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The Al-Samad Lieutenant is the bodyguard, enforcer, and right-hand of Sheikh Ali Shaheed. It can be assumed that he is a veteran of Al-Samad allegiance, inferred from his "Lieutenant" status. His position as Shaheed's bodyguard and his lack of uniform marks him as the unique Al-Samad Agent in Saudi Arabia, and his advanced combat skills indicate he may be the best fighter of the terror organization available to act as such.

The Lieutenant is a physically towering and imposing individual. He carries a custom gold-plated assault rifle, which he utilizes with more skill in marksmanship than any other Al-Samad soldier/agent in Saudi Arabia. He dresses in military style garbs. He also bears heavy burns on the left side of his body, including the entire left side of his head and face. He is missing his left eye, prompting him to wear a glass eye.

Michael Thorton encounters the Al-Samad Lieutenant during Operation Desert Spear. He acts as the bodyguard and the right-hand of Al-Samad mastermind Ali Shaheed, covering Shaheed's escape from the Saudi airfield upon Thorton's nearing. He stands guard from above as a Stryker tank attempts to transport Shaheed away from the airfield, putting him in direct conflict with Thorton. Michael Thorton inevitably needs to get past him in order to stop Shaheed and fulfill his mission, leading to his unavoidable death as he is inevitably sent tumbling over the railing from where he stood directly into the path of the very convoy he had been guarding.