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Contact Jibril Al-Bara/Halbech Informant is a mission in the Rome hub.


Interactive cut scene.

This mission is unlocked if you Abort when ID'ing Al-Bara.

Available intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Marburg Dossier Grigori $10,500 Dossier information on Marburg. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on Conrad Marburg, an elder statesman of the espionage world. It may prove useful when meeting with Jibril Al-Bara.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

This mission is an interactive cut scene.Instead of Jibril or Halbech Informant, you will be met by Marburg, who reveals that Jibril has been terminated.

This conversation is mostly used as an introduction for Conrad Marburg, though the reputation you gain or lose with him may change some things in future Rome missions and the endgame.

Mina Tang - First dialogue option

  • Impatient (Aggressive)
  • Hardly (Suave) Mina +1
  • Curious (Professional)

Conrad Marburg - First dialogue option

  • Just try it (Aggressive) Marburg -1
  • Introduction (Suave) Marburg -1
  • Comply (Professional) Marburg +1

Dossier: Deus Vult

Conrad Marburg - Second dialogue option

  • Draw you out (third Aggressive) Marburg -1
  • Eventually (third Suave) Marburg -1
  • Intel (third Professional) Marburg +1

If you told Westridge you wanted to serve your country when you spoke with him at Graybox your reputation with Marburg will increase by 1 here.

If you have met SIE in Moscow and have a positive reputation with her your reputation with Marburg will decrease by 1 here. You will also get SIE's dossier secret fact

Dossier: SIE (secret fact)

Conrad Marburg - Third dialogue option

  • Aggressive
  • Suave
  • Professional

If you're conducted yourself stealthily in the Rome missions up until now you'll receive a positive reaction from Marburg, gaining 2 points.

Conrad Marburg - Fourth dialogue option

  • Threaten - Marburg -1
  • Taunt
  • Reserved - Marburg +1

Conrad Marburg - Fifth dialogue option

  • Defiant
  • Questioning
  • Negotiate

Conrad Marburg - Sixth dialogue option

  • Threaten
  • Bluff - Marburg -1
  • Calm - Marburg +1

Conrad Marburg - Seventh dialogue option

  • Demand
  • Persuade - Marburg -1
  • Debate - Marburg +2

At the end of the mission there will be a cut scene with Henry Leland. If you avoided detection during your Rome missions up to this point you will receive a +1 reputation increase with Leland.

Henry Leland - First dialogue option

  • Aggressive - Leland -1
  • Suave - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing

Henry Leland - Second dialogue option

  • Nothing (Second Aggressive) - Nothing
  • Joking (Second Suave) - Nothing
  • Business (Second Professional) - Nothing

After the cut scene with Leland the game will return to the Rome safehouse where Mina is contacting you with a warning about Madison Saint James' activities. You have the opportunity to influence some reputations here.

Mina Tang - First dialogue option

  • Impatient (Aggressive)
  • Interested (Suave) Mina -1
  • Curious (Professional)

Madison - First dialogue option

  • Aggressive (Aggressive) Madison -1
  • Joking (Suave)
  • Inquisitive (Professional)

Madison - Second dialogue option

  • Impatient (Aggressive) Madison -1
  • Suggestive (Suave)
  • Practical (Professional) Madison +1

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

If you did all three previous missions without being detected (or killing someone), he will be impressed.

If you killed anyone in the previous missions, he will state that you broadcasted your arrival, and later in the conversation he will argue.

If you have his dossier info, he'll be impressed, translating to a +2 relationship bonus after reciting his dossier info you've uncovered to that point.

If you are friends with SIE, he'll dislike you, for -1 relationship.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

During the Infiltrate Alpha Protocol Mission, Completing Marburg's dossier up to that point (his last intel is found inside the compound), lets you change his allegiance, as long as he likes you.

Being professional will impress him and having information on him also result in +reputation.

If you pick all options to gain +reputation, you should be at either 8 or 9 reputation with Conrad by this point with at least 66% dossier (its 8 if you got along with SIE in Moscow)

If you get enough -reputation with Marburg and make him hate you, it's possible to kill him during the Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art mission, of course he will not show up in the final mission if you do this.
Being friends with SIE before meeting him (If you have done the Moscow hub before Rome.) makes him hate you (-1)

If you want to piss him off just act suave and throw in a couple of threats sometimes. Mike will say some amusing things to Conrad if you follow that line.


One of the options to respond to Professor Al-Bara's e-mail is to forward it to Mina, asking her to double-check the account. However, if the Al-Bara mission was your last of the initial 3 (CIA, NSA, Al-Bara) meeting with Al-Bara is the only mission available in Rome, and the only way to get her answer is to leave Rome and go to one of the other safehouses, then return to Rome.