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Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums is a mission from the Operation True Heirs set in Taipei.


Hong Shi has asked you to punish three of his lieutenants for supposedly killing his second-in-command and for breaking away from his leadership, along with other numerous triad members.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Triad Enforcer Dossier Grigori $4,200 Dossier information on the Triads. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the organized criminals of the far east — the infamous Triads.
Insider Assistance Anonymous $1,800 One of the men working for Hong Shi's wayward lieutenants is willing to assist you in your mission… For money, of course.
Security Information Anonymous $650 Mission map of the Triad slums. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the urban area where the Triad defectors are encamped.
  • Insider Assistance is actually a Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. The rifle is located in the building across the courtyard from Tony Tseng. It also opens the locked door at the start.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

This guide was intended for stealth based characters, as combat approach generally needs no special strategies here.

Being lethal or non-lethal doesn't matter when dealing with lieutenants, as they will be considered dead in either case.

Defeat "Red-Eye" Jin[]

Pick the locked door (or just open it if you've purchased Insider Assistance) to enter the building. Deal with guard in the first room and hack the computer in the corner to complete the first of the bonus objectives, "Suspicion".

  • Bonus Objective: Suspicion - Hack the computer on the ground floor of "Red-Eye" Jin's building.

Return to the hall and proceed up the stairs. Take down the first Triad member, then go through the door. Hug the wall to avoid the camera and sneak up on the guard. Pick the lock and move in on your first target. Now hack the computer to turn off the camera, grab the briefcase with $1,500, and go back downstairs. Head outside and deal with the triad member patrolling the food stands and another one on the walkway.

  • Money: $1,500 - Briefcase in the room with "Red-Eye" Jin.

Defeat Tony Tseng[]

Be warned: there is no checkpoint save before this boss until after you finish with this whole area. Dying here would mean going all the way back to the start.

Enter the small corridor and go through the first doorway on your right. Note that there are two windows on your left where enemies can see you if you're not careful. First, deal with the two guards on the right side, as they can spot you entering the building with Tony Tseng. Wait for the lone guard to enter the isolated alley, then crawl up the ladder and wait on it for the guard up there to turn his back. If you purchased the "Insider Assistance" intel, a sniper rifle will be placed up against the window in this room. You can terminate Tony Tseng with it, but it will take more than one shot, which will likely alert the others. If you want to subdue him silently, you'll have to do it from up close. Before doing that go through the door underneath the scaffolding:

  • Money: $1,000 - In the small room room accessible from the courtyard, underneath the scaffolding.

Now enter the building with Tony Tseng. Wait until the guard on the stairs turns away, before striking and heading up. Now wait for the second lieutenant to walk outside and take him down while he stands outside.

Move along the scaffolding into the next building and hack the computer to complete the second of the bonus objectives, "Motives".

  • Bonus Objective: Motives - Hack the computer in the building after Tony Tseng.

Use the nearby zip-line to cross into the next courtyard. Follow the alleyway to find some ammo. Then, enter the building in the middle and turn to your immediate left for a room with some cash inside.

  • Money: $500 - In a room past the alley after zip line.

Head up the ladder next and move along the catwalk to the next building with a mounted machinegun. Under the stairs is a dossier briefcase; drop down to the next area to get a well-deserved checkpoint.

  • Dossier: Triads - In a room below the machinegun.
  • Money: $2,000 - Along with the dossier.
  • Money: $1,500 - In a small room after dropping down from the machinegun room.

Outside there will be a lone guard — or a huge ambush with 7 enemies if you sounded an alarm.

  • Weapon Mod - Inside the open garage on the right.

After the garage, head up the stairs. In the storage room before the ladder is some special ammo. Head down the ladder and into the alley. If you are able, quickly and silently subdue the guard before he reaches the end of the alley; if not, then just hold position until he returns to neutralize him. The two guards that are gambling need Chain Shot or Shadow Operative skill to incapacitate, so don't even try to sneak up on them. Grab the cash from their table after ($2,000 in total), pick the locked gate then climb down the ladder.

  • Money: $500 - On a table next to the gambling guards.
  • Money: $1,500 - On a table next to the gambling guards.

Defeat Eric Chung[]

After you climb down the ladder to the sewers, wait a bit for the far away guard to come out and stop near the ledge, then sneak up on both the guards here. In the next room pay attention to the guard making circles just around the corner. Enter the small electrical room through the door facing the sewer entrance and collect the cash ($2,500) before going though the other door.

  • Money: $2,500 - In the electrical room before Eric Chung.

Finally, exit through the side door, and enter room with two computers, some loot and one patrolling guard. If you are attempting to do a no-casualties playthrough, do not touch the computer near the window that switches the turret targeting system, as they will kill all the triad members on their own (although they will not show up in your stats as kills). You would still need to deal with turrets some way — an upgraded EMP grenade should disable them for long enough time to take care of all the enemies near them.

  • Armor Mod - This spawns a random armor mod that is currently not in your possession in the inventory. It can be an expensive one, or a cheap common one, if you are unlucky. A possible ultra-rare mod is Weighted Arm Guards (Greatly Increases Strike Damage) and it's particularly strong for a melee-only playstyle. It cannot can be picked up anywhere else or bought from any vendor in the Clearinghouse, and it seems that this is the only place in the game where you can obtain it.

Crack the safe to complete the third bonus objective, "Uncover Motive", and the final one called "Discovered Betrayal Intel".

  • Bonus Objective: Uncover Motive
  • Bonus Objective: Discovered Betrayal Intel
  • XP: +130
  • Perk: Behind the Lies (XP +250)

Hack the computer near the safe to close the sluice gates and drop down the ladder to the canal: this allows for a different approach to the next encounter, such as letting you easily EMP the auto-turrets from the canal. There is also a briefcase on the other side of the canal:

  • Money: $1,000 - In the sewer canal after closing the sluice gates.

You can deal with Eric Chung stealthily by either disabling the turrets first (human enemies won't react to EMPs), then running in with Shadow Operative and melee-ing everyone in the room; or by using Chain Shot to put everyone down at once. Once you succeeded, and if the turrets are not destroyed yet, hack the turret terminal to make turrets your allies, then run into the room and destroy them with your weapons so that they won't raise an alarm once the waves of enemies start entering the area.

  • XP: +250

Survive Ambush[]

You need to survive the ambush by taking out all the enemies that rush into the area. Most of them will come from the direction of the stairs leading up to the streets, but two will enter from the sewer canal. If you are going lethal, then the auto-turrets and the machinegun mounted nearby will make a short work of the ambush.

On a no-casualties playthrough, do not touch the computer that changes the turret targeting system. Or if you did, destroy the turrets afterwards before they kill anyone. For a non-lethal approach, use all your gadgets (flashbangs and shock traps), tranquilizers, and Shadow Operative + Brilliance (if you have it) to knock out enemies in plain view of others. If you need to recharge the skills, wait in the room with the computers for the cooldowns to come off, as enemies will not enter it.

Once you're done, exit the slums.

Conversation with Hong Shi[]

After the ambush you will have a conversation with Hong Shi. Uncovering the motives behind the defection by completing all 3 optional objectives will enable the option to blackmail him for either $10,000 or dossier info. Both options are fairly useless, and lose you Shi's support: meaning, no more Rising Sun equipment or intel in the Clearinghouse and no troop support in the final Taipei mission. The dossiers, however, are exclusive to this option and can't be unlocked any other way, but again, having them won't change anything. You can also just drop the issue to earn his friendship and assistance. Blackmailing him and then asking for his assistance is not required: if you end up with a Liked reputation, he would offer help after progressing through his normal dialogue anyway. With a negative reputation (-1 or less) after this conversation you will not get his support and lose access to the Rising Sun vendor.

  1. Hong Shi - 1st dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Flippant - Hong Shi -1
    • Professional - Hong Shi +1
    • Blackmail - Go to Blackmail dialogue
  2. Hong Shi - Blackmail dialogue
    • Money - $10,000, Hong Shi -1
    • Intel
      • Dossier: Hong Shi
      • Dossier: CSP
      • Hong Shi -1
    • Friendship - Hong Shi +1
  3. Hong Shi - 2nd dialogue
    • Angry
    • Joking - Hong Shi -1
    • Understanding - Hong Shi +1
  4. Hong Shi - 3rd dialogue
    • Blame
    • Questioning
    • Logical
  5. Hong Shi - 4th dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Flippant
    • Professional - Hong Shi +1
  6. Hong Shi - 5th dialogue
    • Cocky
    • Mocking
    • Cautious
  • Dossier: Omen Deng. Only available if haven't unlocked his intel entry during Retrive NSB Data from Grand Hotel yet, otherwise you lose it here (bug?). If you do the Hotel mission after this one, the Deng's dossier should unlock there as normal.

Back at the safehouse Mina will debrief you:

  1. Mina Tang - 1st dialogue
    • Impatient
    • Skeptical
    • Questioning

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]


Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Being on good terms with Shi, with or without attempt at blackmail, makes him offer you assistance during Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally, and also results in his name being mentioned in the ending, if you betray Leland, when Thorton lists his allies.
  • If you end up in a good relationship with Hong Shi (reputation 0 or higher), you can remove some security personnel from the Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel mission via intel. If you bought the intel before the mission but then blackmailed him, the intel will still be active.
  • Having negative reputation (-1 or less) with Hong Shi after this mission will lose you access to Rising Sun vendor, with all their equipment and intel in the Clearinghouse.


Even if you exclusively used non-lethal force, the cutscene after the ambush will show dead triad members covered in blood. However, your kill count/orphan count will read 0 on your stats page.

The Armor Mod pickup in the room next to Eric Chung is a random drop that spawns a mod that is currently not in your possession. It can be an expensive one, or a cheap common one, if you are unlucky. A possible ultra-rare mod is Weighted Arm Guards (Greatly Increases Strike Damage) and it's particularly strong for a melee-only playstyle. It cannot can be picked up anywhere else or bought from any vendor in the Clearinghouse, and it seems that this is the only place in the game where you can obtain it.