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Contact Jibril Al-Bara/Halbech Informant is a mission from Operation Deus Vult set in Rome.

This mission is unlocked under a name Contact Halbech Informant if you shot Jibril Al-Bara or as Contact Jibril Al-Bara if you aborted the mission during Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau.


After receiving a rather mysterious e-mail concerning your dealings in Rome, you arrange a meeting at a local café with the person (either Jibril Al-Bara or an unnamed Halbech informant) who supposedly has some interesting information to share with you.

Available intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Marburg Dossier Grigori $10,500 Dossier information on Marburg. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on Conrad Marburg, an elder statesman of the espionage world. It may prove useful when meeting with Jibril Al-Bara.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

This mission is an interactive cutscene. Instead of Jibril Al-Bara or the Halbech Informant, you meet Conrad Marburg. Depending on your previous choice to spare or kill Jibril Al-Bara, it is either revealed that Al-Bara has been terminated or that Marburg was using the Halbech informant contact as a ruse to lure Thorton in.

This conversation mostly serves as an introduction for Marburg, though the reputation you gain or lose with him will influence the mission Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art and the endgame.

  1. Mina Tang - 1st dialogue
    • Impatient
    • Hardly — Mina +1
    • Curious
  2. Conrad Marburg - 1st dialogue
    • Just try it — Marburg -1
    • Introduction — Marburg -1
    • Comply — Marburg +1
    Dossier: Deus Vult
  3. Conrad Marburg - 2nd dialogue
    • Draw you out — Marburg -1
    • Eventually — Marburg -1
    • Intel — Marburg +1
  4. Marburg will then run through his own dossier on Thorton. The result will vary based on the starting class and specialization, with the most interesting part being the psych evaluation of Thorton. Behind the scenes, it is computed by comparing the total counts of all Aggressive, Suave and Professional responses you've made throughout the game up to this point, with the the most frequent response type determining Thorton's personality, as understood by Marburg. No other choices or perks have any influence here.
    1. The psych evaluation lines start the same way with "Reports place you as someone...":
      • Aggressive — "...who prefers action over tactics..."
      • Suave — "...who prefers talk over action." — Marburg -1
      • Professional — "...loyal to your country..." — Marburg +1
    2. Marburg will then comment on whether you avoided killing civilians during the previous 3 missions in Rome.
      • With 0 kills you'll receive high praise. This happens even if you were seen, triggered an alarm or used non-lethal force during Bug CIA Listening Post. — Marburg +2
      • If you have killed at least a single civilian (any CIA agents, the NSA agent or Jibril Al-Bara), Marburg will consider it as Thorton "broadcasting his presence", but there will be no loss of reputation.
    3. If you have met SIE in Moscow, your reputation with her will determine the reputation gain with Marburg.
      • Reputation of +1 or higher with SIE will result in Marburg -1.
      • Reputation of 0 or less with SIE, on the other hand, will earn Marburg +1.
      You will then get to ask Marburg about SIE:
    4. Conrad Marburg - SIE dialogue
      • Aggressive
      • Suave
      • Professional
      Either way you will get her secret fact here:
      Dossier (Secret Fact): SIE
  5. Conrad Marburg - 3rd dialogue
    • Threaten — Marburg -1
    • Taunt
    • Reserved — Marburg +1
  6. Conrad Marburg - 4th dialogue
    • Defiant
    • Questioning
    • Negotiate
  7. Conrad Marburg - 5th dialogue
    • Threaten
    • Bluff — Marburg -1
    • Calm — Marburg +1
  8. Conrad Marburg - 6th dialogue
    • Demand
    • Persuade — Marburg -1
    • Debate — Depends on the amount of Marburg's dossier you have unlocked
      • Marburg +1 with dossier at 16% or 33%
      • Marburg +2 with dossier at 50% or more
    Marburg's maximum positive reputation gain: +10
    Marburg's maximum negative reputation gain: -7

At the end of the mission there is a conversation with Henry Leland. If you have completely avoided killing civilians during your Rome missions up to this point, you will receive a +1 reputation increase with Leland and will skip the first dialogue. There are also additional comments from Leland that repeat Marburg's assessment of Thorton's character, which depends on what is your most often chosen dialogue option throughout the playthrough.

  1. Henry Leland - 1st dialogue
    • Aggressive — Leland -1
    • Suave
    • Professional
  2. Henry Leland - 2nd dialogue
    • Nothing
    • Joking
    • Business

After the cutscene with Leland you return to the safehouse where Mina contacts you to warn about Madison Saint James' activities.

  1. Mina Tang - 1st dialogue
    • Impatient
    • Interested — Mina -1
    • Curious
  2. Madison - 1st dialogue
    • Aggressive — Madison -1
    • Joking
    • Inquisitive
  3. Madison - 2nd dialogue
    • Impatient — Madison -1
    • Suggestive
    • Practical — Madison +1

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • The amount of the dossier you have unlocked on Marburg will slightly alter the dialogue, but will have very little impact on the outcome of the mission. At 16% (1 fact) and 33% (2 facts) you will get simple and short comments from Thorton and will receive colder responses form Marburg as a result. With 50% or more unlocked Thorton will make additional observations, impressing Marburg, and it will also allow you to gain +1 extra reputation point with him if you choose Debate as the last option.
  • If you did previous missions in Rome without killing anyone (any CIA agents, the NSA agent or Jibril Al-Bara), Marburg will approve, netting a +2 reputation bonus. If, instead, you killed someone in the previous missions, he will state that you broadcasted your arrival, and later in the conversation Marburg will argue regarding the previous missions' events, but you will not lose any reputation.
  • If you already met SIE in Moscow then your reputation with her will determine whether you lose (with at least +1) or gain (with 0 or less) a reputation point from Marburg.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you get enough negative reputation with Marburg (-4), which is only possible during this conversation, and if you manage to keep Suave as your most chosen dialogue stance, you will be able to taunt him into fighting you to the death during the Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art mission. As a result, he will not show up in the final mission if you defeat him in Rome.


Before the mission you receive an "important" e-mail from Professor Al-Bara or the Halbech Informant and can choose one of three responses. The choice here won't change anything, however, if the Al-Bara mission was your last of the initial three (CIA and NSA missions and then Al-Bara), making Contact Jibril Al-Bara/Halbech Informant the only mission available in Rome, you will not be able to read the response e-mail before the mission starts. To get that e-mail you have to leave Rome and go to one of the other safehouses, and then return to the safehouse in Rome.