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Bug CIA Listening Post is a mission in the Rome hub.


Infiltrate the listening post without alerting the guards, setting off the alarms, or using lethal force.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
CIA Dossier Grigori $5,000 Dossier information on the CIA. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the United States international intelligence agency.
Hacking Data Anonymous $2,000 Reduced infiltration difficulty. An insider will sell you information that will aid you in hacking and sabotaging CIA computers and electronics.

NOTE: Even if you purchase the Hacking Data intel, there will still be a difficult hack and a difficult lock-pick on the 3rd floor. Plan accordingly.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Mandatory Objectives[]

You start in the basement of the CIA listening post. There are three different perks you can earn at the end of this mission depending on your approach, Under The Radar (no take downs of any kind, lethal or non lethal), Professional Courtesy (only nonlethal take downs), Necessary Roughness (a single lethal force kill).

Cut Video Feed[]

Cut the video feed at the junction box in the basement.

You start with two mandatory objectives but a third, "Cut Video Feed", will quickly be added if you head up the stairs. Open the video feed circuit box in the basement to complete this objective.

+50 XP

A guard will head down stairs to check on the video after it is cut so be prepared. Even if you have already gone through all the level and are on your way out, you can still cut video feed and another agent will appear from nowhere to check it downstairs.

Money: $7,500 (next to the hackable camera video feed circuit).

Install Back Door[]

Hack into the CIA's network system to install a security backdoor that will provide future access to their database.

Head up the stairs to exit the basement them take the next flight up to the second floor. Guards only patrol the hallways and avoid the rooms on this floor so if you are trying for the Under The Radar perk you may want to let the guard pass and take a right at the top of the stairs heading into the side room. Mina will contact you with the "Distract Operatives" optional objective which will make sneaking around the third floor easier and is completed by hacking a computer on this floor.

Dossier: Halbech and Conrad Marburg (in room to the right at the top of the stairs on the second floor).

Money: $4,700 (in room to the right at the top of the stairs on the second floor).

Follow the objective marker to this computer and hack it to completing the objective.

XP: 300

Download Intel Database[]

Download the CIA's operational database for Roman operations.

If you are avoiding the guards watch for one on the third floor who as part of his patrol will watch the stairs. Again guards only patrol the hallways on this floor so you can feel safe in the rooms.

Money: $6,500 (in room to the right at the top of the third floor stairs).

Dossier: Mina Tang (in room to the right at the top of the third floor stairs).

There is also a hackable computer, in the central room, which will give you money and has some entertaining emails.

Before approaching the operation room you may want to head into the room on the far side of the stairs to collect dossier information and equipment by completing the "Acquire Equipment" objective.

Dossier: Jibril Al-Bara (computer in room with with locked door leading to the armory on third floor).

Armor Mod (in locked armory room on third floor opposite the stairs).

Weapon Mod (in locked armory room on third floor opposite the stairs).

As you approach the operations room a new mandatory objective will be added, "Clear Operations Room". Once they are out enter the room and hack the computer to complete the objective.

XP: 150

Clear Operation Room[]

Find a way to get the CIA agent out of the operations room in order to access the CIA database.

Sabotage the air conditioning unit to get the guards to open the room allowing you access to the computer inside.

XP: 250

Exit Listening Post[]

Leave the building via the lobby doors.

Money: $3,500 (on a shelf to your right as you enter the Operation Room from the air conditioning room; the pickup icon is very difficult to see but the prompt to pick up item will appear when you are close enough).

Money: $2,800 (on table next to the operational database computer).

Dossier: Halbech (on table next to the operational database computer, with the $2,800).

Head back the way you came. One new guard will spawn in the basement doorway just as you come down the last set of stairs.

XP: 200

Perk: Under the Radar
Perk: Professional Courtesy
Perk: Necessary Roughness

Optional Objectives[]

Distract Operatives[]

Hack into the CIA's security console to send false surveillance video feeds to the Operations room. Use a computer on the second floor to loop the security camera video on the 3rd floor so sneaking up is easier. You can also remote hack the the camera (but the reward isn't as good).

Money: $7,000

XP: 150

Acquire Equipment[]

You "borrowed" some equipment from the listening post's armory. This objective is added and completed once you unlock the door to the armory on the third floor containing weapon and armor mods.

XP: 50

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]


On the top floor of this mission there's a Silencer Mk3 pistol mod. It's one of the most expensive mods and silences a pistol without reducing damage. However, if you already have this mod equipped a bug may prevent the new one from appearing in your inventory (PC version). In the same room there's also a random high-end armor mod (like the expensive Carbide Matrix or Adrenaline Optimizer), so you can try reloading a previous checkpoint to get the mod you want. Be aware that there's a bug in this mission that may cause the enemies you have already defeated to respawn when you reload.