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Contact Madison Saint James is a mission in the Rome hub.


Mina Tang advises you that Madison Saint-James has been searching for a 'Michael Thorton' - to the extent of calling the operator and making repeated inquiries. You are given the opportunity to intercept the phone call and arrange a meeting with her. (If you want to impress her on the phone, just don't use aggressive stances)

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Madison Dossier Grigori $7,500 Dossier information on Madison Saint James. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the VCI staff member, Madison Saint James.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Conversation only. Madison provides critical intel for your next mission. During your conversation you have several chances to influence your reputation with her.

  • Impatient (first Aggressive node)
  • Suave (first Suave node)
  • Practical (first Professional node)

  • Suspicious (second Aggressive node) Madison -1
  • Curious (second Suave node)
  • Questioning (second Professional node)

  • Interrogate (third Aggressive node)
  • Protect (third Suave node)
  • Negotiate (third Professional node)

  • Dismissive (fourth Aggressive node)
  • Grateful (fourth Suave node)
  • Negotiate (fourth Professional node)
  • Dossier (fourth Miscellaneous node, if intel was purchased)

  • Threaten (fifth Aggressive node) Madison -1, -1 (net Madison -2)
  • Persuade (fifth Suave node) Madison +1
  • Honest (fifth Professional node)

If you are kind enough to Madison she will offer to be a handler on the Investigate Marburg's Villa shortly after beginning that mission.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

Be professional during this meeting and use her as handler at Marburg's Villa in order for a chance at romancing her. You need at least a +3 reputation with her. (When the opportunity to romance Madison appears, you may refrain and earn the 'Gentleman' perk: +20% Endurance Recovery Rate.)

Since Thorton offers to protect Madison, she becomes a lever for Marburg to use against him.