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Agent of Change is a perk you can obtain in the endgame during Infiltrate Alpha Protocol mission.

Effect: AP +5

Description: In a remarkable act of manipulation, you managed to sway Conrad Marburg's sense of duty.


If Conrad Marburg had escaped during Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art, you will meet him at the beginning of the final mission. During this conversation, depending on the amount of the dossiers you have unlocked, you will either have the default 3 dialogue options, or also the special 4th option: either Dossier or Deus Vult (which replaces the "Dossier" option).

  1. Dossier dialogue option allows you to turn Marburg against his employer Henry Leland. It enables Marburg to show up during the final scene after the fight against Leland. After getting spared he will order Marburg to kill Thorton, but Marburg will refuse the orders and leave — or, if Thorton executes Leland, Marburg will simply share a few words with him and part ways without a fight.
    • Unlock at least 83% of Marburg's dossier.
    • Unlock 60% or less of Parker's dossier.
  2. Deus Vult dialogue option reveals to Marburg the role that Parker played in his failed operation in Pakistan. Marburg will seek out revenge against Parker and kill him, then fight Thorton to the death. This happens even when you agree to an alliance with Leland.
    • Unlock at least 83% of Marburg's dossier.
    • Unlock 80% of Parker's dossier.

Both Dossier and Deus Vult options unlock Agent of Change, when chosen.

See the Dossier page for help with the dossiers.


There were reports that it also requires correctly answering an e-mail from Mina Tang called "DV Server?", but it's not true. The e-mail only provides the background information about Deus Vult program, and does not influence this dialogue.

If you contact Parker after the talk with Marburg, while knowing that Madison is his daughter (via her Secret Fact), and inform him about Marburg's actions against Madison in Rome, it would result in a scene of Parker seeking revenge on Marburg. This happens when you select either normal options or the "Dossier" option with Marburg. You would still fight Marburg in this case, just with reduced health. But the "Deus Vult" option will always override "Madison" option and make you fight Marburg as normal.