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Contact Surkov at Moscow Office is one of the missions in the Moscow hub.


After rescuing Sergei Surkov at the U.S. Embassy, he offers to meet with you and provide additional information.

Available Intel[]


Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory Objectives[]

Surkov suggests that a Russian mobster, Konstantin Brayko, may be the man dealing with Halbech. You will also encounter Championchik, a former Olympic gold medalist in boxing, who is serving as Surkov's bodyguard.

Sergei Surkov - First dialogue options

  • Halbech - Nothing
  • Proposal - (-1) reputation with Surkov
  • Information - Nothing
  • PDA (first Miscellaneous node) lead to fourth node

Sergei Surkov - Second dialogue options

Sergei Surkov - Third dialogue options

  • Location? - Nothing
  • Dealing? - (-1) reputation with Surkov
  • Information? - Nothing
  • Leave - end of conversation

Sergei Surkov - Fourth dialogue options

  • No deal - (-1) reputation with Surkov, Championchik dossier
  • Agreeable - Nothing, Championchik dossier
  • Deal - (+1) reputation with Surkov, Championchik dossier
  • PDA - end of conversation

Cutscene with Henry Leland:

Henry Leland - First dialogue options

  • Angry - Nothing
  • Dismissive - (+2) reputation with Leland
  • Regretful - Nothing

Henry Leland - Second dialogue options

  • Fuck off - Nothing
  • Bluff - (+1) reputation with Leland
  • Reveal help - Nothing

Henry Leland - Third dialogue options

  • Sis. - (+1) reputation with Leland
  • Sis? - (+2) reputation with Leland
  • What? - (+1) reputation with Leland

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • If Surkov's health fell below 50% during the Embassy mission, he will be 'unhappy', and the dialogue with him will change.
  • This mission is unavailable if you choose to "cripple" him in the previous mission.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you piss off Surkov in this mission (you can get him down -3 through Suave dialogue), and you learn the truth from Brayko, you can have Brayko kill both Championchik and Surkov during the Prevent Surkov's Escape bonus mission. If Surkov has a neutral or positive opinion, you will have to fight Championchik (but may still get Brayko to kill Surkov on the helipad).


  • Surkov will describe your outfit to you during the dialogue, although you will earn no bonus points towards/against them depending on what you choose to wear.
    • If you wear the Utility outfit, he will comment about the amount of pockets you have on your armor and call you a cable man.
    • If you wear the stealth outfit, he will ask if you are going to sneak out of here when his back is turned.
    • If you come in casual clothes, he likes the fact you are out of your armor.
    • If you have the armour outfit, he will ask if you are cautious of an attack while you are talking to him.