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Aftermath is the events that occur after the mission Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles, before Michael Thorton decides on the course of action and chooses his next operation.


Briefing with Mina Tang[]

Mike retreats to the Greece Safehouse. You will go over your leads with Mina Tang and discuss what to do next.

  1. Mina Tang - First dialogue
    Dossier: Ronald Sung
    • Urgent
    • Resolved
    • Practical
  2. Mina Tang - Second dialogue
    • Revenge
    • Thrills
    • Mission


Next you will have to choose a specialization, permanently increasing the ability cap for three skills, based on the class chosen, or pick the skills yourself with the Operative specialization. Although, those skills would still be limited by your Character Level, until you reach Level 14. See the Quick Guide for more information on builds.

You will then have another cutscene with Henry Leland, introducing Scarlet Lake.

  1. Henry Leland - First dialogue options
    • Defiant
    • Taunt
    • Classified
    • Silence

Operation Choice[]

Afterwards, you will need to chose your next hub: Moscow, Rome, or Taipei. You'll be able to travel between these hubs at will so you are not locking yourself into a specific set of missions until they are all completed. However, the order you visit the hubs will have a small effect on certain dialogue lines, most notably in the Contact Grigori the Informant mission. There is also a single time-sensitive mission in Moscow that must be completed before you leave, or you lose access to it. Other than that, you can travel between hubs as much as you want.

Whatever is your destination, during your flight from Saudi Arabia you will meet a reporter Scarlet Lake.

  1. Scarlet Lake - First dialogue
    • Dismissive
      1. Irritated
      2. Suave - Scarlet -1
      3. Forthcoming- Scarlet +1
    • Suave - Scarlet +1
      1. Irritated
      2. Flirtatious - Scarlet +1
      3. Casual - Scarlet +1
    • Curious - Scarlet +1
  2. Scarlet Lake - Second dialogue
    • Oil - Scarlet -1
    • Spy
    • Halbech - Scarlet +1
    • Silence / If used Dismissive as 1st choice
  3. Scarlet Lake - Third dialogue options
    • Dismissive
    • Flirtatious
    • -OR-
    • Evasive - Scarlet +1 / If your class is Spy + used Suave as 1st choice
    • Friendly

From here on your mission to stop Halbech truly begins.