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Alpha Protocol has multiple endings with two main "branches", with each having a lot of big and small side-paths that you can follow. Different characters will appear during the ending cutscenes offering different dialogue, based on your reputation and your choices in the final mission and prior Operations. The after-game events referenced in the news broadcast during the credits are also affected by some of your major decisions.

The primary choice that determines the ending branch is who you choose to ally yourself in the Finale: you can either continue on your path as a rogue agent, who tries to dismantle Alpha Protocol and make the people in charge of the organization pay for their crimes — or abandon your original goal and ally with Halbech, and help them achieve their goal of the covert world domination.

The pivotal decision occurs during the last dialogue with Henry Leland at beginning of the final mission. If you managed to achieve a high positive reputation with Leland of +6 or higher over the course of the game, then you will be offered a position with Halbech. You can agree to proceed to the "Halbech" ending. If you decline, or never get the offer, you will proceed to the default "rogue" ending.

The Rogue Ending[]

This ending is the primary ending of Alpha Protocol and has the most outcomes. You achieve this ending if you refuse Leland's offer or if you never get the offer in the first place.

  • Henry Leland is the default boss in this ending, with Yancy Westridge escaping before the final confrontation.
  • However, if you said "Yes" to Shaheed's offer to betray your own country in Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed, then you will encounter both Westridge and Leland. The final boss will be Westridge, whom you can execute or arrest; and then you deal with Leland in the follow-up scene.
    • You can execute or work with Shaheed after agreeing to his offer — it doesn't matter for the ending scene, as it only changes the credits news broadcast that talks about Al-Samad.
  • After defeating Leland, you can choose what you want from him: justice, humiliation or revenge. This does little to the ending except changing how Leland responds to you. You are presented with the choice to execute or spare Leland: if you choose to kill him, Michael will say goodbye to Leland, shoot him in the head, and leave the facility.
  • If you spare Leland there are 3 paths:
    1. If you did not speak with Scarlet in the interrogation room or did not meet her in Contact Scarlet Lake prior to the final mission, Scarlet will appear and shoot you, revealing that she is a Leland's hired assassin.
      • You can bribe her or convince her to help you, in which case she will kill Leland and leave you alone. She will also give Mike the evidence footage back.
      • If you can't convince her, your ally (either Mina Tang, if she was saved, or Steven Heck, if he is the handler) will appear and shoot her from behind, killing her. You will then again get the choice to execute or spare Leland.
      • If your reputation with Scarlet is poor (-3 or lower), you won't even get the chance to convince her as she will be quite willing to kill you. Your ally will jump in to save you automatically.
      • If your handler is Albatross or SIE, and you did not rescue Mina, then Scarlet will always decide to kill Leland instead of you, no matter how bad your reputation is with her. This is likely because you do not have an ally to save you.
    2. If you did speak with Scarlet in the interrogation room, then she will not appear in the final scene. You simply punch Leland and leave him for the authorities while you sail off into the sunset.
    3. Conrad Marburg can also appear in this ending if several conditions are met and you've chosen "Dossier" when talking with him at the beginning of the final mission:
      1. Contact Scarlet Lake before the mission.
      2. Get the special "Dossier" option to appear in the final conversation with Marburg by unlocking at least 83% of Marburg's dossier, but no more than 60% of Parker's dossier. If you have 80% of Parker's dossier, the "Dossier" option will be replaced by another option "Deus Vult", which makes Marburg attack Parker and fight Thorton to the death in the Server Room.
      3. Do not tell Parker about Madison.
      4. Meet with Scarlet in the interrogation room.
      Leland says that he still has a "trump card" and calls for Marburg to kill you, but Marburg only says "Hmm", ignores the order and walks out, fed up with being Leland's lackey. Thorton then punches Leland and leave him to the authorities. If you execute Leland then Thorton and Marburg will share a few words, with some mutual respect, and part ways without a fight.

The Halbech Ending[]

If you gain Leland's trust by reaching a reputation of at least +6 with him, he will offer you a job at Halbech. If you accept, you proceed through the final mission as normal, facing the same characters and combat encounters, but fighting Westridge in the end.

  • Westridge is the final boss, and after you defeat him you get the choice to either execute him immediately or talk to him. After you finish talking with him, you will then get another choice to execute or spare him. If you choose to execute him, you shoot him in the head; if you spare him, Mike handcuffs him to the railing and promises that Westridge will "answer to him eventually", just like he answered to Leland.
  • When you meet up with Leland after dealing with Westridge, you can either join him or betray him.
  • If you join him, you smoke cigars on the pier together and the game ends with no boat scene.
  • If you betray him, you reveal the fact that you don't need him anymore, as you forged alliances with some very influential people throughout the course of the game — such as Surkov, the Triads, G22, and others — enough to start your own "Alpha Protocol". This happens even if you kill or alienate everyone you possibly can, although the list of allies will be very short (just Steven Heck, even if he is at -10 reputation and betrayed Thorton).
  • You then get to choose between killing Leland or punching him in the face. If you choose to kill him, you reveal that the PDA you gave him was actually a remote mine, which explodes shortly after. If you punch him, he will be left for the authorities to find. Either way, you leave on his boat.
  • Also, Leland will ask you to kill Mina earlier, as he considers her a loose end. When you meet her, you can either spare or kill her. If you save her, then betray Leland, she will appear on the boat during the ending; otherwise her fate is unclear.

The Boat scene[]

After the either of two main endings you will leave the island on Leland's boat, with changes based on your love interest and your handler.

  • If you save Mina, she will usually take priority over all other characters, and will be on the boat with you regardless of who your love interest is.
    • If Mina is your love interest she will hug you while on the boat.
    • If SIE was your handler and you had sex with her in the medical bay, Mina will comment on the scratch marks on your neck. If you switched to Scarlet as your handler after having sex with SIE, then Mina will not make this comment.
  • If you didn't save Mina or have a negative reputation with her, and you saved Scarlet, Scarlet will be on the boat.
  • If you didn't save anyone and Heck was your handler, he will be on the boat ranting about your victory.
  • If you didn't save anyone and your handler was either Albatross or SIE, no one will be on the boat and you leave alone.
  • If you join Leland, you smoke cigars on the pier together, and there is no boat scene.


There are 3 achievements in the game related to the endings: No Compromise, No Mercy, Crime Buster and Rising Star.

No Compromise, No Mercy[]

Put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol.

  • Spare Shaheed during Operation Desert Spear.
  • Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed and say "Yes" to betraying your country.
  • Turn down Leland's offer of employment, if there is one.
  • Fight Westridge, then arrest or execute him.
  • In the cutscene afterwards, arrest or execute Leland.

Crime Buster[]

Reconcile with Alpha Protocol and stop Halbech.

Rising Star[]

Join Halbech and stop Alpha Protocol.

  • Accept Leland's offer of employment.
  • Either agree to work for him or betray him.


  • The various endings also present different summaries on the mission results screen / stats page before the credits.
  • See the Talk page for comments.

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