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Casual Attire is the first outfit of civilian clothing donned by Michael Thorton in Alpha Protocol. This set of clothes can be worn throughout Thorton's mission in Saudi Arabia and is worn by default in the aftermath of Saudi Arabia. Michael also returns to his set of clothing upon his retreat to the Greece Safehouse just before his attack on Alpha Protocol. If one chooses to wear civilian clothing during the assault on the Graybox facility, this is the outfit worn upon reacquiring one's inventory.

This ensemble consists of a nice shirt and comfortable slacks - standard office cubicle casual. This office clothing consists of a blue, white striped shirt with black buttons, charcoal gray slacks, a black leather belt with a metal square and prong buckle, and black leather shoes. Michael can also be seen sporting a brushed metal watch with a black face in this outfit.


  • This outfit is the one usually associated with Michael Thorton, shown in most of the trailers and used more than any other outfit in the game.
  • This is the only outfit to be worn in multiple locations (The Graybox, Saudi Arabia, and in the Greece Safehouse).