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Contact Surkov at Moscow Office is a mission from Operation Blood Feud set in Moscow.


After getting rescued from the U.S. Embassy, Sergei Surkov offers to meet with you and provide additional information on Halbech's contact in Moscow.

Available Intel[]


Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Meeting with Surkov[]

Surkov suggests that a Russian mobster, Konstantin Brayko, may be the man dealing with Halbech. You will also encounter Championchik, a former Olympic gold medalist in boxing, who is serving as Surkov's bodyguard.

Surkov will comment on your outfit choice after greeting you:

  • If you wear combat armor, he will ask if you are cautious of an attack.
  • If you wear utility armor, he will ask if you come to check the Internet cable.
  • If you wear stealth armor, he will ask if you are going to sneak out when his back is turned.
  • If you wear casual clothes, he will like the fact you are out of your armor.
  1. Sergei Surkov - First dialogue
    • Halbech
    • Proposal - Surkov -1
    • Information
    • PDA - Go to fourth dialogue
  2. Sergei Surkov - Second dialogue
  3. Sergei Surkov - Third dialogue
    • Location?
    • Dealing? - Surkov -1
    • Information?
    • Leave - Ends conversation.
  4. Sergei Surkov - Fourth dialogue
    • No deal - Surkov -1 (Doesn't affect anything, as you will accept his help anyway)
    • Agreeable
    • Deal - Surkov +1
    • PDA - Ends conversation.
    Dossier: Championchik

Conversation with Henry Leland[]

Leland will discuss the fate of the Embassy marines, the identity of the attackers and the mission handler.

  1. Henry Leland - First dialogue
    • Angry
    • Dismissive - Leland +2
    • Regretful
  2. Henry Leland - Second dialogue
    • Fuck off
    • Bluff - Leland +1
    • Reveal Help
  3. Henry Leland - Third dialogue / Only if Albatross was the handler
    • Sis. - Leland +1
    • Sis? - Leland +1
    • What? - Leland +1
    You will always get Leland +1 when Michael talks about Surkov's past, regardless of the amount of intel on Surkov.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • This mission is not available if you chose to cripple Surkov in the previous mission. Other than that Surkov's attitude will remain the same whether he was hostile to Michael and drawn the gun on him or if he was friendly from the start. However, during Prevent Surkov's Escape his attitude will again correctly reflect the way he behaved in Intercept Surkov at US Embassy.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • You can make Surkov dislike you in this mission (down to -3 through Suave options), but this will not have any consequences. There were reports that it changes Surkov's attitude towards Michael in Prevent Surkov's Escape, but actually all you have to do is be aggressive with Grigori, thus making Surkov hostile to Michael during the Embassy mission.
  • If you were good to Grigori, then Surkov will see Thorton positively and nothing you say in this mission will change that. Then the option to use Brayko to kill him in the office will not be available. In that case, if you refuse to let Surkov go, you will have to fight Championchik yourself — but may still get Brayko to kill Surkov on the helipad after choosing "Execute" option, if Brayko is alive and was not arrested.