Contact Surkov at Moscow Office is one of the missions in the Moscow hub.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After rescuing Sergei Surkov at the U.S. Embassy, he offers to meet with you and provide additional information.

Available Intel[edit | edit source]


Objectives and Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Mandatory Objectives[edit | edit source]

Surkov suggests that a Russian mobster, Konstantin Brayko, may be the man dealing with Halbech. You will also encounter Championchik, a former Olympic gold medalist in boxing, who is serving as Surkov's bodyguard.

Sergei Surkov - First dialogue options

  • Halbech - Nothing
  • Proposal - (-1) reputation with Surkov
  • Information - Nothing
  • PDA (first Miscellaneous node) lead to fourth node

Sergei Surkov - Second dialogue options

Sergei Surkov - Third dialogue options

  • Location? - Nothing
  • Dealing? - (-1) reputation with Surkov
  • Information? - Nothing
  • Leave - end of conversation

Sergei Surkov - Fourth dialogue options

  • No deal - (-1) reputation with Surkov, Championchik dossier
  • Agreeable - Nothing, Championchik dossier
  • Deal - (+1) reputation with Surkov, Championchik dossier
  • PDA - end of conversation

Cutscene with Henry Leland:

Henry Leland - First dialogue options

  • Angry - Nothing
  • Dismissive - (+2) reputation with Leland
  • Regretful - Nothing

Henry Leland - Second dialogue options

  • Fuck off - Nothing
  • Bluff - (+1) reputation with Leland
  • Reveal help - Nothing

Henry Leland - Third dialogue options

  • Sis. - (+1) reputation with Leland
  • Sis? - (+2) reputation with Leland
  • What? - (+1) reputation with Leland

Choices and Consequences[edit | edit source]

Choices[edit | edit source]

  • Suave choices in your conversation will lead to -1 effects.

Consequences of Previous Missions[edit | edit source]

  • If Surkov's health fell below 50% during the Embassy mission, he will be 'unhappy', and the dialogue with him will change.
  • This mission is unavailable if you choose to "cripple" him in the previous mission.

Consequences in Following Missions[edit | edit source]

  • If you piss off Surkov in this mission (you can get him down -3 through Suave dialogue), and you learn the truth from Brayko, you can have Brayko kill both Championchik and Surkov during the Prevent Surkov's Escape bonus mission. If Surkov has a neutral or positive opinion, you will have to fight Championchik (but may still get Brayko to kill Surkov on the helipad).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Surkov will describe your outfit to you during the dialogue, although you will earn no bonus points towards/against them depending on what you choose to wear.
    • If you wear the Utility outfit, he will comment about the amount of pockets you have on your armor and call you a cable man.
    • If you wear the stealth outfit, he will ask if you are going to sneak out of here when his back is turned.
    • If you come in casual clothes, he likes the fact you are out of your armor.
    • If you have the armour outfit, he will ask if you are cautious of an attack while you are talking to him.
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