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Contact Grigori the Informant is a mission in the Moscow hub.


To track Halbech's weapons smuggling operation in Moscow, you must meet with professional informant named Grigori at a local bar.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Grigori Dossier Anonymous $12,000 Dossier information on Grigori. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on one of Moscow's most influential underground information brokers, Grigori.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

This mission is an interactive cut scene. During the conversation you will have the opportunity to influence your reputation with Grigori, gain some Dossier information, and acquire one of three perks.

Grigori Panzihov - First dialogue options (available only if Moscow is the first visited hub)

  • Grigori - Nothing
  • Grigori? - Nothing
  • Introduction - Nothing

Grigori Panzihov - Second dialogue options

  1. Interrogate- Nothing
    • Threaten - Perk Acquired: Enough Chit-Chat
    • Apologetic - Perk Acquired: Enough Chit-Chat;
    • Investigate - Perk Acquired: Enough Chit-Chat;
    • Headslam - (-1) reputation with Grigori, (-1) reputation with Mina; Perk Acquired: Enough Chit-chat; Ends conversation
  2. Chat - Nothing
    • Threaten - Nothing
    • Friendly - Nothing
      • Threaten - Perk Acquired: Friends in Low Places
      • Casual - Perk Acquired: Friends in Low Places
      • Objective - Nothing
    • Introduction - Nothing
    • Headslam - (-1) reputation with Grigori, (-1) reputation with Mina; Perk Acquired: Enough Chit-chat; Ends conversation
  3. Objective - Nothing 
    • Interrogate - Nothing
    • Friendly - Nothing
    • Unconcerned - Nothing

Grigori Panzihov - Third dialogue options

  • Threaten - Nothing
  • Discount - lose $2500; Perk Acquired: Straight Talker
  • Comply - lose $5000; Perk Acquired: Straight Talker
  • Smash Glass - (-1) reputation with Grigori, (-1) reputation with Mina

Grigori Panzihov - Fourth dialogue options

  • Halbech - Nothing
  • Contact - Nothing
  • Missiles - Nothing

The approach you take as you make your way through the conversation will have repercussions for later missions.

Choices and consequences[]

Consequences of previous missions[]

If you go to different hubs before Moscow, he will already know Mike presence.

Consequences in following missions[]

If the player shows an interest in Grigori (chooses Suave answers), Grigori will appreciate the humane gesture and give a 10% discount on armor purchases. He will also give up the information for free and shall not inform other parties about Michael.

If the player stays Professional then Grigori will take 5000$ for the information. Grigori will then notify both Surkov and SIE about your presence in Moscow.

Grigori may suggest that when you do find the weapons, that you reroute the shipment to him. (This happens for both Suave and Professional approach).

If the player uses an Aggressive approach then Grigori will give up the information for free. "Grigori may be frightened enough to alert the local authorities about Michael."

If you greet Grigori with headslams, he will give you the info, but he will also inform the other factions about you. This means that on the Intercept Surkov at US Embassy mission the guards will have better equipment and Surkov will be expecting you (with a low opinion of you). You might also miss the Contact Surkov at Moscow Office mission because he will not be willing to invite you to his office (you will interrogate Surkov at the Embassy).