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Contact President Sung is a mission from the Operation True Heirs set in Taipei.


Meet President Ronald Sung and try to convince him to call of the rally, using whichever information you recovered from Omen Deng's disk.

Available Intel[]


Objectives and Walkthrough[]

No choice will lose or gain reputation with Sung. The outcome is fully determined by which data you chose to save at the end of Intercept Assassination Plans.

As you are leaving Sung's office, Mina will contact you:

  1. Mina Tang
    • Eager - Mina -1
    • Confident - Mina +1
    • Professional

At the safehouse, after visiting Sung, you will contact Scarlet:

  1. Scarlet Lake - 1st dialogue
    • Frustrated
    • Casual
    • Honest
  2. Scarlet Lake - 2nd dialogue
    • Irritated
    • Curious - Scarlet +1
    • Mission
  3. Scarlet Lake - 3rd dialogue
    • Dismissive - Scarlet -1
    • Grateful - Scarlet +1
    • Concerned

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you saved the riot data Sung will believe you and take steps to stop them, but gets assassinated.
  • If you saved the assassination data Sung will believe you and wear a bulletproof vest, and survive the assassination attempt, but the riots will result in multiple civilian deaths.