significant to keep a flashlight in the eye from blinding them, but a powerful magnesium flash from a flashbang will be intensified.

Secret Fact: One of the incarnations of Alpha Protocol was called "G19." Whether that has any connection to G22 is unknown, but it is an interesting coincidence.

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It is heavily implied that G22 is one of the previous incarnations of Alpha Protocol. Aside from being revealed that such an incarnation was called "G19." Albatross has the same intimate knowledge of the program and manipulation of events as Alan Parker and when Mike Thorton point that out Albatross replies "Alpha Protocol has always had someone in that role. It helps them function as intended, no matter what iteration of the program."

You will receive a 5% discount on all merchandise sold by G22 if you obtain the I Don’t Hit Girls perk.