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Any cover ops since our chat ? is an e-mail you received from Scarlet if you tell her you are spy.


From: Scarlet Lake

To: Mike Thorton

Hey there,

Yes, I'm e-stalking you, but don't get a big head about it. How did I find your email? Well, secret agent, it took some work, but let's just say it would be much easier for random readheads to stay in touch with you if you stepped into the 21st century and had a social networking presence.

Still, the fact you don't is actually a point in your favour. Maybe I'll wait for a crancky vice president to out you before I buy 'm a spyline of yours.

I'll be in and out of Taipei for a few weeks working on a story. If you're in the area and aren't in a fist fight with a man who throws a bladed hat, drop me a line. Just make it a little better than your last one, Agent Thorton.