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Hello, this is Alpha Protocol Wiki where we have all the knowledge everything about Alpha Protocol, which is a modern, espionage roleplaying game being developed by Obsidian Entertainment. We even have a walkthrough on how to play the game. Before you dive into the wiki, all new readers must read this page before going into the wiki as it is important to understand how the page work. Go to this page to understand how our wiki works: Quick Guide.

It was started on June 4, 2009 by PastramiX.


This wiki contain spoliers for the game Alpha Protocol, so tread carefully.

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Characters Factions Locations
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Alpha Protocol E3 2009 Cinematic Game Trailer

Alpha Protocol E3 2009 Cinematic Game Trailer

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  • ...that Mike can only place up to 5 traps at a time (placing number six will remove number one, number seven will remove number two, etc)?
  • ...that headgear in the game is purely for show and has no effect on your defense?
  • ...the plaque on the wall in trailer shown on E3 2009 reads: "In case of fire, kill, steal, fuck geese. Wait for the response signal."?
  • ...that Mike is able to change his armor for specific missions?
  • ...that the three main dialogue stances are based off of Jack Bauer, James Bond, and Jason Bourne?
  • ...that the main concept art showing him with black armor over casual clothing does not actually exist in the game?
  • ...that many characters will call Mike a killer even if you haven't killed a single person through your entire playthrough?

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