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Contact Steven Heck is one of the missions from the Operation True Heirs set in Taipei.


Talk to Steven Heck.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Steven Heck Dossier Anonymous $9,000 Dossier information on Steven Heck. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the self-proclaimed super-agent Steven Heck.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

This mission is an interactive cutscene where you contact a local CIA operative Steven Heck. He will react slightly negatively if this is not the first mission chosen in Taipei.

  1. Steven Heck - 1st dialogue
    • Helpful - Steven Heck +2
    • Hesitant
    • Businesslike
  2. Steven Heck - 2nd dialogue
    • Admiring - Steven Heck +2
    • Joking
    • Professional
    If Contact Steven Heck is not your first mission in Taipei: Steven Heck -1.
  3. Steven Heck - 3rd dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Lying
    • Honest - Steven Heck -1
  4. Steven Heck - 4th dialogue
    • Threaten - Steven Heck -1
    • Lying - Steven Heck +1
    • Faking
  5. Steven Heck - 5th dialogue
    • Impatient - Steven Heck -1
    • Play Along - Steven Heck +1
    • Unsure
  6. Steven Heck - 6th dialogue
    • Threatening - Steven Heck -1
    • Enemies
    • Straightforward
  7. Steven Heck - 7th dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Flippant
    • Professional

Depending on the way you generally responded to Heck you will earn one of the following perks at the end:

  • Aggressive: Perk Everybody Loves Dry Cleaning Solution (5% Weaponry Discount from Heck Enterprises): You and Heck shared a mutual dislike for subtlety.)
  • Suave: Perk Speaking the Language (25% Intel Discount from Heck Enterprises): You played along with Heck's erratic persona and gained his trust.)
  • Professional Perk: Stick to Business (5% discount on Armor, Armor Mod, and Gadget purchases from Heck Enterprises): You remained mostly professional in light of Heck's insanity.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • You lose 1 reputation with Steven Heck if this is not the first mission you started in Taipei.
  • If you finished Intercept Surkov at US Embassy before this one, you can mention it to make Steven believe you really are the secret agent.

Consequences in Following Missions[]


There is a reference to Majestic 12 in this conversation, as Heck tries to guess what agency Thorton is working for. Majestic 12 is a secret organization from many pop cultures sources. Notably, it was a major antagonist faction in the video game Deus Ex.

Another agency Heck names is TVC-15, a reference to the song of the same name by David Bowie off his 1976 album Station to Station.