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Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed is a mission in the endgame, available only before the final mission.


Thorton contacts Ali Shaheed, whom he spared previously during the Operation in Saudi Arabia, to discuss sheikh's promise to go public with Halbech-Al-Samad connection.


This is a conversation-only mission. You have to decide if you should take up Shaheed on his offer of betraying the US, find your own path without him or finish the original mission.

  1. Shaheed - 1st dialogue
  2. Shaheed - 2nd dialogue
    • No - Go to 3rd dialogue.
      Take down Halbech, but do not betray Alpha Protocol / U.S.
    • Yes - Go to 4th dialogue.
      Take down Halbech and betray Alpha Protocol / U.S.
  3. Shaheed - 3rd dialogue / If "No" was selected
    -Conversation ends-
  4. Shaheed - 4th dialogue / If "Yes" was selected
  5. Shaheed - 5th dialogue
    • We'll See
    • Dismissive
    • My Responsibility - Shaheed +2
    Perk: Hand of Al-Samad.

Note that that executing Shaheed after choosing "Yes" or "No" will not change Thorton's decision to betray or not betray the U.S. — which is what determines the ending. However, it will change the perks you get in the end:

  • Unfinished Business (Reduced Cooldown: Iron Will, Chain Shot, Bullet Storm, Room Sweep, Fury, Focused Aim)
  • Desert Spear (AP +2)
  • -OR-
  • Hand of Al-Samad (Endurance Recharge Rate +20%)

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  1. If you answer "No" to Shaheed, you will get you the standard ending choices:
    • Rejecting or not getting the offer from Henry Leland, will make you fight against Leland. And Yancy Westridge will not be seen in the final mission.
    • Agreeing to Leland's offer will make you fight Yancy Westridge, and then you can choose to either work for or betray Halbech.
  2. If you answer "Yes" to Shaheed, regardless of whether you spare or kill him next, it will change the ending to Mike going after both Halbech and the U.S. — but only if you refuse Leland's offer. You will fight both Westridge as the final boss, and Leland during the cutscene afterwards, earning yourself the No Compromise, No Mercy achievement.
  • According to credits news report, killing Shaheed will dissolve Al-Samad into splinter factions. Also this will make you unable to convince Alan Parker to change sides when pointing out his flawed analysis during his contact in the final mission.
  • According to credits news report, sparing Shaheed will allow Al-Samad to orchestrate a terrorist bombing in the West Bank. Also this will allow Parker to be convinced when pointing out his flawed analysis to change sides and help Mike during the final mission, provided that the other requirements are met as well.