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Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data is a mission from Operation Blood Feud set in Moscow.


A high ranking member of the Russian mob named Lazo appears to have information on Halbech's operations in Moscow and how it connects to the mob. Lazo is having a party on his yacht; your mission is to infiltrate the yacht and retrieve the data from his computers.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Insider Tip Anonymous $500 Mission advice. Bribing Lazo's security staff will no doubt yield helpful information regarding your mission.
Mission Information Grigori $4,000 Bonus objective added to mission. Grigori has intercepted emails between Lazo and his boss that will highlight a target of opportunity on your mission.
  • Insider Tip marks the electrical panel that can be hacked to disrupt the entertainment room, causing a guard to come and investigate. The panel is hackable without it.
  • If you met Grigori beforehand, and opted for the Suave or Professional route, Mission Information intel will be up for purchase, resulting in a Russian Mafia dossier + $10,000 being accessible from Lazo's laptop.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Find Lazo[]

Find Lazo below decks. If he becomes hostile deal with him as necessary.

  • Money: $3,000 (on a table near the stairs to below decks).
  • Money: $3,000 (on a craps table below decks).
  • Money: $4,000 (in smaller bedroom with optional objective below decks).
  • Money: $2,500 (in Lazo's bedroom).
  • Weapon Mod (in Lazo's bedroom).

Hack Lazo's Computer (optional)[]

Hack Lazo's computer and reroute funds into your account.

The objective is only available if you purchased Grigori's intel.

  • Dossier: Russian Mafia
  • Money: $10,000 (along with the dossier)
  • XP: +100

Hack Computer[]

Hack the yacht's computer system and uncover out what Lazo knows about the missiles.

  • XP: +200

Fight G22's Leader[]

Subdue the leader of the G22 Assault team.

Once the cutscene finishes the Boss battle with Sis will start. Stick to cover while she fires her revolvers and return fire while she reloads, or use Chain Shot to drop her quickly. She can also be taken out in CQC with Fury, if you have Martial Arts upgraded, as he has very little health. If you want to make this fight easier, you can set traps behind the bar stands just before you go hack the last computer on the bridge.

  • Dossier: Sis
  • XP: +500

When she is defeated, Thorton will try and have conversation with Sis, but as she stays silent, only Mike will be talking.

  1. Sis - First dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Casual
    • Professional
    • Execute - Ends Conversation. Perk: Sororicide.
  2. Sis - Second dialogue
    • Warning
    • Forgiving
    • Freeze
    • Execute - Ends Conversation. Perk: Sororicide.
  3. Sis - Third dialogue
    • Execute - Perk: Sororicide (Reduced Cooldown: Chain Shot).
    • Spare - Perk: I Don’t Hit Girls (5% discount for all transactions with G22).

Once you return to the safehouse you will be contacted by Albatross of G22. There will be slight changes if this is your first meeting.

Executed Sis[]

Reputation with Albatross -2.

  1. Albatross - First dialogue
    • Angry
    • Dismissive
    • Interfered
  2. Albatross - Second dialogue
    • Irritated - Albatross -1
    • Taunting - Albatross -1
    • Pragmatic - Albatross +1

Spared Sis[]

  1. Albatross - First dialogue
    • Challenging
    • Joking - Albatross -1
    • Practical - Albatross +1
  2. Albatross - Second dialogue

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • Contacting Grigori beforehand and parting on good or neutral terms will unlock the intel purchase for the bonus objective Hack Lazo's Computer (dossier on Russian Mafia + $10,000).

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • Sparing Sis will allow you to make an alliance with G22 during the Contact Albatross mission.
  • Continued good relations with Albatross will provide resources for future missions and unlock stealth-related equipment through the G22 dealer in the Clearinghouse. This includes the access to Advanced Stealth Armor, which is available through only one other dealer (The Turk), who can be difficult to unlock.


  • The two female dancers can be knocked out, or killed. Killing them, as any other civilians, will upset Mina with -1 decrease in reputation.
  • Even if you only choose to knock out Lazo, Sis's men will still say he was eliminated.

Easter eggs[]

Yacht's name is "ПОБЕДА" ("Pobeda", "Victory"). But with first two letters lost it reads: "БЕДА" ("Beda", "Trouble"). It is a reference to Soviet animation film and book "Adventures of Captain Vrungel".