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Assault Brayko's Mansion is a mission from Operation Blood Feud set in Moscow.


Infiltrate Brayko's mansion, reach Brayko, and find out what he knows about Halbech and the missiles.

Available Intel[]

Intel Type Source Price Description
Spiked Cocaine Steven Heck $13,800 Being on Heck's good side is occasionally helpful. Like when you need someone to deliver a giant supply of spiked cocaine to the fortified mansion of a paranoid mobster.
Russian Mob Dossier Grigori $5,520 Dossier information on the Russian Mob. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the ruthless thugs that work for Brayko.
Security Information Anonymous $1,495 Mission map for the Deal with Brayko mission. For a small fee a surveillance company will provide with a detailed of Brayko's mansion.
  • Spiked Cocaine is only available if you have already met Steven Heck in Taipei — and was not (yet) betrayed by him in the end, thus losing Heck as a vendor. During the boss fight, Brayko will use the tainted cocaine instead of the normal one (which makes him invincible) and it will slowly drain his health instead. It makes the fight much easier, and also enables some exploits.

Objectives and Walkthrough[]

Depending on who you chose as a handler during Intercept Surkov at US Embassy the opening here will be different.

  • SIE will get crash through the front gate in Stryker with you as the gunner; you will then have to fight the guards in the garden.
  • Albatross will place you on a ledge overlooking the main garden area with a sniper rifle nearby, without alerting the enemies.
    In the starting area, careful planning of your shots can net you most of the guards without any of them becoming aware. To do this, watch the guards' patrol patterns and take out people behind them and out of their line of sight.

Infiltrate Mansion[]

Deal with the guards in the gardens, or ignore them as they will all disappear once you leave the area, and walk through the indicated door. As you enter the mansion Mina will tap into to the surveillance systems and ask you to decide what to look for:

  1. Mina Tang
    • Brayko
    • Halbech
    • Both (Only for Tech Specialist agent history)

This choice does not seem to do anything, as you will get another chance to decide later if you want to go after Halbech data or your ally, or both, and Brayko will not go anywhere.

At the end of the hall to your right there is a locked door that contains a safe with dossier info on Sergei Surkov behind it. There are three of Brayko's men in this hall, and the room to the left has three more, with a $5,000 safe and two ammo pickups.

  • Dossier: Sergei Surkov - In a safe.
  • Money: $5,000 - Inside the room to the right.

Brayko's computer that you need to hack is in his bedroom, down the hall and past the arcade. The arcade turns into an ambush, so be prepared to quickly deal with a couple of shotgun wielders rushing you.

Escape Ambush[]

Shortly after entering the arcade you get locked in, so you might want to take the time to kill some of the enemies from the entrance of the arcade, or use Shadow Operative to sneak past all of them, since killing them is not required to proceed.

  • Weapon Mod - On a sofa near the piano.
  • Halbech Data - In Brayko's bedroom.
  • Money: $3,000 - In Brayko's bedroom.
  • Armor Mod - In Brayko's bedroom.

Hack Brayko's Computer[]

Hack the computer to open the secret passage.

  • Money: $6,000
  • XP: 400
  • Money: $4,000 - In a safe just after Brayko's bedroom.

There are multiple cash pickup in the casino, plus some mods:

  • Money: $1
  • Money: $999
  • Money: $500
  • Money: $500
  • Money: $1,500
  • Money: $2,000
  • Armor Mod
  • Weapon Mod - On the ground floor, below the casino.

Rescue Ally or Get Halbech Data[]

As you leave the casino and return to the gardens, Mina will call you to say that Brayko caught your ally, and you only have time to either save them or get the data.

  1. Mina Tang
    • Ruthless - Same as Data option. Mina -1
    • Albatross/SIE - Rescue the ally but lose the data.
    • Data - Get the data, but leave the ally to die. Mina -1
    • *Special* - Get the data AND rescue the ally. Multiple variants:
      1. Veteran - Veteran agent history.
      2. Technician - Tech Specialist agent history.
      3. Infiltrate - At least 8 ranks in Technical Aptitude skill, without either agent history.

Decide what you want to do. Then, once you completed your objective (one of the two or both of them), go fight Brayko.

Get Halbech Data[]

Getting Halbech data will enable the option to learn the identity of the real Halbech's contact in Moscow from Brayko. Without it, the options to ask him will not be available. If you go for data, the ally will be rescued without your help, but you lose some reputation with them.

Enter the mansion door on the left. Go straight and bypass the keypad on the door, go downstairs, shoot the automated turret on the ceiling, hack the computer for a dossier on Championchik and $4,000, hack the computer in the middle to open the vault. Then unlock the safe with Halbech data inside the vault. Deal with four guards who will rush downstairs and go outside.

  • Dossier (Secret Fact): Championchik.
  • Money: $4,000 - Along with the dossier.
  • Money: $3,000 - Inside the vault.
  • Money: $1,500 - Inside the vault.
  • Weapon mod - Inside the vault.
  • XP: 100 (for Access Vault objective).

Rescue Ally[]

Move to the guest house on the right, kill or non-lethally take down 4 guards. Then choose what to do with the ally.

  1. Albatross / SIE
    • Leave the ally- Reputation -2.
    • Free the ally - Reputation +2. Perk: No One Left Behind (Endurance Recharge Rate +20%).
    • Kill the ally - Perk: Cull the Weak (Reduced Cooldown: Room Sweep, Bullet Storm).
  2. Albatross / SIE - If you freed the ally.
    • Aggressive
    • Suave
    • Professional
  • XP: 1000

There are also 4 ammo crates in the room along with Brayko's 3rd dossier.

  • Dossier: Konstantin Brayko.

Find Brayko[]


Continue through the mansion to locate Brayko. Before entering Brayko's arena, check for his 4th Dossier in a corner of the room with the three tables turned over. This should be his final dossier, so by the time you fight him you should have 100% intel on him which will give you the Know Your Enemy perk for +5% damage vs Brayko.

  • Dossier: Konstantin Brayko.
  • XP: 100

As you enter Brayko's arena, you'll exchange a few words with him:

  1. Konstantin Brayko
    • Intimidate
    • Mocking
    • Arrest - Brayko -1
    • Attack

Brayko is almost certainly the hardest boss fight in the game. If you get stuck on him you can always reload the earlier save, go back to the Safehouse and complete missions in other hubs to level up.

Phase 1: Brayko will be on the stage, shooting at you with his Golden SMGs. Just shoot him with your favorite weapon or engage him in melee if your build allows it. The key is to make sure he doesn't recharge his endurance. This phase doesn't have a time limit, so you can place some mines by the left and right doors, if you want to quickly eliminate the guards which Brayko summons later.

Phase 2: After you get him down to 75% of total health, he will snort cocaine and draw his knives. In this state he is extremely strong and fast. Do not let him cut you with his knives because they hurt more than his bullets. The first slash of his knives will cause you to get staggered, so he can get several attacks in quickly.

Since he is nearly invulnerable in this phase, even if you have purchased the spiked cocaine from Heck (which will make Brayko slowly lose health), the best strategy is to run circles around the area. Mike's running is faster than Brayko's, especially when running around obstacles, so you can avoid damage altogether. You can use the drop down point on the center stage to slow down Brayko, as you can jump down and then run back to the stage, then repeat the same move a few times while he chases you. Eventually Brayko will fall to his knees to take a breath, which indicates the coke is wearing off. Use this opportunity to shoot him until he recovers.

Phase 3: There will be a flash of light, Brayko will disappear and move up to the balcony. He will start shooting again with his SMGs, and call for some reinforcements. After about 30 seconds, he should come back down from the balcony. You can take the guards out as quickly as you can in the meantime (gadgets, special ammo, whatever it takes) by stating below the balcony; or ignore the guards and focus on Brayko. This works best if you have abilities that let you do a lot of ranged damage in a short period of time (Chain Shot with Steel Core Rounds, Bullet Storm, Focus Aim, Room Sweep, etc.).

If you take long enough time, he will draw his knives again and start phase 2 again.

There seems to be a limit on the guards that Brayko can call in. Once all these are killed or once he gets below 10% health, he will stay on the ground and fight without popping off his pyrotechnics and hiding on the balcony, until you beat him.

  • Stealth: If you activate Shadow Operative as soon as Phase 2 starts (just mash the button after the cutscene), Brayko will immediately quit Phase 2 and will go back to Phase 1. In addition, if you have purchased spiked cocaine form Heck, his health will go down to about 25%. You will then be able to kill Brayko without him running up to the balcony or calling in the guards.
  • Flashbangs: Throwing a flashbang in Phase 1 will get him stuck in place for a few seconds, so that you can shoot him freely with focused aim headshots.
  • Melee: This fight is doable using only a Martial Arts/Toughness build and appropriate armor with melee mods (any of the Arm Guards that increase strike damage) — especially, if you go to Moscow last and have the intel spiking the cocaine. Use jump attacks or heavy attacks as often as possible, thus disrupting his attacks and blocks, then follow them up with melee combos. Also having Fury and Epinephrine Spike enabled at the same time will stop him from blocking your melee attacks. Stay on the stage for the fight, as the support fighters will not come up on the stage.

After you defeat Brayko you'll have to decide what to do with him:

  • XP: 1000
  1. Konstantin Brayko - 1st dialogue
  2. Konstantin Brayko - 2nd dialogue
  3. Konstantin Brayko - 3rd dialogue / Only if you got Halbech Data in the mansion
  4. Konstantin Brayko - 4th dialogue
    • Aggressive
    • Casual
    • Mission
    • Execute - Kill Brayko.
  5. Konstantin Brayko - 5th dialogue
    • No thanks - Go to 6th dialogue.
    • Agree - Let Brayko live. Ends conversation. Results in following:
      • Gives $75,000.
      • Adds Brayko's stereo for the Moscow safehouse.
      • Enables the option to let Brayko kill Surkov during Prevent Surkov's Escape.
  6. Konstantin Brayko - 6th dialogue
  • Killing Brayko gives you his unique SMGs that can be sold for $25,000.

Conversation with Henry Leland[]

Cutscene with Henry Leland follows after dealing with Brayko:

  1. Henry Leland - 1st dialogue
    • Stolen
    • Did I?
    • The Fifth
    2nd dialogue will depend on your choice of ally:
  2. Henry Leland - SIE dialogue
    • Blameless
    • Guilty
    • The Fifth
  3. Henry Leland - Albatross dialogue
    • Adversarial
    • Flippant
    • The Fifth
    Leland +1
  4. Henry Leland - 3rd dialogue
    • Denial
    • Bluff
    • Honest
  5. Henry Leland - 4th dialogue
    • Denial
    • Dodge
    • Honest
  6. Henry Leland - 5th dialogue / Only if you rescued the ally
    • Resolute - Leland +1
    • Insulting - Leland -1
    • Honest

Conversation with Mina Tang will occur after Leland only if Prevent Surkov's Escape was unlocked.

  1. Mina Tang
    Mina +1 from the start
    Dossier: Surkov's Guards.
    • Let's do this
    • Praising - Mina +1
    • Mission

Choices and Consequences[]

Consequences of Previous Missions[]

  • You usually go to this mission from Contact Surkov at Moscow Office. However if you were hostile to Sergei Surkov and crippled him by shooting him in the leg you will go here from Intercept Surkov at US Embassy.
  • The ally and the faction assisting you in this mission is determined by your choice of handler in Intercept Surkov at US Embassy.
  • If you met with Steven Heck in Taipei and didn't become enemies at the end of the Taipei operation, you can buy his intel that will taint Brayko's drugs, making for a significantly easier boss fight.

Consequences in Following Missions[]

  • If you crippled Surkov in Intercept Surkov at US Embassy, then Prevent Surkov's Escape will not unlock no matter what you choose with Brayko.
  • If you:
    • didn't get the Halbech data in the mansion
    • executed Brayko during one of the first three dialogues
    • didn't question him about his role in the smuggling operation, by choosing Dossier in his 3rd dialogue
    ...then you will never learn the identity of the real Halbech's contact and, as a result, Prevent Surkov's Escape mission will also not appear.
  • If you let Brayko live and accepted his bribe, then during Prevent Surkov's Escape:
    • if Surkov is hostile to Michael, but wasn't crippled: you can call in Brayko to kill Surkov and Championchik.
    • if Surkov is friendly with Michael: you can call in Brayko to kill Surkov on the helipad, but you have to defeat Championchik yourself.


  • When retrieving the Halbech data, the computer that opens the vault will have the same email and Clearinghouse display as your own PCs.
  • There is a bug where restarting a checkpoint on this level sometimes causes the small icons above items you can pick up to disappear (set items only, enemy drops not affected). Also restarting boss fight may sometimes negate the effect of Steven Heck's cocaine.
  • If you extort money from Brayko for sparing his life, he gives you $75,000 and his stereo, which you can use in your safehouse in Moscow. It plays Turn Up the Radio by Autograph, the same song you heard while fighting him.