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Agent History determines the backstory and starting skills for Alpha Protocol Agent Michael Thorton. Agent Histories serve as classes for the player to choose from at the start of the game, with each meant to facilitate a certain style of gameplay. Though the skills for each class is pre-determined upon selection, a player may still remove the AP (skill) points allocated in an Agent History's skill chart to redistribute them as one wishes while keeping the desired background. There are five Agent Histories available to choose from. Four to start with, and one that must be unlocked. Each Agent History starts out with pre-set levels/ranks in skills and basic gear. Armor is retrieved during the introduction mission, while weapons are received upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.


There are three pre-defined and one blank Agent Histories, all having 31 AP points in total. Said points can be removed and reallocated for the three pre-defined Agent Histories however one wants using the weapon swap button/key marked Remove Skill.


Decorated for service in the armed forces, your commanding officer felt that general infantry was a waste of your potential. Your natural language talents and quick wit caught the attention of a recruiter for an agency that doesn't officially exist.

Game Manual[]

A decorated member of an elite Special Operations Force, your prowess with weaponry is unmatched. As a Soldier you understand that not all negotiations need to be said with words. You excel at using firearms, and can also take quite a beating, but stealthy infiltrations have never been you strength.

Starting Skills:

  • Submachine Guns: Rank 2
  • Assault Rifles: Rank 2
  • Technical Aptitude: Rank 1
  • Toughness: Rank 2

Starting Equipment:

Field Agent[]

No stranger to covert operations, you've spent the last several years working for the US State Department on overseas assignments. Capable of being a charismatic presence one moment, and an inconspicuous shadow the next, you're always the agent on location, never the one hiding behind a desk.

Game Manual[]

An intelligence specialist, you know your way around a pistol and you excel in both stealth and infiltration. Charismatic and quick witted, you can be the life of the party one moment, and then vanish into the shadows the next. As a Field Agent, you use stealth to extract information in generally non-lethal ways.

Starting Skills:

  • Stealth: Rank 3
  • Pistols: Rank 1
  • Martial Arts: Rank 3

Starting Equipment:

Tech Specialist[]

Having made a mockery of every aptitude test sent your way, it was no surprise that you finished your first PhD before you were legally allowed to buy alcohol. While the CIA initially hired you to design cutting edge electronics, being cloistered in the lab proved unsatisfying and your superiors granted you a transfer to clandestine services.

When your handler was asked to recommend an agent for a top secret reassignment, your remarkable field work and your natural grasp of technology made you the obvious choice.

Game Manual[]

With a PhD and mastery over computers and electronics, your skills center on sabotage and technical aptitude. Cripple an enemy's fortress nothing more than a computer terminal or hack into security systems and create clearance for yourself to reach your objectives.

Starting Skills:

  • Stealth: Rank 1
  • Shotguns: Rank 2
  • Sabotage: Rank 3
  • Technical Aptitude: Rank 2

Starting Equipment:


Fearless from birth, the only thought that ever caused you an ounce of panic was the thought of a 9-to-5 job. After a remarkable college career, you vanished off the radar of the known world to make your fortune. According to your dossier, you've been a mercenary in Africa, a bodyguard to the Sultan of Brunei, the on-again off-again paramour of a European princess, and the holder of three patents in Great Britain.

While the truth lies somewhere in the middle, one thing is clear: your skills caught the attention of some very important people in the espionage world.

Game Manual[]

An independent contractor who has always chosen his own way.

Starting Skills:

  • None - 31 AP Points to distribute as desired.

Starting Equipment:


At the first playthrough, only Recruit is available. Veteran can be accessed after you beat the game once with Recruit background. Both Veteran and Recruit has special dialog options in the training. If you're planning to play the game more than once, beating the game first with Recruit is rewarding, as Veteran starts with 3 ranks in all skills, making it a total of 120 AP to customise/reserve.


(Select Recruit for an additional challenge. Choosing this background opens an additional 'Recruit' dialogue option during training.)

Though you've barely logged three months working for the Department of Justice, your ambition, drive, and aptitude caught the eye of a clandestine government agency. Your path will be difficult - with little experience and formal training, you'll have to rely on your wits while you learn your lessons in the field.

Starting Skills:

  • None - 0 AP Points

Starting Equipment:


(Unlocked after completing the game as a Recruit. Choosing this background opens an additional 'Veteran' dialogue option during training and at certain other points in the game.)

You are the Leonardo da Vinci of clandestine warfare: a gifted marksman, a master of stealth, and a tech savvy engineer rolled into one. Alpha Protocol didn't go looking for you, you went looking for them. Having saved the world once, why not save it again?

Effect: Mike starts with three ranks in every Skill, in total 120 AP to customize / reserve.