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In a remarkable act of manipulation, you managed to sway Conrad Marburg's sense of duty.

Perk Reward/Effect: AP +5

You can only get this perk in Infiltrate Alpha Protocol Mission _____________________________________________________________________________________

Minimum Requirement:

  • You need to obtain at least 83% of Marburg Dossier to open up [Dossier] dialogue

Addition Information or Requirement for other dialogue:

  • Obtain the E-Mail about “Deus Vult” or DV from Mina using "Brief" as your reply to obtain it and Obtain 80% of Alan Parker Dossier to open [Deus Vult] dialogue

Differences between the [Dossier] dialogue and the [Deus Vult] dialogue:

  • If you have/obtain/or got [Dossier] dialogue as your choice, Marburg will do nothing when you beat up or kill Leland in the end; if you chose to not join Helbech when given the choice. You will ONLY fight Marburg if you chose to tell Parker about Madison once you get to the server room.
  • If you have/obtain/or got [Deus Vult] dialogue as your choice, you WILL have to fight Marburg in the server room.