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Alpha Protocol has multiple endings (so many, in fact, that we can't name them all) but here are just some of the possible finals.

The Halbech Ending[]

  • If you gain Leland's trust he will offer you a job at Halbech, if you accept he will send you to retrieve the Halbech data from Mina.
  • When you meet her, you can choose either to spare her or kill her. This will change who will be on the boat during the ending.
  • When you return to Leland, you can choose either to betray him or join him.
  • If you join him, you both start smoking cigars and the game ends with no boat scene.
  • If you betray him, you reveal the fact that you don't need him anymore and with the contacts in your previous missions you can start your own "Alpha Protocol" (even if you killed/pissed off everyone).
  • You then get the choice either to kill Leland or punch him in the face. If you kill him, you reveal that the PDA you gave him was a mine and he explodes, and you leave on his boat. If you punch him, he will just be knocked out and you leave on his boat.

The Rogue Ending[]

  • This ending is the primary ending of Alpha Protocol and can have the most outcomes. You gain this ending if you refuse Leland's offer or if you don't have a good relationship with him.
  • The final boss can either be Westridge or Leland, or both. Westridge will be the final boss if you accept Shaheed's offer to betray your own country in Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed. Both will be the final bosses if you execute Shaheed in the conversation node after you say yes to betraying the country in Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed. Otherwise, Leland is the final boss.
  • If Westridge is the final boss, you get the choice to either kill him immediately or talk to him. If you talk to him, you will then get another choice to execute or spare him after the conversation. If you kill him, you shoot him in the head, but if you spare him, you handcuff him to the railing and read him his rights.
  • After defeating Leland, you can choose what you want from him: Justice, Humiliation or Revenge. This does little to the ending except changing how Leland responds to you.
  • You are presented with the choice to execute or spare Leland.
  • If Michael kills him, he will say goodbye to Leland and shoot him in the head, finally gaining his revenge.
  • If you spare him there are 3 endings:
    • Leland calls for Marburg to kill you (if Marburg is alive), but if you convinced him earlier in this mission, Marburg will walk out, fed up with being Leland's lackey and leaving you to punch Leland. (Requires 100% dossier on Marburg and complete the Agent of Change perk (choose dossier either first or second conversation node when you meet Marburg at the Graybox.) You also need to speak with Scarlet in the interrogation room to avoid triggering the next ending instead.)
    • If you did not speak with Scarlet in the interrogation room (or did not meet her in Contact Scarlet Lake prior to the final mission), Scarlet appears and shoots you, revealing that she is a hired assassin in Leland's employ.
      • You can convince her to help you, in which case she will kill Leland and leave you alone.
      • If you can't convince her, your ally will appear and shoot her from behind, killing her. You will then again get the choice to execute or spare Leland.
        • The ally can either be your handler, or Mina, if you chose to save her earlier in the mission.
      • If your reputation with Scarlet is poor (-3 or lower), you won't even get the chance to convince her as she will be quite willing to kill you. Your ally will jump in to save you automatically.
        • If your handler is Albatross and you did not rescue Mina, then Scarlet will always decide to kill Leland instead of you, no matter how bad your reputation is with her. This is likely because you do not have an ally available who can save you.
    • If you did speak with Scarlet in the interrogation room, then she will not appear in the final scene. You simply punch Leland and leave him for the authorities while you will sail off into the sunset.

The Boat Final[]

  • After these endings you will leave the island on Leland's boat, but the endings change on your love interest and your handler.
  • If you save Mina she will be on the boat and you will sail off into the sunset, regardless of who your love interest is and regardless if you saved Scarlet or not.
    • If SIE was your handler and you had sex with her, Mina will comment on scratch marks on your neck.
    • If Mina is not your love interest, she will not hug you while on the boat.
  • If you didn't save Mina or you have a bad reputation with her (Dislike), but you saved Scarlet, Scarlet will be on the boat.
  • If you didn't save anyone and Heck was your handler, he will be on the boat ranting on your victory.
  • If you didn't save anyone and your handler was either SIE or Albatross, no one will be on the boat and you leave alone.
  • if you change handlers after having sex with SIE (EX: saving scarlet and choosing to work with her for the final mission will make her you handler instead) and you save Mina while she is your love interest she will not comment on "scratch marks on your neck" during the boat ride.


The various ending also present different summaries on your mission completed/stats page before the credits.

The end credits news will also change whether you joined Leland or not.

See the Talk page for comments on endings.