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Alan Parker is the Senior Intelligence Analyst of Alpha Protocol in the game of the same name. His personal intelligence is genius, having degrees in economics, physical science and physiology in College. Parker was however, a slacker when it came to school. He always tried to get the minimum passing grade and take the least number of tests in order to graduate.


Alan Parker is a genius-level intelligence analyst working for Alpha Protocol. According to his college record, he has degrees in political science, economics, and psychology, although he never did homework in any of his classes and relied on taking the minimum number of tests to achieve a passing grade. Parker also had an uncanny knack for knowing where he would be on the grading curve, and scaled the effort he put into his assignments accordingly.

Parker understands global politics, espionage tactics, and economic trends... but doesn't understand (or care to understand) people he works with. He has commented more than once that he perceives everyone as a tool - and if not a tool, then they are a liability.

Parker is the agency's "custodian," responsible for shutting down Alpha Protocol if it's in danger of being compromised. According to Parker, there have been many iterations of Alpha Protocol with different names in the past, and he has been with them since the beginning as an accountant and analyst, helping to terminate each incarnation and move on to the next, always fulfilling the same functions and watching the world to make it safe for United States interests.

Parker's wife died in a car accident (drinking and driving), and she had a long history of alcohol abuse that started a number of years after the two were married. His daughter's whereabouts are unknown... rumors say that she changed her name to sever all ties with her father, and that she wants nothing to do with him.

The various incarnations of Alpha Protocol have taken several names - G19, Deus Vult, and others. During these incarnations, Parker worked his way up to a senior analyst position for the government, and his brutal decisions during the heat of a mission, even when it means the death or loss of an agent, are extreme and logical enough that he was chosen for his current role as custodian.

Secret Fact: Alan Parker has agreed to work with the Halbech Corporation at the request of the privileged few in the US government who know Alpha Protocol exists. He completely understands the reason for the alliance, and no compulsions about attempting to erase all evidence of the stolen Halbech missiles in order to gain lucrative contacts for the United States in the future... nor any hesitation about erasing any agents that are in his way.

Interactions with Michael Thorton[]

  • Alan Parker administrates the orientation test of stealth upon completion of the Graybox mission's first portion. From this, if Michael obtains a score of 100 or higher, he also offers Michael the option to test his skills in something more challenging. He offers Michael a bonus challenge of re-infiltrating the medical bay of the facility to obtain files containing the details of Michael's upcoming, first op: Operation Desert Spear.
  • Alan Parker sends Michael an e-mail after the mission to bug an Al-Samad Airfield in Saudi Arabia has been completed, congratulating Michael on obtaining Al-Samad's data if he was able to infiltrate the airfield without triggering an alert.
  • Alan Parker can be contacted just after escaping the medical bay of the Graybox for the second time during Michael Thorton's mission to Infiltrate Alpha Protocol. From here, he can be persuaded to aid Thorton if Thorton is able to point out the flaws in his logic. If Thorton happened to find that Madison Saint James is his daughter during his mission in Rome, he can tell Parker of how Conrad Marburg either killed/endangered her life out of anger and callousness. Parker will steal the data Michael Thorton needs in the former circumstance, or confront Conrad Marburg himself and be killed when he is distracted by a sounding alarm in the latter circumstance. If neither of these happen, Michael can confront Parker directly in the server room and kill/subdue him personally before taking the data.



Espionage Orientation

Espionage Orientation. First meeting with Parker

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