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Common Enemies is an e-mail you receive when you go to any hub and you have spared Shaheed and let him go in Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles.


From: Shaheed

To: Mike Thorton

Mr Thorton,

If you are reading this, you escaped Saudi Arabia. You have had time to think what has happened. you government has branded you a terrorist. You will be hunted as I have been. They will not take you alive, and they will not allow you to spread word of the missiles that were sold to me.

Consider this - your enemy is not Al-Samad. Your enemy is Halbech, and its allies elsewhere in the world. They have suppliers in Moscow, and in Rome, they spit on our beliefs even as they deal with us in exchange for bombs and support. They move forward in Taipei, all described in the information I have given to you.

Research the dossier of Henry Leland, dig deeply into the information on Halbech Corporation and their master, and you will find our common enemy. Leland is a hollow man, one who respects no boundaries, chained in the accumulation of power purchased in blood.

You will not hear from me for some time. We will meet face to face again at a time of my choosing. Only then, shall I give you the help I promised. I am a man of my word, and as you could not pull the trigger on me, that marks you as a man at least willing to listen to reason.