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FW (Forward): Email Intercept is an e-mail you will receive after finishing Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer mission if you choose to extort Nasri.


From: Westridge

To: Mike Thorton

The government filters picked up something that might interest you.

Good move letting Nasri go... looks like he may lead us back to those missiles. If I were you, I'd take that money he paid you and snag some weapons off the black market. Working off the government radar means you can't always requisition everything you want - but it does mean not having to file expense reports.

Message Intercept[]

Cancel payments written to our man in Moscow - the accounts have been wiped out. An American found me - broke into my place and drew a gun on me! He let me go in exchange for money (and my pride) but did not say who he works for. Since the bribery worked, I figured some government thug working for the CIA or Homeland Security.

He came asking about the missiles used to shoot down the passenger plane - I do not know if they are the ones from the source or the secondary shipment we received from our man in Moscow. i put on a show - Americans never believe you when you tell them you don't know anything.

Find who sold us out to the Americans. I want names. If they are Al-Samad, Shaheed must be told. If the leak is from Moscow, then we need to take other action.