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Clothing consists of outfits varying by location. Unlike armor, clothing cannot be customized with modifications. It also does not effect the noise of Michael Thorton's movements in any way, allowing him to quietly sneak through any area. It is implied by game mechanics and descriptions in the Technical Aptitude skill that Michael wears unseen armor underneath his outfits. With higher levels of the Technical Aptitude skill, the Armor Customization named levels allow Michael to reinforce the armor underneath his clothing, raising the amount of endurance available in clothing.

The alternative to wearing specialized suits of body armor is to go into the field wearing one's standard clothing. Civilian clothes are quiet and unassuming, but lack the protection of proper armor. Although agents generally favor body armor, especially daring agents can forgo sensible armor to wear simple clothing, and sacrifice protection for inconspicuous clothing that won't hinder stealth. In certain cases where one operates in civilian areas, wearing civilian clothing may help to blend in.


Name Worn
Casual Attire Saudi Arabia, Greece, Graybox (possible, during introduction and final missions)
Far East Attire Taipei
Formal Wear During Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau mission only
Hospital Scrubs Graybox (introduction)
Messy Attire In cutscenes and conversations with Henry Leland only
Summer Clothing Rome
Winter Clothing Moscow


  • With most of these outfits, Michael Thorton wears a gray brushed metal, black faced watch.
  • The casual attire is Michael's most used attire, appearing in both Saudi Arabia and Greece (final hub). It can also appear both times in the Graybox facility, in the introduction mission (only if one plays using the Recruit Agent History), and again in the final mission if one chooses to wear civilian clothing rather than armor. This is also the attire seen most promotional materials and trailers.
  • The winter clothing worn in Moscow is the apparel worn in two CGI trailers for Alpha Protocol set in the same city.
  • Sergei Surkov will mistake you for an attacker if you are wearing armor upon first meeting him, asking if you are there to kill him. This has no effect however, as you simply inform him you're not. In the subsequent meeting with Surkov at his office, wearing civilian clothing will result in a compliment of relief from Surkov.
  • Omen Deng will compliment you for having the sense to wear civilian clothing upon meeting him at the public Chingmei Subway Station.