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Contact Scarlet Lake is a mission in the end game, available only before the final mission.

This is an optional mission, with some major changes in certain end game cutscenes involving Scarlet, if you decide to complete it.


Mike meets up with Scarlet Lake and offers her the evidence of Halbech's crimes for safekeeping. Depending on the relationship the two established, there may be a possibility of a last-minute romance.


This is a conversation-only mission. There are two variants, based on the reputation with Scarlet, set in different locations and with different dialogue:

  1. Reputation of 5 or less - meeting at local cafe.
  2. Reputation of 6 or more - meeting at Scarlet's hotel.

Cafe conversation[]

  1. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Commanding
    • Joking
    • Negotiate
  2. Scarlet Lake - 2nd dialogue
    • Ambitious - Scarlet +1
    • Opportunist - Scarlet -1
    • Mutual Benefits

Hotel conversation[]

  1. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Interrogate
    • Suave
    • Professional
  2. Scarlet Lake - 2nd dialogue
    • Accusing - Scarlet -1
    • Dismissive - Scarlet -1
    • Honest
  3. Scarlet Lake - 3rd dialogue
    • Silent - Ends conversation.
    • Casual - Ends conversation. Scarlet -1
    • Honest
  4. Scarlet Lake - 4th dialogue
    • Leave - Ends conversation.
    • Stay - Perk: Exclusive Interview (Endurance: +5), +500 XP.

All options lead to Scarlet agreeing to keep the information Mike has given her.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • The conversation variant you get is determined by your reputation with Scarlet. Reputation of +6 opens up the possibility if romance.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you do not speak with Scarlet at all by skipping this mission, you'll be unable to meet her in the Alpha Protocol facility. Leland will not ask you for the data since you never gave it to Scarlet.
  • If you skip this mission and go against Leland, she will appear in the ending. The interrogation room where you normally meet Scarlet would be locked and you wouldn't be able to get in.
  • If you spared Omen Deng and contacted him instead of Parker, he will reveal that Scarlet is the Sung's assassin and will ask you to kill her.
  • If you oppose Leland and confront him at the end and then spare him Scarlet will shoot you.