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Ali Shaheed (Arabic: علي شهيد) is a wealthy Middle Eastern oil sheik in Alpha Protocol. He is part of an anti-American terrorist organization led by Al-Samad, whom he is probably also the representative of. Though he has a strong hatred for the West, he is not above extending political favors if it benefits his business.


Ali Shaheed is an oil sheik with strong ties to political figures in the Middle East and the West. He is incredibly wealthy from both his oil interests and the political favors he's been granted in exchange for access to his oil. Shaheed frequently intercedes on behalf of his Western and European friends in Middle East affairs. Shaheed is monitored by Interpol and numerous intelligence agencies, and is widely known as the voice of Al-Samad, responsible for several anti-American broadcasts over the past several years.

Shaheed is a suspected financier of terror bombings in Europe, and is believed to have several Al-Samad cells buried in Europe and Asia, ready to carry out terrorist attacks. One such cell in Europe is believed to be led by Jibril Al-Bara, a professor who has recently gone into hiding and is wanted by both the National Security Administration for financial irregularities and Interpol for questioning.

Secret Fact: According to the intelligence obtained in Saudi Arabia, Shaheed has been working behalf of Halbech, use his near diplomatic immunity to act as a go-between for a part of the immediate and future profits Halbech will reap from the destabilization in these locations.

Interactions with Michael Thorton[]

  • Shaheed as well as Al-Samad are introduced as the game's introductory antagonists, later replaced by The Halbech Corporation and Alpha Protocol.
  • During the mission Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles, Shaheed will attempt to kill Michael in his stryker tank. The player must destroy the tank and force Shaheed out, where he will reveal that he was used by Halbech and offered their "stolen" missiles for his own use to carry out the airliner downing. The player can either choose to execute Shaheed and take the proof of what he says from his PDA, or believe Shaheed, in which case he can be released, arrested, or executed. Choosing to arrest Shaheed will result in him being killed in the following missile strike, resulting in Michael Thorton taking his PDA from his body.
  • If the player chooses to spare Shaheed then he will be available as an ally in the final portions of the game. Michael Thorton will meet Shaheed at his safehouse in Egypt. Shaheed will offer the proof of The Halbech Corporation's guilt in the global conspiracy (the same proof that can be obtained even if Shaheed dies). Shaheed will also ask Michael Thorton if he is willing to betray the United States (which Michael will take to mean Alpha Protocol). Agreeing will lead Michael Thorton to an ending where he defeats both Yancy Westridge and Henry Leland, leading to the trophy/achievement No Compromise, No Mercy. Refusing will result in Yancy Westridge fleeing the Graybox before Michael can get to him, leaving only Henry Leland to be captured/killed and leading to the trophy/achievement Crime Buster. After his question, the player can choose to either execute or spare him. NOTE: The player can get the No Compromise, No Mercy ending simply by agreeing to Shaheed's proposal and then executing him in the subsequent dialogue choice.


  • Intentional or not, the word shaheed literally translates as "witness" in English, but the word is more closely associated with "martyr", which represents Shaheed's storyline in this game exactly. He states outright that he is not afraid to die as death will only present him as a martyr and villianize America to his people (the Middle Eastern terrorist organization Al-Samad), but he is actually killed (or nearly killed) because he is a witness to Halbech's (an American company) schemes.

Mission Appearances[]

Saudi Arabia


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