Alpha Protocol Wiki

List all the known Alpha Protocol bugs (and, if available, fixes) here.

All platforms[]

  • When chatting in the debriefing cutscenes with Leland, Mike's appearance and facial hair changes according to whatever his style was during the preceding action, despite the debriefing being a continuous event at a later date.
  • There are points where grenades do not explode. This includes EMP grenades, explosive grenades, etc. It happens most frequently during the battle with Darcy because he throws so many.


  • After loading an autosave in the middle of a mission enemies, events, and/or items don't load.
    • Problematic Areas:
      1. Bug Al-Samad Airfield
      2. Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally (After crossing bridge and first area)
      3. Investigate Weapon Shipments (after you finish the "Get Through Barricade" objective)
      4. Infiltrate Alpha Protocol (after dealing with Darcy)
    • Possible Fixes:
      1. Reload the auto save through the load menu as opposed to "Reload Last Autosave"
      2. Quit to main menu or out of game, then load the save.
      3. Restart mission by loading last safe-house save point and re-entering the mission.
      4. Backtrack a short distance then run forwards again to where the game loaded Thorton.
      5. Reload a manual save created before the problematic section.
    • Notes: It's recommended that you save last auto-save as often as you feel comfortable.
  • If your My Documents folder is not on the same drive as your operating system you may be unable to save the game or preferences. This can be resolved by moving the My Documents folder to the same drive as your operating system (or creating a path for the drive on which your my documents folder is located on the same drive as your operating system, using the windows disk manager, and adjusting the my documents folder to point to your other drive via the folder created on the system drive).
  • The Gold-plated Assault Rifle magazine is offset to the right.
  • On all Hamilton Assault Rifles the scopes seem to be flying above the gun.
  • In several missions enemies are wielding guns without magazines.
  • Awareness (Basic) will not work if selected during character creation. When activating, the icon appears in the top right corner for a few seconds, but the ability is not set on CD and there is no effect. To workaround, save the 6 points until after Awareness is activated during the tutorial and spend them then.
  • Sometimes the game hangs when playing the splash screen videos. I fixed this by renaming the splash screen videos in the Alpha Protocol directory. This prevents the game from finding and therefore playing the videos.
  • Reloading a checkpoint in the Bug CIA Listening Post mission may cause subdued/killed enemies to respawn.
  • The labels for dialogue options may not appear. Disabling anti-aliasing in your video card settings may resolve this problem.
  • The results window at the end of a mission displays a large amount of credits (21000, for example) but gives you substantially LESS than the amount displayed (instead of 21000, it will give you 210 or 2100, again, for example). No known fix as of yet.
  • Not much of a bug, but the pistols don't fit the holster if they have a sight or barrel mod.
  • Changing the default Interact key mapping (Spacebar) causes the hacking game to give incorrect information regarding what key to use to lock in the left code. For instance, if you remap the key to L it will tell you to use L to lock the code yet pressing L will do nothing and you will have to use Spacebar. Remapping the Interact key needs to update the hacking minigame to use the new key instead of Spacebar.
  • It is impossible to reassign the Skills, Gadgets, and Weapons dialogs keys. In order to change selected gadget (C), ammo type (X), or skill (Z), you have to use the default keys.
  • In the end game of Investigate Ruins Transmission next level is not loaded after protecting the computer from being destroyed. After the last enemy is killed Mina Tang says on the PDA : Hold in there Mike I'm almost there"" but nothing happens and you are trapped there. No reload couldn't fix the issue and loading a new mission first at the save house didn't help either. The problem with non spawning enemies is indeed in almost any level or mission usually after a reload.
  • Skills screen only shows up to 8 available skills even if you have unlocked more than 8. This means all skills unlocked beyond the first 8 are inaccessible.


  • If 'Recruit' is selected, Mike doesn't receive any armour in training. If this isn't a bug, his holster for the "casual" outfit doesn't even appear until after the game is reloaded.
  • If 'Recruit' is selected, the computer in Alan Parker's training is of the highest difficulty. Extremely low time and very quick code; impossible to do that early in the game, even on a 3rd playthrough. Selecting the Breaking and Entering perk when you gain your first level makes it possible.

Intercept Surkov at US Embassy[]

  • The auto-save can glitch when it is loaded and prevent Surkov from spawning. To fix this, reload from a previous save. Additionally, exiting the Embassy from the second floor "roof-top door" will cause the guards to turn hostile (assuming you talked your way past the front door) AND create a checkpoint save.
  • Using the Veteran stance on the guard outside will result in the Leland discussions after the mission saying you killed people even though there were zero deaths during the mission.
  • If you convince the guard to let you in (Veteran or Professional), going through the door to the roof on the second floor where you would have entered in otherwise will cause all guards to become hostile to you. If you don't want them hostile, stay away from that door.

Infiltrate Alpha Protocol[]

  • The objectives Rescue Mina and Escape Graybox are shown as not finished and the status window shows you finished 8/10 missions.

Missing helicopter[]

The helicopter disappears if you die against it the first time (no matter how the save game is reloaded.)

If you've been making manual saves, sometimes going back to the previous checkpoint (Just after defeating Darcy) will bring the helicopter back, other times it won't.

Also, when the helicopter isn't there, sometimes the wall is preventing you from going to the next checkpoint, other times it is destroyed and you can finish the checkpoint without fighting the helicopter.

To best work around this bug, ensure you make a "Save last checkpoint" save each time you reach a checkpoint, so you can go back a checkpoint or two if the Autosave checkpoint has the bug.

PlayStation 3[]

  • On Intercept Assassination Plans in Taipei. After you hear him saying the trains are loud, about 3 or 4 floors up the ladders in the room you are designated to go in will never load therefore rendering the game unbeatable. Exit then reload to fix bug.
  • During Intercept Surkov at US Embassy, the auto-save can glitch, making this mission incompletable if you die.
  • Sometimes after loading autosave in the middle of a mission (mostly happens in Bug Al-Samad Airfield), all enemies disappear and reloading the autosave doesn't fix it, restarting the mission however does; that means loading the last savehouse file. Another way is to reload the same autosave manually, which seems to work most of the time. This can also happen on the final level to the Black Hawk helicopter; although the ground units spawn, the helicopter may not.

Xbox 360[]

  • It is possible to get stuck in one spot when coming out of cover. Changing weapons using the 'Y' button fixes this. Also, throwing a few punches using the 'B' button may shake you free.
  • When switching to a weapon from your pistol while in crouched cover, sometimes the model for Mike holding the rifle goes awry. The gun will still shoot, but right stick zoom isn't enabled and the assault rifle is pointing at the sky and not the target intended. Bullet paths, however, are not affected.
  • When you reload a mission any completed optional objectives are no longer listed as complete and most times it is not longer possible to go back and redo them.
  • When you have taken Endurance damage: It is possible to go to the inventory screen and re-equip your armor, giving yourself a full endurance bar.
  • When riding the elevator in the Moscow embassy you may be left behind, floating in midair. There may be no other fix than reloading the last checkpoint.
  • In Taiwan, when grabbing the last zipline before fighting Omen Deng, the zipline may not become active. Like the embassy elevators, the only fix may be reloading.
  • The VIP elevator in the Taiwan hotel may not be open, requiring a reload.
  • When crouching and moving to the left you might keep walking even though you stopped with you stick, randomly triggers only when crouching
  • Purchasing Hong Shi's dossier info prior to starting Contact Hong Shi in Taipei (pre-mission intel) will unlock his Secret Fact without actually opening his dossier, but will be in the dossier once it is opened when you meet him. The only issue is having to wait until a mission that is about five minutes is cleared.
  • During Investigate Ruins Transmission, sometimes enemies health bars will not appear above them until they are incredibly close. This means that you cannot harm them with bullets until they are close.
  • During Intercept Surkov at US Embassy, if you have the Improved Data Theft ability; You can hack the computer terminal by the security room and recieve $3,000 then get killed and load the last checkpoint. This will put you right back before hacking said terminal, but this time the amount will double to $6,000. die again, and it will be $12,000. Each death will cause an aditional doubling.
  • During Intercept Surkov at US Embassy marines may be hostile, whether or not you avoid hurting them and no alarms are on.