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Bug Al-Samad Airfield is one of the mission in Operation Desert Spear.


Bug the control tower to track Shaheed's flight logs.


Reports indicate Shaheed may be using an airfield east of Jizan. Infiltrate the airfield, download the flight logs, and get out without being spotted.

Maximum Intel acquired in the mission: 3


You purchased additional dossier intel on Al-Samad, expanding your dossier on the terrorist organization.

For a small fee, a surveillance company provided you with a detailed map of Al-Samad airfield.

Darcy's contact has, for a price, left a precision rifle in a pre-arranged location in Al-Samad's airfield for use in your mission.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Al-Samad Dossier Anonymous $5000 Dossier information on Al-Samad. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the Al-Samad terrorist organization.
Security Information Anonymous $600 Mission map for Bug Tower mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of Al-Samad's airfield.
Sniper Rifle Dead Drop Anonymous $800 Darcy's contact will, for a price, leave a precision rifle in a pre-arranged location in Al-Samad's airfield, for use in your mission.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

The mission will start with a briefing by Mina. During the conversation you will have the opportunity to influence your reputation with her.

There are 5 major lines you can pick from

  1. Shaheed - Unlocked Dossier Shaheed
  2. Airfield
    • Aggressive (-1) reputation with Mina Tang
    • Suave - Nothing
    • Trusting - (+1) reputation with Mina Tang
  3. Alpha Protocol - Nothing
    • Revenge - Nothing
    • Comforting - (+1) reputation with Mina Tang
    • Confident - Nothing
      • Angry - Nothing
      • Curious - Nothing
      • Matter-of-Fact - Nothing
        • Curious -Unlocked Dossier CIA
        • Questioning - Unlocked Dossier CIA
        • Cuts Red Tape - Unlocked Dossier CIA
  4. Why Me? - Unlocked Dossier Sean Darcy
  5. Dossier - Unlocked Dossier Mina Tang
  6. Disconnect - (ends conversation)

Mandatory objectives[]

Infiltrate airfield[]

Find a way to gain access to the airfield.

First building straight has $500 Funds, Special Ammo, wall first aid kit, and a computer.

Hacking this computer gives you +25 XP and opens the gate to the next location.

Building across is locked by bypass keypad. Inside you will find Ammo and access to the roof. From the room you can zip line to the next area.

Completion: +100 XP

Warehouse on the right has Duffle Bag $500 Funds and Ammo. You will find a computer, and hacking it will disable some of the cameras and +25 XP. This is also the computer related to "Disable Security Quest"

Disable Security[]

Hack computer in the past the first gate in the right warehouse.


  • +25 XP for successful hack
  • +100 XP
  • (+1) reputation with Mina Tang

Defeat Shaheed's Elite[]

Take care of two elite (has red masks) mercenaries located in the warehouse on the left.


In the warehouse you will find: wall first aid kit, Armor Mode, Ammo X2. Climb up the ladder and on the second floor get Duffle Bag with $500 Funds.

Bypass checkpoint[]

Bypass the security checkpoint and get to the rest of the airfield.

Completion: +100 XP

Destroy Weapons Cache[]

Plant the bomb (just press action button) in the warehouse marked on your map.


If you exit the warehouse to the side where there is no door, there is Ammo. Inside the warehouse you will find Duffle Bag $500 Cash, Ammo, and wall first aid kit. There is another Ammo at the base of a guard's tower.

Inside the control tower you will find plenty of stuff. There is a locked door on the side of building +25 XP for unlocking. In the room with computer, there is Briefcase $2,500 Funds, wall first aid kit, and safe $5,000 Funds +25 XP for cracking the safe

Gather Intel[]

Hack a computer on the ground floor of the control tower


  • +25 XP for successful hacking
  • +50 XP

Obtain flight records[]

Obtain records of Shaheed's flight plan from the airfield computer system.

They are on a computer in the basement of the tower.


  • +25 XP for successful hacking
  • +50 XP
  • (+1) reputation with Mina Tang

XP: 50

In the basement, you will find Briefcase $2,500 Funds and Ammo.

Bug Tower[]

Bug the control tower to monitor data on incoming flights.

Briefcase $2,500 Funds and wallet $5,000 Funds are in the control room of the tower.


  • +25 XP for successful hacking
  • +500 XP
  • (+1) reputation with Mina Tang if no alarms were set off during the mission

If you set off the alarm there is no penalty.

Mina Tang - First dialogue options

  • Aggressive - Nothing
  • Suave - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing

Mina Tang - Second dialogue options

  • Aggressive - Nothing
  • Suave - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing

1.Detention Camp

  • Dismissive - Nothing
  • Sympathize - (+1) reputation with Mina Tang
  • Practical - picking it 10 times gives a perk

2.Disconnect - Nothing (ends conversation)


Agent Thorton infiltrated an Al-Samad airfield in order to plant a surveillance device in the air traffic control tower.

Bonus Objective: Several weapon caches at the scene were found and destroyed - this should cause resupply difficulties for Al-Samad in the region.

Effect: Lowered Munitions Supply for Terrorists in Saudi Arabia.

Bonus Objective: Agent Thorton encountered and killed Shaheed's elite guards. This should make future attempts to eliminate Shaheed much easier.

Effect: Reaching Shaheed should meet with less resistance when his location is discovered

Bonus Objective: Agent Thorton obtained flight records from the airfield's systems and transmitted them to Alpha Protocol.

Bonus Objective: Agent Thorton hacked into a computer at the airfield and transmitted additional intelligence concerning Al-Samad's activities in the region.

Agent Thorton successfully planted a listening device in the Control Tower - this allows monitoring of Al-Samad traffic in the region and should make intercepting them much easier.

If you completed another mission

With the information obtained from the mission, Shaheed's location in Saudi Arabia has been discovered and the final phase of Operation Desert Spear is active.

New Mission Gained: Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles

Choices and consequences[]

Consequences of previous missions[]

If you have already done Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer and arrested Nasri, Mina will express her approval during the briefing (+1 rep).

Consequences in following missions[]

Killing Shaheed's elite personal guard will result in weakened opposition when finally confronting Shaheed.

During the Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile mission there won't be elite guards near the satellite dish.

During the briefing, Mina gives you a dossier entry about Darcy. If you then do Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile and pick the Dossier option during that briefing, you will get Darcy's secret dossier entry about Senator Darcy. Opens up more dossier intel at the end of the game, if he hates you.


This mission sometimes bugs, removing virtually all of the guards from the airfield and resulting in a very easy, though dull, mission.

Having played-around with this mission I can say that it is utterly bugged (no pun intended). Restarting from first checkpoint led to Thorton spawning in the line of sight of the first "enemy". Restarting from any checkpoint other than the one triggering upon accessing the last building led to most of the enemies that are supposed to spawn between the reloaded check point and next checkpoint not spawning (they don't count as evaded either so that's lost EXP). And reloading from checkpoint that precedes the last checkpoint made the level impassible by blocking the only access to the last part of the level. Also, There's a computer on the ground level in the last building that when hacked sometimes results in +75 exp (aside from the usual exp from hacking) and a completed optional objective "Gather Intel". However it doesn't seem to do it most of the time. Seems like it depends on how you accessed the last building and if you reloaded during the mission.