Al-Samad (Arabic: الصمد) is a terrorist organization that undermine foreign interest as they claim they are corrupting the Middle East. They are initially an antagonistic faction but they can be destroyed by killing Shaheed or become allies with Michael Thorton. They are the main enemy in Operation Desert Spear and a brief one in Operation Deus Vult.


A terrorist organization that arose in the late 1980's, Al-Samad's operations have spread from the Middle East to cells throughout major European and North American cities. Though small in scale, Al-Samad holds strong to its militant and extremist views, and has shown itself intent on expansion and recruitment, seeking any means necessary to achieve its goals. Their figurehead and chief financier is the Sheikh Ali Shaheed, who has claimed responsibility for shooting down a civilian airliner in the Middle East with a prototype missile manufactured by Halbech.

Al-Samad soldiers are loyal, but not generally well-trained. Elite agents amongst the ranks of the organization (usually identified by red ski masks) have better training and weapons than the rank and file. Al-Samad's danger lies in their numbers, and their quick response time in calling out alarms and alerting the rest of their cells of any intruders. They are usually armed with dated assault rifles.

Al-Samad has recently purchased several state-of-the-art security systems for use in protecting their bases of operations, an agent infiltrating their bases may want to stock up on EMP devices or counter-surveillance gear if they wish to remain undetected.

Clothing Edit

They can be distinguished by their green clothing. They sometimes wear black balaclava, green litham or just a headband. The grunt troops are usually lightly armored which makes them exposed to any shots, only the elite troops have armor can be seen with a red balaclava and a thick clothing with a lighter green shade.

Tactics Edit

Al-Samad's tactics might be non-existent as they are the easiest enemy to fight with, although newer player still need be cautious. Some soldiers likes to charge at you or throw grenades at you, they also capable on blocking your attacks as well, so carefully when you attack Al-Samad by hand combat. They also like to set off alarms by going to the nearest alarm or by using their radio, eliminate those soldiers in order to avoid any alarms. They also tend to take cover and shoot or just stand there, making them an open target.

Dossier LocationsEdit

Al-Samad (3 dossiers)Edit


  • The phrase al-Samad means 'the eternal' in Arabic and, in a variant form, is one of the Quranic names of Allah. Samad is also a Muslim male name.
  • The Arabic writing in Al-Samad's logo is written incorrectly and is gibberish.
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