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Assault Traid Headquarters in Slums is a mission in the Taipei hub.


Hong Shi has asked you to punish some former lieutenants who have killed his right-hand man. This is used to prevent an internal war in the Sun On Yee.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Triad Enforcer Dossier Grigori $4,200 Dossier information on the Triads. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the organized criminals of the far east - the infamous Triads.
Insider Assistance
$1,800 One of the men working for Hong Shi's wayward lieutenants is willing to assist you in your mission…For money, of course.
Security Information Anonymous $650 Mission map of the Triad slums. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the urban area where the Triad defectors are encamped.

NOTE: Insider Assistance is actually a Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. The rifle is located in the building across the courtyard from Tony Tseng. It also opens the door at the start.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Please note, this guide was intended for stealth based characters as run-n'-gunners have virtually no need for strategies

Mandatory objectives[]

Defeat "Red-Eye" Jin[]

Pick the locked door (or just open it if you purchased insider assistance) to enter the building. Ignore the first room, and precede through the hall and up the stairs. Take down the first Triad, then go through the door. Hug the wall to avoid the camera and sneak up on the guard. Pick the lock and move in on your first target triad traitor as he turns toward the terminal.

Now hack the computer (to turn off the camera), grab the brief case ($1,500), and sneak back downstairs. Incapacitate the patrolling guard once he's turned away, then hack the computer to finish the first third of the bonus objective. Next, head outside and silently subdue the guard to your immediate left. Wait behind the food stand and strike the patrolling defector as he's turned away. Hold position at the bottom of the bridge's stairs and wait for the triad to turn before swiftly and silently subduing him. If you don't believe you have enough time before he turns, just crouch behind the pillar until he's in a favorable position.

Money: $1,500 (in room with "Red-Eye" Jin)

Defeat Tony Tseng[]


Enter the small corridor and go through the first doorway on your right. Wait for the guard to patrol parallel to the hallway you're in and STAY BEHIND HIM. As soon as he passes by the gaping hole in the wall, incapacitate him; next crawl up the ladder and subdue the guard while his back is turned (if you purchased the "Insider Assistance" intel, the sniper rifle dead drop is leaned up against the window at the far side of this room. You can terminate Tony Tseng with it {easily identifiable by his ten gallon hat}, but it will take more than one shot). Now head back down, out into the courtyard and into the building opposite. Wait until the guard on stairs' back is turned, before striking and heading up. Now simply wait for your second triad traitor to turn to take him down. After Exiting "Sniper Building" go to the left of Tony Tseng's building you will find a door to a small room with $1000.

Money: $1,000 (in smaller room off courtyard)

Move along the makeshift catwalk into the next building and hack the terminal there to complete the second third of the bonus objective. Zip-line across the court yard and into the next set of buildings. Follow the alleyway to the edge most building and enter it for some items. Then, enter the middle-most building and turn to your immediate right for a room with more supplies; next just head up the ladder and along the catwalk to the next building. Under the stairs is a brief case (dossier info on the triads); and down the ladder is the next area and a well deserved save-point.

Money: $500 (in room off alley after zip line)

Dossier: Triads (in room below turret, tied to $2,000)

Money: $2,000 (in room below turret, tied to Triads dossier)

Money: $1,500 (in small room after jumping down from turret room)

Enter the room to your right for some ammo and a weapon mod, then exit the building and incapacitate the lone defector. Head to your right, into the open building, and climb the stairs.

In the storage room to your immediate left is some special ammo, otherwise, down the ladder and into the alley way you go. If you are able, VERY swiftly and silently subdue the defector before he reaches the end of the alley; if not, then just hold position until he returns to strike. The two gambling guards are impossible to incapacitate without the Shadow Operative skill or a shot taken, so don't even try to sneak up on them. Grab the cash ($2,000 in total), pick the locked gate then climb down the ladder and into the sewers.

Money: $500 (on table next to gambling guards)

Money: $1,500 (on table next to gambling guards)

Defeat Eric Chung[]

Hide behind the guard rail and the strike the guards as they are both turned. Take cover behind the corner of the wall until the first triad turns away (the second one doesn't move), before taking them both down. Enter the boiler room through the door that was facing you and collect the cash ($2,500).

Money: $2,500 (in boiler room before facing Eric Chung)

Finally exit through the side door, take down the defector, pick up the armor mod he was next to, hack the computer in the left hand corner of the room (note that this apparently has no effect, as what is said that should happen never does), and crack the safe to complete the bonus objective an get an achievement/trophy to boot!

Weapon Mod (in room with computers)

Please note that avoiding an alarm from this point on is really annoying and completely pointless.DO NOT hack the second terminal as it will turn the turrets on their masters and raise an alarm. Go to the door, open it, but don't enter and have a long streak of trying to shoot all of them with pistol Critical Shots without them noticing each other falling. Once you succeed (it IS possible) quickly hack the second terminal to make turrets your allies, then run into the room and destroy them with your weapons so that they won't raise an alarm once the next bunch of enemies enter the scene. Also destroy the alarm panel - there will be a lot of enemies and they will try to use it.

Survive Ambush[]

Most of the enemies will come from the direction of the turret facing the loading dock, but a few will enter the same way you did. Nothing much else to say, but the auto-turrets and using grenades are a big help.

After the battle you will have another conversation with Hong Shi. If you completed the optional objectives, you have the option to black mail him for either dossier info, $10,000, or his assistance (friendship) in the finale of Taipei. However blackmailing him for his assistance will only net you -1 Reputation with him, as he will help you if you don't blackmail him anyways (choose the professional response). You will lose his support if either of the other two options for blackmail are chosen.

Choose professional nodes here and you'll get his sympathy.

  • Aggressive (first Aggressive node)
  • Flippant (first Suave node) Hong -1
  • Professional (first Professional node) Hong +1
  • Blackmail (first Miscellaneous node, adds a blackmail node to the conversation)

Blackmail nodes (if you chose not to blackmail him, jump to second nodes):

  • Money (Aggressive node) +$10,000, Hong -1
  • Intel (Suave node) Dossier: Hong Shi, Dossier: CSP, Hong -1
  • Friendship (Professional node) Hong +1
  • Angry (second Aggressive node)
  • Joking (second Suave node) Hong -1
  • Understanding (second Professional node) Hong +1
  • Blame (third Aggressive node)
  • Questioning (third Suave node)
  • Logical (third Professional node)
  • Aggressive (fourth Aggressive node)
  • Flippant (fourth Suave node)
  • Professional (fourth Professional node) Hong +1
  • Cocky (fifth Aggressive node)
  • Mocking (fifth Suave node)
  • Cautious (fifth Professional node)

Once back at the safe house Mina will debrief you but there are no reputation chances.

Optional Objectives[]


Hack the computer on the first floor of the building you start next to.


Hack the computer in the adjoining building to Tony Tseng's. (The one with the zipline)

Uncover Motive[]

Crack the safe next to the sluish gate control terminal.

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

Consequences in Following Missions[]

Uncovering the motives behind the defection lets you blackmail Hong Shi at the end of the mission. You then choose between getting $10,000 (lose support), extra Intel (lose support), or friendship (to keep his support on the Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally mission).